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  1. I moved this from a previous post in the "For Beginners" thread: As a personal project I am writing a simple 3d linear shooter engine, I have a basic md2 model reader and texturing system and I am currently working on a binding to ODE with the language I am using (Ada95). Right now for simplicity's sake I am just loading an md2 model as the map, originally I was considering using bsp mapping but I found that they don't handle open spaces well. So now I am looking for a mapping format (or technique/algorithm) that uses a draw distance from the camera (because essentially the camera and the player move on a rail system, they cant turn around or veer off the screen) Any ideas?
  2. Analog_Machine

    new to python

    Perhaps if you don't need help with a game or graphics related issue you should post on a python specific usegroup or forum, seeing as how you don't need help with the script so much as the language conventions. I think you can get the best direction here: EDIT: On a side note having used many different languages I have never seen variables or identifiers with 2 words not have some sort of distinction between them i.e "loadedimage" should be "loaded_image" or "loadedImage" .
  3. EDIT: Moved post to [Edited by - Analog_Machine on March 10, 2010 10:26:08 AM]
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