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  1. It's under the Activity menu. Edit: replied way too late.
  2. For future reference, when you're asking a question like this, it's best to tell us what you're trying to do. You'll get much better answers that way.
  3. What's the ETA on that, so I know when to check again?
  4. Can you get more testers? The more people trying to duplicate it, the more chance there is of doing it. edit: And the more you'll learn about circumstances that cause it to occur.
  5. What browser/OS? All menu items work for me, so it may be your end. There was also a recent server restart, so you might just have had bad timing. It is sorted. It's just arranged differently than it was before. I'm sure once we're all used to the new hierarchy, it won't matter any more. Yes, the reputation system has changed.
  6. MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online. For a massive amount of people to be playing at once, all the clients need to be talking to a server. You also need to make sure that everyone playing is getting the exact same data synchronously (you'll have problems if two players who are, let's say duelling, and one is 1/2 a second behind the other). As well as the difficulty in coding all that, you'll need a LOT of hardware, which does not come cheap.
  7. The first two threads have unread posts, and the second two do not. There is a very clear distinction between them.
  8. If you want to write a MMORPG on your own, expect it to take not just years, but centuries. It generally takes large teams of experts several years to make such a game. And the biggest problem you're going to face has nothing to do with gameplay, but the networking aspect of the MMO part of the game.
  9. The number in circulation seems to be increasing quite rapidly.
  10. What's the deal with the "pixel" tags under people's names?
  11. I had the same login error as mentioned by Embassy of Time in his thread. I solved it (by refreshing the page) before I could make note of the details, but it was essentially an endless loop between signing in and being asked to accept the new terms. Accepting them took me back to the login page, which then wanted me to accept the new terms, and so on...