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  1. Would you post the step-by-step procedure to include allegro library to MSVC++ 8 express and run the demo program.
  2. Installing Allegro - Dev-C++

    I will try to use the Microsoft Visual express 8. Do you know if Allegro works in MS-DOS ? I tried to use djgpp to include the Allegro library but I can't find a way to make it worked. This is also an old dos that no one wants to know :) Thanks for the information.
  3. Installing Allegro - Dev-C++

    Jonhnnyc5538 did a great job of posting step-by-step to install Allegro using Dev-Cpp. I have tried to install Allegro using djgpp for a week without any success. I gave it up and tried John's steps and it worked great with the latest Allegro version By the way, if we are not using Dev-Cpp, what other compiler that we used now-a-day. Thanks a lot, John !