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  1. First of all, I haven't been on in a while because I have been brushing up on my programming skills. My question is I want to know what it takes to make a homebrew PS2 game. I came up with an idea, but I don't know how to implement it because I've never written a game before. So does anyone have any links to articles on this matter. And if you have ideas on what tools I need please post. BTW, the system I'm running is Ubuntu Linux 10.04. Thank you.
  2. Portugaz D Ace

    Linux Games

    Does anyone have any idea on how to program games for Linux? If so, please post tips, links, etc... Thank you.
  3. I would probably look into Sams Teach Yourself C++ in an Hour a Day 6th Edition. It has information on smart pointers, STL, and just about anything else you need as long as it isn't related to Win32.
  4. Portugaz D Ace

    What is missing in RPGs today?

    What I miss is the changability of the storyline. In old RPGs, like D&D for example, there was no single path for your character to take. The path your character took was dependent on your choices. If someone made a good RPG with that, I would camping outside the supermarket on the release day waiting for the store to open.
  5. Portugaz D Ace

    Present stats for RPGs to imbalanced?

    This game is only going to be a single player game for right now. However, over time I may adapt it to be multiplayer. But since I don't have a stable financial foundation, single player only.
  6. Portugaz D Ace

    Present stats for RPGs to imbalanced?

    Here is the plan I came up with: The large weapon fighters rely on Strength and Accuracy to fight, while range-based fighters focus on Agility and Accuracy. The large weapon fighters are weak against range attacks giving them a reason to boost Agility so that they can dodge. Range fighters are weak against close-quarters combat, giving them a reason to boost Strength. In any sense, they are both weak against Magic attacks, so they have to boost Magic to increase Resistance. There will be times where you will be fighting an enemy that you cannot beat with normal attacks no matter how much you buff your character. This is where the Soul Wavelength stat comes in. With Soul Resonance, the character is able to deal a fatal or near-fatal blow. The higher the Soul Wavelength stat, the more attack power available with Soul Resonance. There will also be times that players will have to find certain characters without knowing what the character looks like, but they know what the characters soul wavelength is. They will need Soul Perception to find those characters. The way I have this game set up is so that players will at some point have to rely on stats other than the required stats for their class. What do you think?
  7. Portugaz D Ace

    Present stats for RPGs to imbalanced?

    I'm actually working on a single-player RPG design and I was just working on figuring out how to balance the stats. The game is based off of the Soul Eater manga with a good few twists. Here is what I came up with for stat sets: Main Stats: MGC - Magic(defines Magic power and resistance) STR - Strength(Defines Attack power and defense) AGL - Agility(Defines Speed and Dodge chance) ACR - Accuracy(Defines Hit chance) SLW - Soul Wavelength(Defines Special Attack strength) SPC - Soul Perception(Defines SCAN effectiveness) If you don't understand the last two, go to
  8. I want to make a program that takes a user input and uses that input to name a file. note that this is a prototype for a game that I am trying to make. Here is the code that I would normally use: #include <fstream> #include <iostream> using namespace std; char Name[21]; int main() { cin.getline(Name, 20); ofstream fout(Name".player", ios::binary); fout << "Character Name: " << Name << endl; fout.close(); return 0; } // end of code. my problem is that my compiler is giving me a problem about using the input for Name as the name of my file. any ideas?
  9. I am currently breaking into game development, and I want to make a program that generates 6 random values and then displays them on a set of 6 sprites. I already have a COM program that can generate 6 random values, now I just need them to work with a Win32 program to display them on the sprites. does anyone have any tips or links to help me solve this problem?
  10. Portugaz D Ace

    Game ideas, Educational, possibly commercial

    Right now I am trying to just make the game, not make it a online multiplayer game. BTW, it's for the PC. If I can get the game itself working, then I will work on making it multiplayer. Also, I forgot to mention, at certain points in game(mainly optional quests), the character will be able to extend their technician abilities. In other words, a Lance Tech can become a Gun Tech as well. Does anyone get where I am going with this?
  11. Portugaz D Ace

    Game ideas, Educational, possibly commercial

    Sandman and Edtharan; In response to your questions, GamePlay: Each technician job would have their ups and downs. The scythe technician for example: A scythe tecnician is a medium range fighter with some proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. However, they can be easily overpowered by a long range fighter such as a gun tech or a range tech. Now the black technician: A black technician is able to get close to a target if the user's skill is high enough, but can be beaten by a blade tech or a pot tech who's jobs usually have higher levels of perception. As I figure out specific weaknesses for the rest of the jobs, I will post to see what you guys think. Magic choices: You asked me why someone would choose no, or not choose the mix option. The reason why you would choose No is because you will be able to have a higher proficiency in your technician area. You see, as in other RPGs, the more classes you have, the longer it takes to build those classes. Same thing here. also, if you did choose to use magic, you wouldn't want to choose Mix because it limits your development in both feilds. You can still choose mix if you want, you just have to be prepaired for the limit of your magic abilities.BTW, I was already planning on including an in-game job extension for magic. Rolling for Stats: I know what you mean when you talk about Baldur's Gate and the random stat generation. I have played Baldur's Gate I & II. So I do know how annoying it is. To fix this, I would set a stat roll range that the randomizer has to abide by. Also, I would include a stat pool of X points that you can use. the points in the pool would be calculated by an algorithm based on the stat rolls. And to deal with the "dump stat" problem, I would set a minimum level for that stat. To take care of the respec options, I would set up respec shops at certain points in the game. The respecs would not be free of course, but I would keep the prices reasonable.
  12. Portugaz D Ace

    Game ideas, Educational, possibly commercial

    As the game design becomes more In-Depth, I will try to post links to download the files. They will most likely be a Microsoft OneNote Notebook Package, or a PDF.
  13. Portugaz D Ace

    Game ideas, Educational, possibly commercial

    Here is what I have been thinking about for character creation: You choose a technician job from the following: Scythe Technician Gun Technician Range Technician - Bows/Crossbows Black Technician - Ninja/Assassin Blade Technician - Broadswords/Daggers Lance Technician Lantern Technician Pot Technician - Gauntlets Then you choose if you want to be a magic user as well. If yes, you choose one of the following magic types: Restoration Destruction Mix - Restoration+Destruction Next you roll for character stats. These are the stats that are going to be used: STR - Strength AGL - Agility SLS - Soul Strength MGC - Magic ACR - Accuracy PRC - Perception To define the personality of your character, you select a set of personality traits. What these traits are, I do not know. Then you define the look of your character. Next you define the look of your partner, the "weapon" If you are okay with the settings that you chose, then the character is saved, and you start the game. If not, then you restart.
  14. Portugaz D Ace

    Game ideas, Educational, possibly commercial

    Just to let you know, there are computer programs for creating D&D characters and printing out the character sheets. My idea was to use a similar setup for the creation of the character, but instead of printing out the character sheet, the program saves the data to a file for access by the game program.
  15. Portugaz D Ace

    Game ideas, Educational, possibly commercial

    I was thinking about that. I thought about having magic users go through missions to strengthen their alliance with their school, and strenghten their magic abilities.
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