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  1. Is it worth applying for this?

    I sent them my CV with the initial speculative email which includes portfolio links, I also included a portfolio link in my cover letter/message in the first email body. I kind of assumed they would consider that my application! Should I have resent the CV?
  2. Is it worth applying for this?

            I didn't apply through that link, I contacted the studio directly and they responded with a job description which is identical (but a bit longer) to the one at that link.   I did respond just saying "I'd love to be considered for the position" basically, and now I wait for... something... else... to... happen...    
  3. Is it worth applying for this?

    Hello everyone,   I finished a BSc in Computer Science about 18 months ago, and took some time out to play with Game Dev (and just to take some time out, always wanted a gap year bla bla). I'm not a particularly experienced C programmer, so I've been working in Haxe NME, and I've produced a couple of prototypes in that, and my current project is nearly at a releasable level (In code terms anyway, I'm not an art or sound guy, which is what's really holding it back; It sucks working alone!) On my CV I say I have "Some C/C++ experience," which is true, a University module taught me the basics and I completed a few small exercises for that.   Anyway, moneys running low so I need some form of employment. I sent off to a few generic C#/Java jobs and web dev jobs, and figured I'd send speculative applications to the local game studios, asking for entry-level/graduate programming or QA/test roles. If I got offered a job by one of them I almost don't care what it is, because its a foot in the door of where I want to be.   I got a response from one the next day saying they were looking for a C# programmer, and to check the attached description. "If you can code in C# and this role is of interest please do let me know," the email said. The description is titled "Games Software Engineer" and seems to be focused on test: "You will be involved in defining the scope of test automation across the studio, which will in part entail designing, implementing and driving the implementation of a testing framework within the core code in parallel with the game development team.  This framework will be used for metrics collection and driving game automation."   It also mentions C/C++ - "Ability to read, design and write C/C++ and C# coding solutions." - and there's a huge list of expected responsibilities and essential experience etc (focused around test plans, principles, and some stuff like "Proven track record in identifying the need for and implementing process improvement") which makes it seem not like a graduate/entry-level role to me.   Most of the text of what I was sent seems to be here:, with the exception that mine has a section of "Personal attributes/Interpersonal skills", a qualifications section at the end which just lists "B.S. Degree in Computer Science, design, engineering or equivalent work experience," and a further long section of "Key Success Criteria."   Is it even worth me replying? Haha. I'm really not sure they looked at my CV or read the email body before sending that to me!   And if it is worth applying, can anyone tell me what I should actually be learning/looking at/doing to fulfill some of these requirements? I used JUnit a bit at Uni, and got an overview of common test methodologies too, but that list of stuff is worryingly long and obtuse.   Thanks ~ fe