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  1. Stanford AI Class this Semester for Free

    Thanks a lot for this. Seems like a hell a lot of fun to learn many different things in this department. Plus the professors seem quite excited about this themselves. Anyway would be cool to know if we will are still able to change from basic to advanced.
  2. Order to Learn Software and Skills

    [quote name='Jake Gilla' timestamp='1304715982' post='4807489'] When it comes to modding, I have the Source SDK, but it appears that I can only Mod games I own, so I'm stuck with just Portal for the time being. I've heard that a Portal 2 SDK should be released soon which would be great, and I'll probably buy Orange Box or the Left 4 Dead pack to open up a few more options. Any recommendations for books, video tutorials, etc when it comes to Hammer? Even some information on modding in general would be good. I don't have much experience with the community, except some music I did for a friends Counter-Strike Mod back in high school. [/quote] I can recommend you warcraft 3 or starcraft II for modding purposes. There is a pretty big community supporting modding and in addition there are already good mods existing, like defense of the ancient (dota) for example.