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  1. I have used both and can honestly say that it don't matter which I use. Both are so above my current coding level I have yet to put a dent in all the features of either. Most of the time I use GL since I do most of my development on my Linux box. Strange I only care about distributing for Windows :)
  2. Grellin

    Seeking female programmer ages 18-23

    Definately go the lease with an option to buy route. But have an alternative power source incase you end up with a hard crash. And don't worry about backups, she will let you know all of your bugs in alpha/numeric order set in various priority levels.
  3. Grellin

    Old Games and What Made Them Great

    lol Don't forget, "It came from the desert". But of course, anything new will be apealing. So old games better or worse? Who knows. That depends entirely on the person and their own enjoyment level.
  4. Grellin

    Old Games and What Made Them Great

    I have to agree with Oluseyi on this. I recently went back and played some of the games from my youth, which I thought were fantastic, and well, they were just plain boring. Now this doesn't mean that "at the time" they weren't as great as I remember them being but like most things in life, with time your standards get higher. Incase anyone is interested in playing some old games, check this site out. The Underdogs
  5. Grellin

    No Tragedy Please, We're Heroes

    I think it depends entirely on the genre of game you are working on. I don't think the majority of action RPG's care much about a story line. Same with most FPS. In those cases the story is only a crutch to give some basic world rules so the features are believable in the context of the game. A game built upon a story where the player is an active participant would work. I can't think of any good examples lately but the old Zork text adventures would, in my mind, be a good example. Personally, I would love to play an RPG that actually had the RP in it.
  6. Yann, Sorry, I got lost in the 8 pages of garbage here. Is this project still in developement?
  7. Grellin

    Hardcore hatred of people sims

    I am curious as to why every game "has" to appeal to every gamer? Face it, there are always going to be people that don't like one genre or another for a variety of reasons. To say that "hardcore" gamers hate the Sims kind of misses the point. There are, by sales numbers alone, thousands of "hardcore" gamers who just happen to love the Sims. Just because they don't play a game or genre that you associate with "hardcore" gamers does not make them any less of a gamer, it just means your ideology of what you "believe" a hardcore gamer should be is falacious. In developement I would discourage pigeon holing your options for a target market. You never know when one or more aspects of one genre may be the very thing to get your project a mass appeal. .02
  8. Grellin

    [web] Update of my web site.

    Try changing your font to what you have on the copyright on your projects page: The font you are using is too compact for the colors you are using. Just my opinion.
  9. Grellin

    [web] Update of my web site.

    Quote:Original post by jumpjumpjump HTML Editor: Dreamweaver MX Well you can do either. It technically is easier for the beginner to use a table, but if you want to see a css menu, go to my CMS development site: crxgames.com/spade/portal. The entire top menu, is all done with css, even the disapearing text. If you want to do it quickly, just use a table. I like the colors of your site but this is what it looks like on my computer. I am using Firefox 1.0 and linux at 1024 x 768 I am assuming the validated box and the one above it are not supposed to be covering the news box.
  10. Grellin

    direct 3d

    tuts I would also suggest getting a book. Possibly the "Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus" As far as the compiler, I am sure most of the questions you have about it are answered in the manual that came with it. Good luck.
  11. Grellin

    DirectX Tutorials

    First google result Hope that helps.
  12. Grellin

    code wont compile

    It would be easier to help if we knew what the errors were.
  13. The act of playing a role in a given story is only part of what I consider an RPG. The ability to make choices about how your character evolves is a must. Also, if the player's evolution is already set or limited by predetermined choices, it is an interactive story, not an RPG. .02
  14. Not sure but this might be a solution. Here is the code on the errata page for that book. Clicky
  15. Interesting. I think what put the question in my mind in the first place was when it was mentioned about my templates and then after checking a bunch of sites only 1 other than the W3C site was compliant. That was including GameDev. I guess it won't be that much different doing it the right way. And in the end it will be easier on me I guess. Thanks for all the input everyone.
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