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  1. My blood angel space marine model!

    [quote name='KlokEule' timestamp='1311091715' post='4837465'] I decided to make a space marine from the warhammer 40k universe with blender and zbrush, he isnt to high poly because i may use him in a xna game later but here is a picture of him! Also, does anyone have any tips on making the textures more detailed? [/quote] The head seems extremely small... did you model that separate?
  2. 3d environment artist block

    I am currently an undergraduate trying to make "scenes" for my portfolio and get better at maya or max. One problem I keep hitting is I have no idea what to model, my friend (intern at Arenanet) made scenes and was able to get an internship, for example a jungle that consisted of 8 objects really. I figure if I make scenes for environment jobs that can get me more noticed than just a broken bridge or an airplane etc. I for some reason cannot find anything I want to model to turn into a scene. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Quality Assurance Guide

    No, dont buy ANYTHING. I am a QA tester and I did not have to go though any scams or pay any money. Only way you can get a testing job is this. 1. A staffing company like Volt, Kelly services, or Areotek. 2. Apply to smaller video game companies in hopes you can be hired. Be aware that game companies want people with experience so your other choice would be through a staffing company.
  4. New to game design, need info

    Ive searched the wiki on game dev with no luck. I am going to college for game design(haven't started bachelor yet) My questions are about an fps id like to make whilst in school so i can get noticed by good design and a playable level. 1. After modeling in 3ds max where do you go from there, i figure like zbrush to model awesome looking graphics on characters. 2.After said zbrush or modeling do i go into a program like xna per say to code? 3. To make a map, do i make it in 3ds max, i.e i seen on the wiki tools for game maps and game worlds etc. 4. How do i know what the height is so when im playing i dont have a 50 foot tank and a 2 foot building. Just a couple of questions so i can start making a game while in school. Something to have when im out for interviews etc. Any other website with information with this would be helpful. Thanks.
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