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  1. Hi, I'm developing a 3d RPG called "Story of Chouko"(Bolster Story) and I need help from Artists and Programmers of all varieties. I need teammates. I have set up a message board, github, wiki, chatroom and other things to facilitate collaboration. We are using Godot and we want to make a simple prototype intro level. So far we have a writer, music, 3d animator, and 3d texture artist that help on the project here and there. Any help coding or creating the game would be helpful. I did some very nice music for the game and want to base levels and scenes on some of the music. Here have a look as some of what we have so far: Music - http://hinterlandroad.org:2000 (Check out Track 07 and Track 09 on Bolster Story Music) Summary - http://wiki.risingtide.international/wiki/Bolster_Story Main Character - http://wiki.risingtide.international/wiki/Chouko
  2. Rising Tide

    Soundtrack for small RPG

    Check out these. Track07 is my favorite: http://risingtide.international/tunes/ Let me know what you think!
  3. Rising Tide

    Multiperception Game Engine

    I was thinking more along the lines of a file system actually, trying to do a small version of this without much code, but maybe I shouldn't even be doing this.
  4. Rising Tide

    Multiperception Game Engine

  5. Rising Tide

    Multiperception Game Engine

    So I'm suprised I haven't gotten much interest yet, what am I doing wrong?
  6. Rising Tide

    Multiperception Game Engine

    Yes I tend to definitely get caught up in rehashing the same things and being too wordy. I guess a team would be stuck staring at that whirlwind not knowing what to say. I'll leave it at this for now, as I don't know what else to share at this point as it's mostly out there. I would like at least one other experienced coder to work with as I tend to code like I write and can't keep everything in the box and I'll be doing loop by constantly rewriting and starting over. The most I can do role wise apart from posting the idea and hoping it isn't taken is to write the companion stories which I think would lead to a less programmer specific appeal, moreso like slipping a kid veggies on their plate and telling them it's magical veggies that will give you super powers. I mean I was vegan for a while before I gave into the power of spicy korean beef, but yeah, rather than an educational program like math blaster, it takes the barrier away from "programming language" (perhaps intimidating to a newcomer), and instead makes a unique language and sort of presents it more like a spellbook. I'm not a Rowling or a Gryfindor(More of a Ravenclaw actually), but the stories are like half fantasy, half sci-fi, and there was a horde of vicious cussing toddlers at one point, but basically it's a narrative for learning how to code in a sense, but using more tangible and personofied pieces of code. If you think of a persons brain as a little cli logged in as a guest, everything you say could perhaps contain code that triggers a response, a memory, or possibly a retaliation for eating their rancid cheese they apparently had a stable relationship with. Anyhows thanks for the reply! I'm kinda waiting for a programmer to respond with interest in helping. I want this to be a completely open source project. Unfortunately it's information I just posted and wouldn't be suprised if something similar is still being made, but I want to use this for games and stories. It may wind up as more of a simulation tool, but I know if the right approach and presentation/mechanics are taken, it will wind up with a community commercing and trading their code perhaps without even realizing it. Again I wanna start small though. Too much too soon and its easier to give up and feel like expectations are let down, so whatever gets it started.
  7. Rising Tide

    Multiperception Game Engine

    I also attached the first part of one of the stories, in which a UFO is hacked by the military, causing the conscious onboard assistant which was designed to only take care of the alien baby inside. Once they attempt to reverse engineer the UFO, the assistant is thrust into a high profile combat android and procededs to assasinate living things while still reciting dialog for the baby. The lesson is that it should not have been unpaired with the baby, as the baby actually also causes devestation by spontaneously combusting and running away from all that it is physically seeing because its perception is not hooked up with the assistant. The whole UFO was designed to experience the world without affecting it.
  8. Rising Tide

    Multiperception Game Engine

    Okay, so lemme post a description with this image, as it probably looks alien and confusing unannotated. We have 3 sides: Conscious - Normal perception, you may see trees, animals, rocks, and your physical self. Physicality exists here and you can interact with objects. With cool specs you might see auras, infrared, xray, or general "radiation". If you change into a dog perhaps you may sense smells. Super/Subconscious - Dream Consciousness, where you may see a ball of light patterns, but it is not interactive, much like a movie or tripping on psychedelics(think dmt if you are familiar) or being asleep and dreaming. Unconscious - The underlying cogs of reaction when it comes to non-physical entities. This is where modes of thought are stored. Normally you would be unaware of this level, and not able to affect anything in it. Think of this as the debug mode for stuff like flipping the personality of two physical characters or giving them a new word they can use in their dialog. That's all going to stem from the unconscious, where an empty universe may start with a single oscillating grey pattern. The idea is that everything has a vibration, and placing these as "souls", we can train them to follow certain patterns or self balance. This creates an interaction network that may trigger a chain reaction when the player energetically interacts with another character. Perhaps this is basically a regular render of a scene graph, or a floor containing code for dialog with words. Everything on this level gets rendered with one specific type of entity, so each floor is building off the previous or branching. This is where you'd develop your code, using bottom up stuff, where different types of rocks or minerals might be represented by a 3d model or something like this. I imagine the interface for coding would be a lot like pushing a button with an equipped action. You would be able to spawn an object to use as your object, and give it something to do from an api of spells. (Simple stuff like counting, checking even or odd, etc.) The idea is that you spawn an object, say its a method or function, and then fill it with behavior. Since no physicality would be at this level, this code would be rather symbolic, where loop may literally mean the object floats around in a circle, while child objects may trail and be smaller. Basically this is the clock on the highest level, where player events are sort of recorded tty style when the player interacts energetically(killing a monster, casting a spell) Rather than triggers and static/dynamic objects, it's basically a set story where everything in it changes depending on the player. It's based on different ways to see physicality, and non-physicality. By chopping up one big dialog and assigning it to individual characters, then having them trading words or subtly changing their inflection would be cool. I programmed a sort of visualization in AS3 a long time ago along with a bunch of similar derivatives, of these trippy dmt-ish patterns generated from strobing 2d text with wingdings or symbols as a font. This model could allow for different "pods" with different data coming in such as chat or spells, and different effects would happen. Depending on how each is rendered, it could take that string of data and render things like touch proximity, a ball which shows you an energetic map, or a clock. I've had a moment of clarity when trying to imagine time going in two opposite directions. I've imagined putting snake perception and snake brain together in a human 3d model and imagined such an entity would simply seek out the hottest tempurature, or in a 1:1 with reality example, this would be a snake chimera which seeks out body heat. Another perception I imagined was time, where you simply see all events happening at once with no cause or effect. To seperate these into dimensions, we simply strobe one camera. If we have 12 levels of consciousness, the camera starts at one, then moves up the whole tree, passing the same camera. This concept is similar to turn based perception, where two parrots are taught the same song to tweet, backwards and forwards. They each are paced opposite each other. They spin around opposite of each other, their song bouncing back and forth like a mirror. Upon a whole rotation, the song cancels itself out. If a silent parot paces out with a player while following the player's position, upon a full rotation, the silent parot should be able to recite the player's song backwards at the player. Now I wrote a lot, but I also have a short collection of stories I've been writing to explain this perception realm like a story book. I have characters and languages as well that should be familiar, but also easy to learn. By no means would this be a huge undertaking, as a simple system would be enough to build on. The story is almost created to be made with this perception engine, as it ponders how dogs see, how crystals percieve, as well as how language and thoughts play into all of it. One of the stories uses this model to present a dangerous situation where "conscious" androids are created, but lack perception of what is a part of it, and what is not. If you have a messenger or facebook, I'd be more than happy to talk about it more. Unfortunately a complete f***ing a**hole just poured milk over my laptop and slammed it with a rock so I only have what is on my phone at the moment. Also I should mention this is basically rendering non-physicality, not simply shaders or render layers for different visual effects, but rather emulating different senses or modes of perception that can be used in game for stuff like maps or clocks, as well as a way to navigate and modify the code on whatever level you want to.(perhaps players can add fabric patterns or train monsters) The Bolster Story.pdf
  9. So I have done a bit of programming, but lack the experience necessary to model this efficiently in code. I have diagrams and documents I made that try to model something for viewing different energies or perceptions of the game world. This is basically a system for designing a pattern that runs and is filtered to create the data or stream in a mode of perception. Ultimately it's a way to model stuff like how an ant or a flower might perceive.These models include seeing chi, or auras, time, gating, speech, and proximity to other sources of energy. The model is simply based off of vibrations being defined and turned into inputs for different entities. Instead of a light based render engine, I want this to render modes of thought as simple patterns. It's not as complex as it sounds as I have diagrams to explain how different perceptions can be processed, and it's a simple system that would probably be very easy to code. Please PM me if you would like to hear more or have questions. If you want to help me code this, I don't have much of a preference as to what engine or tools are used, but only request they be open source, as I would like to release it as open source as well. I am and artist and know a bit of code and can help as much as possible. I can make UI graphics or other artwork/sound and help maintain a git repo or any hosting stuff you would like. I may be able to pay for small things like a coffee, but am afraid I don't have a budget to work with!
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