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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I also found another one called Kodu which it allows creating games both on PC and on the Xbox 360. I might go with that one to start him off as it looks to be very simple and then switch to something like GameMaker, GameSalad, or Scratch. Again thanks for the suggestions and if you or anyone else have any more please let me know.
  2. What about GameSalad? I just looked at it and it doesn't require programming but is it something that will be good for young kids or will GameMaker or Scratch be better? Could you provide a link for Scratch? Also is it possible to use GameMaker without programming or is that something he should go ahead and start learning to do as well?
  3. My 8 year old son is interested in learning to making games but I'm not sure as to what tools/programs I should get for him that won't be overwhelming and will be fun for him to use. I'm doing some searching right now to see what I come up with but will like any advice and suggestions I can get to help make sure I get him on the right path. I appreciate any help you all can give me.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good Windows Store tutorials that goes into detail on making a game with DirectX and doesn't assume the user has any knowledge of DirectX. So far I only found the ones by Microsoft which expect the user has knowledge of DirectX and don't go into any good detail as to what is going on in the program. I appreciate any help I can get.
  5. I was wondering what is the suggested framework/engine for creating games for Windows Store/WP8 that is also able to port to other devices as well. I want to try to find something that uses C++ which I have looked at Cocos2D-X and have been unsuccessful in getting their beta to work and haven't got any feedback yet on their forums. Is there something just as equally as good for C++? C# is also another option which right now I'm waiting for Synapse Gaming to release their next version of their SunBurn engine as it will be platform independent. Anyways, I'd like to hear what suggestions you all might have and will appreciate any feedback.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good free flowchart software. I did a little bit of searching but haven't found any yet so thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has any recommendations. I apologize if this isn't the right forum to post this but figure it will be as creating flowcharts is a part of game design.
  7. Do you know if any of those Lua engines work on WP8 and windows rt?
  8. Looks like I better start saving money as got to preorder skylander swapforce and Disney infinity for the boys for Christmas along with some figures for them. Got to figure out what I'll get my princess for Christmas.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I forgot mention that we're focusing on 2D in case that will be a factor as to what we should use. I do like Unity but since we're focusing on 2D and it will be something similar to Ghost n Goblins I haven't found any really good tutorials that focus on using 2D sprites in Unity and also using C#.
  10. I was wondering what should I use to make games an engine or a library? I'm still fairly new to programming due to never having a lot of spare time between work and school. Right now my friends and I are planning on using Unity to make mobile games as I'm the only one that has some programming knowledge. So would that be the best tool for us to use for starting out or will it be be better to find a library that targets android, iOS, windows phone, and windows rt. In case it helps I have taken some courses in C++ and have learned some C# on my own. I appreciate any advice you all can give me that can help us get started.
  11. Congrats to Crystal Cox, my lovely wife, for getting her first really big photo shoot!! I'm proud of you baby!!
  12. @Radikalizm will I be able to use something like SlimDX to create games for Windows Store? If so are there any tutorials out that focus on Windows Store games yet?
  13. Was wondering if there are any good 2D game programming tutorials to make 2D games for Windows Store as am wanting to make games for the WIndows 8 tablets and Windows Phone 8.
  14. Just less than thirty minutes until the season finale of the walking dead!!
  15. Well, my work didn't win the new contract so it's time for me to start looking for another job. If anyone knows of anyone hiring let me know