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  1. To be honest, it annoys the hell out of me as well, though I do understand the reasoning behind it. What would be nice, though probably not feasible, is a setting that can be turned on or off which disables such confirmations.
  2. LennyLen

    Favourite cocktails?

    What I'm working on today: Unnamed cocktail #54623 WIP 3 Blueberry and thyme shrub, spiced rum, rosso vermouth, cayenne pepper and molasses.
  3. LennyLen

    Favourite cocktails?

    Simple solution: coffee based cocktail. edit: for the record, I make a mean chili chocolate espresso martini.
  4. LennyLen

    Favourite cocktails?

    Come to my restaurant in a few months when it's been renovated into a cocktail bar, and I'll show you.
  5. LennyLen

    Weird fears?

    It's probably more to do with the fact that most people don't understand how computers actually work, and people fear the unknown. The fact that so many aspects of our lives are computer controlled only fuels the fear.
  6. I actually have been in a situation where I accidentally disclosed information covered by a NDA as I had not realized initially that it was also covered by the agreement. I quickly informed by employer of what happened, which in this case was a good thing, as the person I had told had already informed my employer that I had discussed it with them. My employer accepted it was a genuine accident and so nothing came of it. Had I tried to act like it never happened, I possibly would have lost my job. YMMV.
  7. I explained the reasoning. What didn't you understand? If it's more than obvious he's a moderator, than it should also be more than obvious that moderator's cannot remove attachments for people. I would rather assume that Alberth missed the moderator tag than assume that he can't think logically.
  8. LennyLen

    So, I have this question about the future of software...

    To add to what Kylotan has said, three instances isn't necessarily a worrying trend. It could well be three completely different and unconnected irksome updates that just happened to occur together. And sometimes companies, for whatever reason, do just make a bad design choice. What may have seemed intuitive to them isn't to everyone else. With luck, they'll come around. I don't remember the last time I used the Spotify web player, so I don't know what they've changed, but I gave it a run through for a few hours and it seemed perfectly functional to me. I did notice that there were no settings like with the Android version, but the only setting I generally ever change on Android is the equalizer, and most computers have one that's equal or better. I've never used Premier, so can't comment on it. I feel your pain with Skype. That update was an abomination. Every spam message I have ever received and deleted has suddenly reappeared again, and I have to delete them one at a time. It's infuriating. Yep. Dumb updates are not a new thing.
  9. I just noticed the Moderation Actions menu for threads for the first time and I see it has an option to hide the thread. Is this intentional? I know there have been several instances where people have deleted their content and the moderators have restored it saying that such behaviour is not wanted, which doesn't seem too dissimilar from just hiding the entire thread.
  10. LennyLen

    Single Page View

    Any answer to this? I just found myself again repeating what someone else had said as I forgot that there were multiple pages.
  11. LennyLen

    drawing sprites

    Here are the things needed for a space invaders game: Receiving input from the player Tracking and moving the player Tracking and moving enemies Tracking and moving bullets Running enemy logic Drawing everything Using timers to ensure same speed across different machines Here are the things needed for a tank game: Receiving input from the player Tracking and moving the player Tracking and moving enemies Tracking and moving bullets Running enemy logic Drawing everything Using timers to ensure same speed across different machines See the pattern? The reason you haven't been able to do space invaders is because you haven't been able to do all of the basic parts, but you need to be able to do those to do a tank game as well. Constantly changing projects when things become difficult is not how to learn. It's just finding a new brick wall to throw yourself at.
  12. LennyLen

    About Europe outside of Europe

    I can only speak for the country I live in (New Zealand) where large amounts of land and resource reparations have been made. The majority of the public do seem to realize that early social policies seriously disadvantaged the Maori people, and the effects of that are still felt today. Things are better than they were, but not yet ideal. I'm sure better system could be in place, and these are interesting questions that need answering, but I'm not even sure how to answer them. I sometimes wonder if part of the reason that Maori figure so highly in statistics is due in many places to an over reliance on social welfare systems. I've been in the social welfare system myself, battling mental illness and addiction and when you're getting free money every week it's very hard to get motivated to do anything else. I at least was lucky in that I had memories of what life could be like to get me to start over again. I'm sure there are many more factors, but I'll leave those to the sociologically inclined to deduce. Human nature is unfortunately, rather foreign to me. I stick to things that make sense, like machines and plants.
  13. LennyLen

    About Europe outside of Europe

    I did not write that very well. What I was trying to say is that the fact that probable ancestors of mine (I actually have no idea who my ancestors at that time were and I really don't care that much) did some bad things in no way means that I am going to do bad things because I'm descended from them. As I went on to say we do need to keep studying the past, and that is precisely because the actions of the past do shape our present and future. We need to learn from the past, but we need to do that universally as humans first, rather than as white people, or brown people, or English people, or Muslim people. The lessons are equally important to all of us if we want to live more peacefully together.
  14. LennyLen

    How Much Do You Program Outside of Work?

    When my sister's kids were old enough to start doing chores, I wrote a basic platformer game that gave points for doing household tasks. I used their names and surroundings in the game to make it special to them. We made a set of tokens that they would get for doing real world tasks, with values that corresponded to the amount of points they'd get in the game if they did the same task, and at the end of the week, they could trade their tokens in for pocket money. It seemed to work quite well. edit: The only part I remember well is that for the vacuuming part of the game, your parents had gone out, and while they were gone, you'd made a lot of mess. You see them coming home down the street, and know you've got 60 seconds to vacuum all the piles of dirt before the front door opens.
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