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  1. I'm a little teapot
  2. My fellow Americans don't even believe I'm from America. Most people don't even guess withing 2000 miles of my home-state when I ask them where they think I'm from. Posture is nothing, accents are what everyone seems to use first. At least, most people that I've met.
  3. Just dump as many cookies as you want into milk. The cookies will dissolve away leaving you frosting wafers and a cookies and cream drink by-product. Re-assemble as desired (||||||||}
  4. Quote:Original post by OrangyTang What I'm wondering is, is this actually a continuation of the DNF that was developed for many years at 3DR, or have Gearbox developed something independently which will now be released as DNF? Previously it was rumoured that Gearbox were working on a different Duke game (which is not unheard of, since there's been several 'minor' Duke games created and released by other companies while 3DR were working on DNF). I wonder if after the collapse of 3DR they've decided to rebrand this 'other' Duke game as DNF to actually release something. I doubt that Gearbox could just pick up the half-finished mess that was 3DR's Duke and finish it off to a publishable quality in the 6 months they've had - especially considering that it's an entirely alien codebase and toolchain with none of the original artists/programmers/designers around to explain how it all fits together. Edit: The screenshots show a lot of open, high-poly environments with nice soft shadows and a variety of materials, which certainly wasn't the Doom3 engine's forte, but the Borderlands/Unreal engine was much more adept at pulling off. And the article mentions some heavy depth-of-field which was another Borderlands trademark. I'd guess this is either a Gearbox-developed Duke with the DNF name slapped on, or a hasty port of the DNF assets into the Borderlands engine. Some of the scenes from the demo I can recall from all the material that was being released when 3DR closed it's doors, so it seems to be the same game.
  5. I don't really watch music videos, but for those of you who don't know what tilt-shift photography is: http://vimeo.com/3209208 The effect is simulated, as it was actually shot with a compact P&S camera, but still interesting and fun regardless.
  6. Quote:Original post by mikeman Quote:Original post by Binomine The Star Wars universe has always suffered from uneven quality. Hm...I have to disagree with this, I've found all the Star Wars installments were more or less uniformly shitty and boring. :) But yes, Lando was cooler, because in terms of blowing up DEATH STARS, his was bigger than Luke's. You realize he was talking about more than the movies? He was including the dozens of books by dozens of authors, numerous video games, etc. etc. edit: I'm sorry, not dozens, it appears there are over 200 books written in the Star Wars universe. Quote:Original post by Binomine Quote:Original post by programmermattc Anyone read the 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' comics that were recently released as a tie-in with Bioware's game? They have some of the worst writing I've ever seen.The Star Wars universe has always suffered from uneven quality. Star Wars has produced some of the worse writing ever, in the form of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Available on google video XD
  7. Quote:Original post by d000hg OMG. Something banal happened in country most of us here don't live in. Please, post more crap about the minutae of US politics, titling it like GD is an American-only site. Such cultural arrogance... Quote:stats Top Countries by Member Count 1. United States (30745) 2. United Kingdom (6463) 3. Canada (3894) 4. China (3430) 5. India (3081) It's a safe assumption... the list puts us at about 42% of the registered users with location data. Feeling a bit grumpy? It's only the lounge.
  8. Quote:Original post by Promit For a desktop monitor, IPS is basically the holy grail but they're fairly expensive, especially at larger sizes. The 24" Dell IPS screen runs $450 or so, and the 27" model is about $800. PVA and MVA monitors are fairly unusual nowadays (mostly used for TVs). These would be my recommendations, but I use/bought one myself after using my brother's. Really nice monitors.
  9. Quote:Original post by Yann L Quote:Original post by HelplessFool I used to use the black theme exclusively, for the reasons everyone else already mentioned, but I find myself logged in so infrequently (pretty much only when I comment) when I'm reading that I switched to default just for consistency. You can keep your theme selection even when you're not logged in. Too many different computers, and generous use of FF's private browsing on all but my personal one.
  10. I used to use the black theme exclusively, for the reasons everyone else already mentioned, but I find myself logged in so infrequently (pretty much only when I comment) when I'm reading that I switched to default just for consistency.
  11. Quote:Original post by Wan Regardless whether these allegation are true or not, how much can be blamed on the president directly? I realize he bears the ultimate responsibility, but what about federal and local authorities? Can anyone enlighten a clueless European? He is responsible for some of the mistakes being made, but yes there are other federal players that are fucking up too. If you notice, the original article doesn't even finger the president or the executive branch directly, that's an assertion by Prune, the OP.
  12. Quote:Original post by FableFox Quote:Original post by HelplessFool ... What I'm afraid of right now is that I just can't revert back to normal how much I want. And it wasn't even my fault in the first place. Yes, I'm meeting with doctors and I'm taking medications. And i'm taking theraphy, but I'm afraid it didn't do much. If you give up on yourself, which it sounds like, no amount of anything is going to help correct what you don't like. None of these things alone can help you, they all require you to do some work yourself, and you don't sound like you have that attitude.
  13. It sounds like you want some quick answer. It can take a long time to make any significant change (though I can't comment much because you didn't say what you want to change). You took a long time to become who you are, and it will take a long time for you to become someone else. It might help you if you see a therapist or at the least make a little support network of friends to help you make the change you're looking for. It's hard work and it takes more willpower than most people have, so having others help you makes it a little easier.
  14. Quote:Original post by Obscure Quote:Original post by ManaStone When I got home I looked it up in on google and it appears to be a scam and it may actually make it slower. Read this article and This one and This one too. Wow... I'll remember that next time I buy a laptop. I know the computer repair service industry largely capitalizes on user ignorance, but forcing you to buy in or shop elsewhere is pretty weak.
  15. Quote:Original post by ManaStone Quote:Original post by HelplessFool Quote:Original post by ManaStone Ok, so on disk management I found a hidden partition called Recovery Partition. I am using Windows 7. Does anyone know how I can access it or make a back up disk of it? What brand computer is it? That's what HP does with their laptops, and usually there is a program somewhere in the start menu to make actual disks of it or to run the recovery software. There is also probably a way to run it from the BIOS startup options. edit: PS: RTFM It is a Samsung Q430-11. Is it possible Geek Squad did something so that I can't make a recovery disk myself when trying to optimize it? Did you read the manual for your brand new computer or did you throw it out? Check out the how-to section of their support site... the very first entry is on using their recovery software.