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  1. Frank Henry

    A look at the US Education System

    I'd like to add in my perspective if I may. I have been around american military families most of my life and know the system more or less. The system has its pros and cons. What I find problematic is that you need to get a certain amount of 'points'(been a while mind you) to graduate and each course you take has a certain amount of points. Now what stops a student from only taking the mandatory courses and filling up the rest with 'easy' subjects? Not to mention everyone gets dragged through 12 years of school and they they still have to go to college to learn even the simplest jobs (and each friggn college costs money). Overall the problem might be that US students come out of highschool at a late time in life with a sub-par education. I read somewhere that only 3% of all top-notch research students were american. What I do like about it is that american schools add in stuff like music and art a lot more then f.i. german schools. In germany you have to be a walking database to get good grades, nothing else. I have friends who have the middle or upper gruduations and it is a wonder they can tie their shoes. There is little to no music or art guided courses you can take. Heck to get a music based education you have to have to attend the upper school and they have the highest grade requirements. wtf? And people wonder why our arts & music sucks. Also to learn a job you enter an appreticeship which lasts for about 3 years and is guided by school training. Basically you work for 4 weeks and then go to school for 2. (more or less and depends on job) After your apprenticeship you can continue to become a master. Only masters can teach apprenticeships and open up shops. (the last part is heavily discussed in germany. On one side it is a high hurdle for people who want to open a new shop but then again you know the master knows what he is doing. contrary to the US we cannot sue people for gigantic amounts if the screw up) German schools definetly have to get with the times and realize that students are not some learning automations but individuals and everyone is different and learns different. The success of a student really depends on the teacher. o/c not all students will become doctors but that does not mean they are dumb. A major differance is that german law states that education is free. Problem is people exploit that as well. I have known students who study for 8+ years.
  2. Frank Henry


    Quote:Original post by Omid Ghavami Quote:Original post by Frank Henry I admit I was pissed off once and rated two people down. (if a staff would be so kind as to remove those negative ratings I would be very happy) You can just rate them back up yourself. Check the control panel->Misc->Users You Have Rated. Ah thanks. Done and a little for you as well :)
  3. Frank Henry


    Quote:Original post by EasilyConfused Quote:Original post by Frank Henry Imagine you and say LessBread claim something each going in a different direction. Who will someone new to the forum tend to believe? The guy with rating 3 or the guy with rating 1800+? Kinda like judging someone by the brand of their shoes. Or even more kinda like judging someone by the quality of their previous advice, shocking though this idea may be. I'd really like to see info on how my or others ratings changed. Maybe it would clear up stuff cuz from my exp, helping others hardly changes your ratings.(note: I do not do it for the ratings) If I look through my positive ratings list I see people who probably never visited the subsections I post in. This is kind the issue I am trying to make even if Oluseyi tries to paint me as some gang-rating-conspiracy freak. I know where I post (I don't post that many) so rating effects can only come from a few places. So just as I get 'gang-rated' down by some, I also get 'gang-rated' up by others. My biggest problem with the rating system is that people seem more willing to rate you in the lounge then elsewhere. I admit I was pissed off once and rated two people down. (if a staff would be so kind as to remove those negative ratings I would be very happy) Dumb question to staff: would it be possible to split the ratings up? Say a rating per sub-section (or even sub-sub-section) of the boards? So a bad lounge post would not effect your ratings in another sub-section? Sub-section would be 'the technical side'. Sub-sub-section would be 'General Programming ' and 'Game Programming'
  4. Frank Henry


    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by Frank Henry An extreme case but it is definetly possible. Say something people won't like, expecially in the lounge, and watch your rating drop. No. Say something people won't like in the Lounge without backing your statement up with argument, and without articulating yourself clearly, and watch your rating drop. No, definetly not. And I do backup what I say often enough. It does not matter. Then again this has nothing to do with what I say but more with the person saying it right? Some people can say anything they want without backing it up and it is ok. And I do not back up my statements with arguments? That is utter crap. I take the time to stick around at threads I posted in to actually continue discussions. AND I let them have the last word. Quote: Now let's try an analogous experiment: Go into any other highly polarized environment (Republican/Democratic National Conventions, New York Mets/Boston Red Sox games, public school PTA meetings) and say something people won't like without backing your statement up with argument, and without articulating yourself clearly. No, I won't pay your hospital bills. Nope, they will. It is called assault and battery and you can sue people for it. Quote: People say unpopular things in the Lounge all the time. Less Bread and I have had a number of significant spats on political or economic threads. Yet neither of our ratings budges in those threads because a.) we extensively outline our arguments, b.) we concede where we make assumptions or fallacious arguments, c.) we stick to the principle, not the person. Look, if my rating is holding steady right around 1875 (from a 1500 starting point), well, that's probably an accurate reflection of what people in the community think of me: positives for being smart, negatives for being a jackass. Are you kidding? You are a staff member, he is a mod. The first rule people learn in forums is never to argue with a mod. Call me dumb but I won't take shit from people just because they have a title. Quote: Man up and take some responsibility. There is no conspiracy theory, there are no gang-ratings-rapes. You're just consistently dumb/offensive, and your rating reflects it. The system is working perfectly. That is why you penalized me harsher for a screwup then you did others that DID THE SAME right? Not to mention I never claimed a conspiracy or some wierd gang-rating-rapes. Where the hell did you get this crap? Damn I cannot say shit without you blowing everything out of perportion! Personal attacks from you are nothing new. And your definetly the right person in call others offensive. You might not like me for some reason but you should be professional enough to not let if affect your actions. I have to pay extra attention to what I say knowing you are watching me.
  5. Frank Henry


    Quote:Original post by _nomad_ Quote:Original post by Frank Henry ...your favorite thingie sucks. omg i can't believe you said their "thingie sucks"...omg omg your ratings fall now by these people whose ratings are their e-penis... lolz :D hehe.. thing thing thing !!!! seriously.. Problem is that the rating adds a sence of 'prestige'. The higher the rating the more trustable/believable someone is. Kinda like post counts in other forums. People who have been around for a long time and know the whole system (whatever it may be) will have a high post count and thus be more trustworthy/believable then those with lower postcount. Imagine you and say LessBread claim something each going in a different direction. Who will someone new to the forum tend to believe? The guy with rating 3 or the guy with rating 1800+? Kinda like judging someone by the brand of their shoes.
  6. Frank Henry


    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by ScottC If rating was intended to judge how good somebody is at programming or being helpful, then I see no reason that others should be able to be rated outside of a thread in one of the sections designated for help. To attain a rating of 15, starting from 1000, you have to be consistently wrong/unhelpful/rude/a jackass. I really don't think I need to say anything else. Except that you were banned from #gamedev, weren't you? An extreme case but it is definetly possible. Say something people won't like, expecially in the lounge, and watch your rating drop. The quickest way is to have an argument about us-foreign-policy or religion. Seems to me the only way to get your rating to change is to post in the lounge. I no longer go by the rating when I read posts as it is just a popularity contest. Kinda like your rating in a britney spears fan forum after you said you dislike her latest song. Not to mention the bias (even among mods). People should just respect the others opinon and only rate people down if they are really being pricks, not because he says your favorite thingie sucks.
  7. Frank Henry

    The Constitution in Crisis a democratic report

    Quote:Original post by SticksandStones I haven't read the full report yet, but I am going to say this: America needs to impeach Bush. End of the story. If we don't, then what we will be doing is not only undoing Nixon (who, like a coward, left office before being impeached) but also giving a blank check to all future presidents. We have to impeach Bush to make a statement, a statement that no president is above the law. That NOBODY is above the law. We need to make it clear to every president from Bush on: if you mess up, even ONCE, you can and will be impeached. You can not ignore the law. You can not ignore the constitution. You can not break the law. You can not break the constitution. You are a servant, and if you are stealing from your bosses you will be fired. You don't get a do-over. You don't get to pass go, and you most definatly don't get to collect $200. Final. Today's message: "We're subservient wusses who will let you get away with anything, just don't get a blowjob LOLZ!" Sadly it will never happen because they have a better leverage then you. Remember people are dumb and are afraid, expecially in the US, of being anti-american/pro-terrorist. So anything directed at the prez and his goons will come back tenfold with a bunch of 'hate', 'terrist' and 'anti' words attached. Being anti-sex/-blowjob is easy compared to being agains a homemade threat.
  8. Frank Henry

    911 Conspiracy

    Quote:Original post by wizardpc Quote: Even while you have retracted the statement I would like to add one thing: How many loonies pop up after a murder claiming to be the murderer? We still have to prove it or else we are just as phoney. im sorry if i was misleading. I want to retract my statement of my saying " that he was rejoycing, and he took responsiblity for it" that doesn't mean, i think he didn't do it [smile] No worries, just wanted to point that out to all and not attack you for it. Oh I would not put it past him. On the other hand, I would not put it past the cia either. Or the fact that they both did it, seeing as how they once worked together. It could also be like the london bombers (or the madrid ones?) that had no real connection to al queda. He might still be happy but cannot accept the 'glory'.
  9. Frank Henry

    911 Conspiracy

    Quote:Original post by wizardpc When the towers went down, i remember Al-quaida rejoycing, and taking responsibliity. At least this is what i was fed from the Television. Even while you have retracted the statement I would like to add one thing: How many loonies pop up after a murder claiming to be the murderer? We still have to prove it or else we are just as phoney.
  10. Frank Henry

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Looks like israel attacked a hospital. Oh wait it was a 'hezbollah' hospital so that seems to make it ok. So how long until israel reaches it's 'final solution' goal?
  11. Frank Henry

    911 Conspiracy

    Quote:Original post by gumpy macdrunken Quote:Original post by Frank Henry opperation wood-something operation northwoods Thanks! rating++
  12. Frank Henry

    Fidel Castro is under going surgery

    two things: 1. not even the cuban opposition want the US to get involved. 2. cubans partially understand that their hardass dictator is the only reason cuban cigars and rum not only still has the name but is made in cuba. If cuba opens up, mega corps will buy up the comps for the names, close the productions in cuba so they can open them somewhere else and the cubans will lose.
  13. Frank Henry

    911 Conspiracy

    Dunno if correct or not but one thing people should remember: 'It is often easier to sell a fiction then the truth' Topics such as conspiracy theories or religious debates should prove this. An example: The truth: german(nazi) special forces storm a german radio station in poland and create a fake scenario that polish troops have attacked the radio station. The way hitler told it: 'polish troops have attacked the radio station' The attack was given as the reason for the invasion of poland. Now imagine you are a german and you hear this. Would you (at that time now knowing the future or all the facts) think your goverment would go and do something like this and kill your own people just to go to war? or that it really happend. In this case, and many others, the truth is actually harder to accept then the fiction. There are similar stories: Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq war, opperation wood-something where the US wanted to send an unmanned UN plane over cuba and blow it up and claim the cubans shot it down just to have an excuse to invade cuba.
  14. Frank Henry

    Wal-mart to leave Germany..closing 85 stores

    Maybe we should open a new topic about the traffic problems in each country. (and maybe save the nationalist penis length comparison crap?) Less and Mirth are correct when they say that traffic is worse in the US. Yet the reason is about as absurd to us euros as the opposite is to the americans: Desired dependancy. In the US people want to be dependent on their cars. They want to live so far from the cities as possible and accept that that means they need a car. The few commuter busses they have are not acceptable replacements because they also want to have the 'flexibility'. They don't want to fight it so they give themself to their own addiction, so to say. Also you have more conflicts such as the cable car comp that was bought up by some automobile comp and then disbanded (or something like that). Euroville is a little different. We were raised in an environment of walkers & bikeriders where a car is kinda a luxury item. Walking, hiking and biking are among the favorite pasttimes. We are not so dependent on cars.(though it has changed in the last 20 years) All our towns and villages are connected through a massive transportation network. Any combination of bus, trolly and subway is possible. Throught our lives we go places by the above + walking + bike + moped. So naturally we pass that on to our children as well. (Something the american soldiers living in europe love are the Volksmarches. Weekly events were you walk (or hike dunno the differance) with hundreds of other people either 10 or 20km for a small medal or plate or something similar. Just for the fun of it. Course the beertent at the end helps a lot ;) ) Some cities like the one I live in have the central part of town closed to traffic and offer sufficient parking outside that area. Other towns such as Munic offer park&ride system where you can park far outside the city and transit in. Among other reasons it is also done because towns in europe are very old and still have their original street layouts and widths. Not something to handle lotsa traffic with so we do not need the numbers like the US has to clog up our streets. If the euros used their cars like the americans did, it would be just as bad if not worse. @Shopping: What most the other euros have said is pretty much correct. You also must note the historical implications. Euros are not used to long opening times or shopping on sundays. I am among the few who say the above, if done correctly, would work, but you would have to 'condition' the people to it first. About the quality of food: The germans do not really care how the quality is. My brother in law works for aldi and people from all walks of life shop there. Oh the food scandals hurt but only changed a little. ATM we are on the decline from the 'only cheap is good' wave and I hope we can catch ourselves before it is to late. What people do not recognise is that 'cheap is good' does not fit the soclialist marketplace we have. To buy cheap means you have to buy from non-german producers that do not have our standards (or else they would be to expensive) which means non-germans get the money that would otherwise go to german workers which means german workers lose their jobs. So basically we are cheaping ourselves out of our jobs. The exceptions are cars and tech. Germans constantly complain about the high cost of gas but will buy the biggest cars with the largest gas consumptiont they think they can afford. No, don't ask for logic. There is none. 2 parts where imho WalMart failed: 1. don't try to screw the employees. WalMart tried to fire all the casheers and then wanted them to work for a time-work company (only get paid for the work they really do) and would then 'rehire' them. Not a good idea in germany as such stuff not only is big news but also attracts the attention of the unions and they can really be a bitch. 2. like others have said, we are not america. Germans never had their groceries bagged for them, never have seen a friendly salesperson (no, I am not kidding) and do not like to much blah blah. In germany people do not really do stuff without reason. If you are approached by someone handing out stuff, the people will think you want to sell them something so they avoid it. Also don't hassle germans, if you want them to buy stuff, let them roam. Germans prefer to stay in their only little spheres. If germans want help they will actively look for a salesperson (and get pissed if one is not there in 2 secs, go figure) So if walmart wanted to have some kind of 'greeter' then they should have given them some commercial flyers and then he can greet them while he hands them out. I think bagging would be a good idea (and would speed up the lines) yet again you would have to slowly introduce it. Maybe by having storeassigned 'carry boys' that would help you carry your purchases (for the elderly without tips). Then maybe progress to the bagger. (thing people might no know, depending on where you are, bags cost money in europe)
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