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  1. Cutscenes scripting

    I know you stated you feel state machines require more involved coding, but have you considered behavior trees ?  http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/ChrisSimpson/20140717/221339/Behavior_trees_for_AI_How_they_work.php Engines like Unity and Unreal have visual scripting modules for behavior trees, which greatly simplifies their creation. I've been using behavior bricks https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/74816 and it works great but there are many options
  2. What do you listen to while indie devving?

    Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington- Podcasts and XFM Radio show archives 
  3. Any age of ships game where you can view ships?

    Would CAD type blueprints help ?  https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ships
  4. John Carmack sues ZeniMax

    It's not a case of one side saying "you didn't pay" and the other side saying "yes we did".... the other side is saying that "we don't have to pay... yet, or maybe ever".  Carmack may have broken the contract when he took ID-owned code with him to Oculus (hence the Zenimax VS Oculus case recently)... and if this particular debt interacts with his employment contract, then they might not have to honor the debt any more. That's what they'll be arguing about in court.   That's an interesting point and maybe the article being pretty brief is why this is not touched on, however there doesn't seem to be anything on [i]why[/i] ZeniMax thinks it doesn't need to pay, they're simply saying the claim is "completely without merit". So are there any references to the reasons you say ZeniMax thinks it doesn't need to fulfill it's part of the agreement. Would they simply not of referenced the Oculus case if this indeed was the reason and wouldn't that be a completely separate legal issue anyway ? 
  5. John Carmack sues ZeniMax

    That sounds like a horrible situation Luckless, hope you can get the resolved at some point. Sadly the argument of "This is my bank account, and as you can clearly see, the sum owed has never been deposited into it" is not proof that they've failed to pay, as they can simply fire back with "Well obviously you have another account somewhere..." Right from JC's point of view that issue exists, but can ZeniMax just say, "hey look we deposited payment into this account" then inspection of that account would show who the funds have gone to ?
  6. John Carmack sues ZeniMax

    This is  interesting http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37762228 Apparently the cash part of the deal has not been honored. Being a  fan of John Carmack's work my instinct is to believe the 'Big Corporation' is simply trying not to pay. But objectively speaking surely there must be more to this, i.e. would it not be relatively easy to document whether you sent the money from  ZeniMax's point of view considering the sum, wouldn't the money's paper trail or lack of show whether you have paid or not ? Thoughts ?
  7. First Person Soccer game concept

    It looks great, consider keeping it to 5-a-side or 3-a-side to avoid screen congestion- along the lines of fifa street soccer or NBA Jam. Great work  
  8. Can you use the client's private key to encrypt the message, this way only valid clients can generate messages even though anyone can read them 
  9. What would you do in this scenario

    Hi all,   Thanks very much for your responses, much appreciated:   @Hodgman- that's great at least I have method to negotiate or not.   @braindigitalis- Ah that's such a shame your boss reacted that way, glad your efforts are now appreciated. Fortunately my boss knows all about it and is completely on board all of the department use the software. I work in the computer science department so we work quite closely with the network technicians, you guys have a tough job :)   @Tom Sloper- It's a school, all of the contract details are around teaching and learning, theres nothing software development in there.    @BrianRhineheart- Was your employer from public or private sector? >>Public sector, UK state school   Does your official work duties include writing software? >>No, my duties are all about teaching my subject   Did you write the software during paid working hours? >>Yes I did   Did you uninstall the software before you left? >>No, It's a bunch of python scrips, the user can copy them to their folders and run the program, so there is nothing to uninstall. I don't leave until the summer so I have some time to work out what to do. I was thinking of putting the program on the cloud and charging a yearly subscription which would also cover any maintenance that needs to be done.   I'm not looking to get rich, I'm just trying to work out what the fairest thing to do. I built the software and it's saving users a lot of time, If I no longer work there and people are still using my work is it not right that i get compensated for this ?    Thanks again for your inputs
  10. Hi All,   Let's say you are working as a teacher in a high school, and you write some software to help automate some of your tasks. The people in your department also use this software as it saves a significant amount of time. Now you decide to leave the profession to start your own software company. What would you do with the software you developed ? Assume there's no clause in your contract to say any software that is developed is property of the company regardless of where it was made. Do you own the IP of said software ? Is it OK to sell it back to the school ? If so how do you go about calculating a fair price for what you have developed ?    Thanks for your time
  11. I know the quotes were quite popular a while a go on the IRC chat, so to get some experience with Android programming I've made a little app with some of the more memorable quotes. Enjoy!   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=best.quotes.ever&hl=en_GB     Thanks for reading
  12. Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

    resist [username]. Yeah I think that was it :-)     Oh and the green blob ATI advert!
  13. Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

    There was a fashion for a signature that lots of people used to have back then, anyone remember what they looked like ?   Someone made everyone wait for a mexican wrestler, and some poppet stole people's usernames and passwords
  14. Funny Gamedev Chat quotes

    "One of the things I hate is when I think someone is talking to me, but they actually talking to the person next to me" - Fig
  15. How to read an IP web cam ?

      Thanks for the answers guys   Khatharr- This is something that came to mind, however, would it not be better if the IP webcam signals were picked up and processed by the tablet itself. This has 3 main advantages 1: the tablet has more processing power than the pi. 2: I would have to buy a PI specifically for this, I already have the tablet 3: I would have to power the pi as well as the webcam, the robot now has more weight/power consumption. What do you think ?   Essentially all I want is a simplified version of an app like IP Webcam (http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pas.webcam&hl=en) embedded into my own android program   I found this thread on Stackexchange http://stackoverflow.com/questions/712998/opencv-with-network-cameras. Which covers using OpenCV with an IP Webcam, So I shall be giveing that a go.   Thanks again for your input guys.