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  1. Gold Dash is a game Phase Shift Software has published online. It is a fun 2D, top-down racing game for the Windows PC. It only costs $1 and it is very fun. So to learn more about the game, please visit our website at There you will find the game's story, screenshots, and a video of gameplay. If you wish to buy the game, an "Add to Cart" button is at the bottom of the page.   Gold Dash will no doubt bring back your fond memories of old school racing games. Care to try it out?
  2. Here's my story. I completed a Windows PC game about a year ago, but before I completed it, for a couple of reasons, I decided not to sell it. Now, I have changed my mind, and I wish to sell the game to see if I can make some profit from it. I have been considering two options; sell the game from my own website and promote it on sites such as, or submit it to a game portal such as Steam, BigFish, etc. Although I would like to make some money from the game, I'm not attemping to get rich quick, or get rich at all. So bringing the game to a mass audience isn't a priority for me. Would it be better for me to simply start by selling my game on my own website? From what I understand, game publishers such as Steam, BigFish, GameHouse, etc. aren't very easy to please. Personally, I don't feel like going through the red tape to gain their approval of my game to have it published on their portals. So once again, what is a suggested way to get started selling games? What have some other prominent indie game developers done? I appreciate any replies.
  3. Dollar Dash Released

    [color=#1B1B1B][font=Verdana,]After months of work, I have finally completed my first full game ever. I have worked on projects before, but I have never been able to actually complete one. Well, my first game is finally here; and it is free too! So head on over to my site to download it. You can download it from this page: [url=""][/url]. Scroll down to the very bottom, and there will be a download link. As a side note, this game does require a Windows PC. Enjoy! [/font][/color]
  4. Hello everyone! I've been working on various "test" projects for a few years now, never completing one of them. I finally decided to settle down and actually finish a game project. I am nearing completion of my game I call Dollar Dash. It is a very fun 2D game. Here's the story: One morning, a money delivery truck had a damaged backdoor hinge. As a result, the door flew open while the truck was riding down the highway, causing tons of money to fall out of the back. The driver didn't know that was happening, so he kept driving. Your job now is to gather up as much money as possible and bring it to the bank the truck was heading to. You get a reward in the end, but you have to finish the game to find out what the reward is. [img][/img] The great part about this game is that it is going to be entirely free once it comes out. I am planning to release it sometime this month. You can find out more information on the game at [url=""][/url]. It features 20 levels of cash collecting mania. In conclusion, here is a game play video of the game. Please note that the game does contain music, but at the time of this recording, I didn't have the music licensed, so I didn't include it. The sound effects are in the video though, so don't turn your speakers up too loud. [media][/media] So when the game comes out, download it and take it for a spin. I'm sure you'll like it. [img][/img]
  5. Thanks for the rundown. I have one more question that I am confused on which is best. Should the collision detection and physics be handled by the server or the clients?
  6. Hello everyone! I know that many online games use the client/server networking model. My question is this. How do players control their in game objects? For example, in a racing game that has client/server networking, does the player directly control their car, or does the player's computer send input information to the server and the server sends back information such as acceleration, steering, etc. to move the car around? Please let me know. Thanks
  7. Hello everyone! This is my first post. I am working on an XNA game and I want to be able to sell it when I am done. To be honest, I am kinda scared to publish any game. I am always hearing about companies suing one another and big lawsuits resulting from patent and copyright infringements. What are the risks out there for indie game developers such as myself in this aspect? Which is the safest route to go when publishing a game? Thanks