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  1. The Manipulators, art thread

    A bit more concept art
  2. The Manipulators, art thread

    [attachment=18157:flatmate_ortho.jpg]   [attachment=18158:The Queen.jpg]
  3. The Manipulators, art thread

    Kryzon - depends on how much time I spend on the project during the day, but I'd say that it takes 14 hours of pure work. It could take a couple of days or a week if I'm busy.   Thanks for the comment!
  4. The Manipulators, art thread

    Kryzon - anytime!   Here's another piece of concept art     [sharedmedia=core:attachments:17867]
  5. The Manipulators

    Here's another piece of concept art    
  6. The Manipulators, art thread

    Thanks rouncer!   Kryzon, I use Photoshop and an Intuos graphics tablet for all the painting I do. As for reference, I only use a bit to get an idea for some extra things to put in the room and to try and get the different materials right. One very cool method of solving perspective problems is building the room skeleton in Google sketch up first and then printscreening the right angle and importing it into Photoshop, it usually saves me a LOT of time as then I'll already have the perspective done for me.   I think I should do a little tutorial on my room design, maybe that will help?   Thanks for the comments !   edit: formatting
  7. The Manipulators, art thread

    Thank you silkroad! Much appreciated
  8. Linkaggge: www.themanipulators.co.uk Facebook * Twitter     Now let's get to the art with our humble first post:       [attachment=17773:flatmate.jpg]   [attachment=17774:living room.jpg]    
  9. The Manipulators

    www.themanipulators.co.uk   Facebook * Twitter   Let's get this started with a couple of concept art images, more updates to follow soon     [attachment=17770:flatmate.jpg] [attachment=17771:living room.jpg]
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