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  1. Would You Live on Mars?

    [quote name='Olof Hedman' timestamp='1354560769' post='5006716'] [quote name='rscomposer' timestamp='1354553715' post='5006670']If a colony existed on Mars, supplies and resources would have to be shuttled back and fourth from Earth to Mars on a regular basis. That being the case, there is no reason why a colonist should not be able to snag a ride on one of those shuttles to return to Earth. [/quote] It's several orders of magnitude cheaper to send unmanned one-way supply-ships then it is to send anything that can return. You'd have to bring the fuel to return too, plus life-support and radiation-shielding to survive the couple-of-months travel time. Plus have systems to go into orbit, have something that can launch to that orbit, etc... Have the ship land? even more fuel, and a couple of magnitudes more expensive. Not even the ship that would be built to take them there would be built to return, but be re-used to build the colony [/quote] I think, if and when the first humans land on Mars, they will be landing in a ship designed to return them to Earth. I don't believe that the body sending them on that mission (likely governments, not TV producers), will not task the first expedition to Mars with establishing a colony at their destination. That means we will already have conquered the challenges of getting humans to and from Mars. Every little thing we do in a manned mission to Mars will be outrageously expensive, and even more so in building a colony. In truth, there will likely be a space station orbiting Mars before a colony is built. The station would be equipped with Earth Return Vehicles which would carry people back to Earth. That negates having to worry about getting a larger ship intended to be inhabited for months at a time on and off the surface of the planet. It would never have to even enter the atmosphere. Crew and supplies would be dropped from the station to the Martian surface, and it would only require a capsule capable of taking off in the thin Martian atmosphere to rendezvous with the orbital station. NASA has some fascinating articles about colonization and travel to Mars:
  2. Would You Live on Mars?

    [quote]you're forgetting about the shear amount of money required to do this, the only way it will get done, is by taking a step and doing it, and if that step requires essentially creating an truman show, well, it's a start. the only possible other alternatives for generating the resources are either an extremely valuable/plentiful resource is discovered, and corporations want to mine it(such as Helium-3 on the moon), or over population/pollution forces us to leave or die, or lastly some really really rich people decide to say fuck it, let's go!.[/quote] Any form of space exploration costs exorbitant sums of money. If a colony existed on Mars, supplies and resources would have to be shuttled back and fourth from Earth to Mars on a regular basis. That being the case, there is no reason why a colonist should not be able to snag a ride on one of those shuttles to return to Earth.
  3. Would You Live on Mars?

    [quote name='Cornstalks' timestamp='1354512153' post='5006503']But on a two-way ticket. [/quote] This is an important point. The trip to Mars should [i]not[/i] be a one-way thing. As I remember hearing, they were wanting to do it as a reality show, and the one-way thing was pure exploitation, in my opinion. If we are to go to Mars, it should not be solely for the purpose of making a reality TV show about it.
  4. Would You Live on Mars?

    I would totally go! As soon as the demand for composers developed on the Red Planet, I would be able to get a real corner on the market. [img][/img] But truly, yes, I would go because it would mean being part of one of the most important and ambitious steps humans have ever taken. It would be lonely and scary, and the scenery might get dull after a while, but the same could be said of Christopher Columbus' ride.
  5. Definitely not safe or legal. Whether or not you're making any money off the game is irrelevant to whether or not you're violating somebody's copyright by using their material.
  6. Well I know it's definitely not the haunting season yet, but I would like to put this piece up for discussion, because I'm interested in your comments and criticisms. Last Halloween I uploaded a Halloween "mini-symphony" in three parts to Youtube that I had composed, just as a personal project. The idea was just to set up a bunch of scenes and characters you might encounter in a haunted cemetery, and provide music that sort of tells a little story. This is part 3, which is the most climactic and complete of the parts, being the end: [b][color=#0000FF][/color][/b] The other two parts are available, if you are so inclined to listen to them as well, and I am interested in any comments you have as listeners and composers. Thanks in advance! -Robert S
  7. Ideas for videogames and games that should be remade

    I played 3D Ultra Mini Golf a lot when I was younger. It's probably has a really limited appeal, but I keep wishing somebody would make a fun, down-to-earth mini golf game. Better yet, a mini golf game and construction kit so you can build and sculpt your own play ground.
  8. Introducing Myself

    Hello all, I don't like to jump right in to posting on a message board without introducing myself first, so I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and let you know what I am all about. My name is Robert Scott, I'm 21, and a composer and sound FX artist with a handful of credits. In the early 2000s I started working on my own games, mostly 2D point-and-click adventure games made with Adventure Game Studio, which taught me most of what I know about programming. (Which still isn't too much!) A little later I moved on to the audio side of things and wrote some music and did some sound FX for other people's games, many of which never got finished. After that I started writing music and working on sound for short films and student film projects, starting around 2005. (Check out to watch "Shadows of a Doubt," for which I provided the music and most of the sound FX. [except for that singing bit at 0:55 which I urged them to re-record. :D]) Anyway, I am always on the lookout for new opportunities and new things to learn, so I hope that joining up here will help! Later! -Robert S