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  1. Khatharr

    Is VR Really the Future of Gaming - or Just a Fad?

    Title's a little clickbaity, but the article is good.
  2. Khatharr

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

    Just a note: current = current.update(calculateDeltaTime()); current.draw(); drawing a state prior to its first update may cause flickers or etc depending on how you're set up. You may want to advocate update(0) in the state constructor or some other fix, or explain transitions.   Minor issue, though, since the article is focused on giving a simple explanation.
  3.   Hey, I like Jorge's voice.   His involvement with the topic makes it easier to pay attention.
  4. Khatharr

    How to Pitch Angry Birds, If It Were an Unknown Indie Game

    How to pitch Angry Birds:   Use the slingshot. That's what it's there for, doofus.
  5. Khatharr

    What Makes Old Games Addictive

    Fun?   In video games?   Surely you jest...
  6. Khatharr

    Math for Game Developers: Graphs and Pathfinding

    I'm actually a big fan of your videos and I've recommended them to a lot of people in the past to help with understanding complex concepts like quaternions, etc. I think this is the first time I've seen you break to code though (maybe I've only watched ones where you don't), and although you did cover the basics of graphs, it really felt like you could have spent the 'code' time explaining a little bit more about graph basics, or even showing a simple BFS to get from A to B. (This is just referring to the first video in the series here. I'm sure you cover the bases by the end.) In any case, Budapest made me lol. I was expecting Byzantium. Please keep making videos.
  7. Khatharr

    Why Games Don't Have to be Good Anymore

    Ooh, saying unpopular things! Yay! Please include some references to specific examples of offenders/incidents. It may seem crass, but there is a problem right now, and tiptoeing around it is pointless. As mentioned, it is worth considering perspective. There have always been bad games, but the amount of work required to differentiate has increased. I think the real culprit here is the shape of the market. The dominance of Steam is unfortunate, but not because Valve is making a profit, or because crap games get listed. The problem is that we have the technology and know-how to control this flood of information very effectively, but it seems like nobody is interested in doing so. Just yesterday I was shaking my head at Steam for still having their two massive SNAFUs: unpoliced genre-tags, and no aggregate user ratings. This is really basic stuff, and implementing it would benefit everyone except the assholes that are abusing the lack of it. On the other hand, I'm also seeing people talk about recent policy changes for pre-release games that require companies to hold to certain standards or else end up handing out refunds. I read this, of course, in the context of someone using a loophole to get around it, but the same conversation did mention that there were also changes happening to stop the censorship of bad Steam reviews by developers. Seriously, we need a catchy new term to cover this kind of thing. Not all of these games are bad, just like not all shovelware is bad. In fact, some of them are really, really good. It's just that it's a category of game that's expanding so rapidly that it's difficult to sort the trash from the treasures.
  8.   I'm interested in how the cache usage would work in that case. What I'm concerned about is that - like you mentioned - updating the pos requires reading some of the other members. If you're using SoA then I would think that cache efficiency would vary depending on the size of each array. It would be possible to limit the number of arrays and try to keep it less than the number of cache lines, but that would restrict the design pretty severely. Is there a way of working around that? Something like 'SoAoS', where you're packing together similar data into substructs?
  9. Why do you believe SoA is more efficient than AoS in the case of particles? Can you explain the reasoning there to me? (All I see in my mind is massive cache thrashing.)
  10. Khatharr

    The Latest Evolution in Microtransactions

    Nicely done.
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