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  1. ammar26

    Should I wait for OpenGL NG?

    OpenGL has past record of 2 failed redesigns OpenGL 2.0 and Longs Peak which was replaced by OpenGL 3.0   Even if OpenGL redesign suceeds this we don't for sure how much time its gonna take - 1 year or may be more   And yes it is worth learning OpenGL 4.3+ this time because I believe even resigned API won't completely abandon the Modern OpenGL and when you migrate in future to OpenGL NG it will be beneficial for you and I suppose migration will also be faciliated because there are lots projects running on OpenGL 4.3+ 
  2. I'm new to game programming and only have worked a little with native DirectX code as a beginner, but currently i'm using engine Unity3D that uses DirectX and OpenGL at backhand for rendering. I am curious about one thing that is Resolution Independence for 2D and 3D is provided by graphical API automatically ? Or needs to be implemented exclusively in graphical API ? Because when i change my game resolution through game engine it cages automatically, i just want to know whether this is provided by graphical API ? Or engine is providing this component for graphical API for 2D and 3D
  3. Thanks a lot ... it really helped
  4. I'm a beginner in Computer Graphics and no experience of Shader Programming yet I Google a lot about Shaders and the thing i understand about them is that they provide custom rendering effects for programmable pipeline for pixel and vertex But i have a little confusion how materials are connected with shaders ? i mean when i work on Unity3D Game Engine and create a material it gives me option to apply a shader on material ? The same thing i observe in 3DS MAX, materials and shaders are somehow bonded. If shaders are the custom rendering effects then what materials are doing ? Due to no experience of shader programming i don't understand how shaders uses the materials ? do the 3D materials are passed in shaders as parameters ? And if there are 3d materials to be passed why we cant just pass textures ? why need to created materials from textures and then pass Please help me remove this confusion
  5. ammar26

    New to openGL and confused

    Thanks for help and support I think i should start with OpenGL Superbible 5th edition
  6. I know this question has been already answered a lot but i just need a little helpI'm totally new to OpenGL, before OpenGL im was working on DirectX I went to official website, i saw tons of stuff over there which totally confused me. I'm a C++ programmer and im trying to find such book that can take me from start and introduce me to OpenGL step by step I'm confused what is OpenGL ES ? GLUT ? and other things ? are they are extension or libraries The official web is confusing me a lot, where to get start from basics of OpenGL I want to work on C++ in windows on OpenGL 3.x (onwards) Can any one suggest me a book of link that can help or guide me step by step and tell me about all these things
  7. Start yourself by writing first small 2D games in C++ using SDL then after practice move towards OpenGL and D3D
  8. ammar26

    Whats a good engine i can use?

    Esenthel is good one, you can also use Ogre3D as well
  9. i really know this question has been asked a lot but still i need to know a little Im learning DirectX 9 from Mr.FRANK book Introduction to DirectX 9 Shader Approach Book totally used a shader approach code I still wonder and need to know if the same code written for Fixed Pipeline how it would look like Can someone give me link or any written source code For the same effect written in both methods so i can compare them
  10. Im confused about defining Alpha Channel in DX9 Sprites. If i want to make any portion transparent in any Sprite how i can define that area? I mean how i will define Alpha layer in Image? Can PNG format made in Fireworks or Other Softwares defining their empty background will work ? I know that i have to enable ALPHA MODE in Idirect3DDevice9 but how in image i can define the Alpha Layer
  11. ammar26

    d3dx9d_43.dll missing problem

    Thanks Man ....
  12. I have created a Simple ID3DXFONT font and Draw some text. The Application works fine on my PC (Which has installed DirectX SDK) but when i try to run on other PC (user-end not having DirectX SDK but has DirectX Installed) it comes with an error d3dx9d_43.dll is missing from your computer I have googled it and came up with this answer if you are missing d3dx9d_xx.dll files e.g. d3dx9d_41.dll these files are debug versions of the libraries for development purposes only. Nobody should be distributing these in an application. To use these you need the full developers DirectX SDK I have no idea about these DLL files , i didn't include them by my own, how can i avoid them and use alternate libraries of DLL so that my application can be RUN on PCs that have not DirectX SDK installed Help Please
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