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  1. Pond5

    Hello all, I recently decided to join Pond5 to sell some of my short pieces of music but wanted to know if anyone else has had good experiences with Pond5 ?
  2. Royalty Free Music

    Added more tracks this week on souncloud as well as my pond5 page and will add more in the coming weeks.   Inbox me styles you want me to compose and I'll see what I can do
  3. Royalty Free Music

    Hello all, I have more composition scores at Pond5 now, please do check it out and let me know if you are happy with the prices :)   Cheers!
  4. Any advice for Ludum Dare music generation

    Have you also tried Reaper: And also another good one would be Mad Tracker:   Not sure where Buzz Tracker is these days but if you search on Google you are sure to find it.   I've used all these and they are great bits of music magic
  5. Chiptune softwares

    Famitracker is a great program to use, I have used to many times for previous projects. There is a lot Famitracker can do as well, good choice!
  6. Royalty Free Music

    A little update, I am now on Pond5 and will be adding more compositions there. Hope you like them
  7. Royalty Free Music

    Would it also help to add my rates for my compositions ?
  8. Royalty Free Music

    Thank you really glad you liked and enjoyed them!
  9. Royalty Free Music

    Thank you for your kind comments!!   Send me an email or PM me and I'll send you prices. You could also send me information on your project to give me a better idea of what I'd be composing   Cheers
  10. Royalty Free Music

    Hello all, I wanted to let you know I'm going to be composing royalty free music for your upcoming projects.   I am now on Pond5 and will be adding more music to the page   You can check out my music scores here:   Orchestral Compositions   Chiptune   If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them   Looking forward to hearing from some of you
  11. Chiptune softwares

    Hi all, I do recommend composing chiptune music as it teaches you a lot about music compositions and gives you a head start in music composing.   Here are my playlist  Chiptune
  12. Eat drink and poop music

    Thank you for listening to my scores and glad you like them, hopefully I can post more soon!   Love to hear your work on here and everyone elses, it's about sharing music on this page. 
  13. Music composer says Hi

    I have just added a piano set for all to hear   Piano compositions
  14. Eat drink and poop music

    Please do share your musical talents as I'd love to hear your music :)
  15. Music composer says Hi!

    Thanks for sharing this piece, obsession really got to you I see and this piece shows your creative mind at work. I can picture this in Earthbound and other snes adventure boss levels. Not a bad piece but I'd say keep working at your compositions. Not bad at all.