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  1. Alice on Schrooms!

    My eyes are melting
  2. What you do when...

    ... your totally uninspired and out of ideas for your Game Im stuck at a point where I cant find any good Ideas for my Game or cool features. Any suggestions to get a fresh mind ?
  3. Engine components

    Just start making games with your framework and start thinking : "What could I do to make my future projects easier" At the moment im totaly sick of writing lllllllllllloooooooooooooong lists of Input comparisons so I got myself up and created a whole Input Managing system for my own future projects which is coming along very well. The first thing I did was creating a texture managing class for my XNA game which made it more comfortable for me to create small games. I think thats definetly a good way to get into the inner process chain of a game (engine). If you want to build an own kick ass engine you better gonna read some books about them.
  4. [java] Is Java the best program for me?

    C# / XNA Is the Way for you
  5. Hardest game as a child, still hard as an adult?

    Zelda Links awakening I hated this stupid mask temple and I never got through it even after I tried it 3 times. Stupid game ._.
  6. Hey everyone, At the moment im working on my small Game Library and now Im at the point where I have to handle the Input of the Keyboard/Mouse. I was thinking of somekind of a map Key,Function but im not sure if it is even possible to store somekind of a Function as a value in a Map. like Dictionary<Keys, Function> What would be an alternative if this thing would not work. Anyone can give me some tips? Best Regards EDIT: I found something on myself, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa288459%28v=vs.71%29.aspx
  7. Most satisfying game you've played and why

    Diablo 2 (ITEM HUNTING !!!!) League of Legends Minecraft (Stay a while, stay forever...)
  8. C-lite vs C++/C? The ups and downs?

    The only engine that I know which uses C-Lite for scripting is G7 game studio. I havent seen C-Lite anywhere else yet so I would say dont bother about it and use C++ with DirectX/OpenGL or go on to C#/XNA. I would say for basic programming you should stick to C# and go over to C++ later on which was more easier for myself. Just my opinion
  9. Managed DirectX and XNA

    Managed Direct X is out of development and was just replaced by the XNA framework
  10. Whats on my mind? Damn oracle SQL errors >: (
  11. [quote name='GraySnakeGenocide' timestamp='1307346330' post='4820007'] So Fields are class-specific variables, and Properties are the method-like feature to allow access to them outside of that class? [/quote] Yes Because the attributes are private you have to acces them via methods/properties which are provided by the class itself
  12. [code] class MyClass { //Attributes / Fields private int myNumber; //Properties public int Number { get {return myNumber;} set {myNumber = value;} } //Method public void MyNumber(int p) { myNumber = p; } } [/code] [code] MyClass c = new MyClass(); //Calling the Properties //Set c.Number = 1; //Get int gotNumber = c.Number; //Calling the Method c.MyNumber(5); [/code] [b]Class:[/b] Is a concept for modeling data. Classes are like blueprints for Objects which are created from a class. Example Class Car can be used to create an Object Car. [b]Attributes/Fields[/b]: Are the Attributes of the class and Objects. For example you can store the number of wheels of the car or the horsepower. [b]Properties:[/b]Are a specific C# feature in other languages they are called Getter and Setter methods. The only purpose of this classes to access the Class attributes like number of wheels and horsepower. Why we need methods for it? because we declare attributes as private most of the time so you wont be able to change attrbiutes directly. Maybe you just want to return attribute values and dont change them. [b]Methods:[/b]Offer specific calculations or algorithms like divide numbers or something. The Reason why we Encapsulate the data is that we have a better overview about our program at the first place and that we will do less mistakes at programming. Its easier to use and you have better controls about your attributes and methods.
  13. Creating a new instance of a class to call a methood, C#

    You can create static classes which will be initialized by the application start. When the methods are declared static too you can call them simple with MyClass.Method(); You can still create instances of this class, if you only want to have one instance then you should take a look at the singleton pattern (google, wikipedia).
  14. Point / Vector understanding

    Hey Everyone, Ive got a question for Maths again X.x since I've found a nice tutorial on Vector Maths and somehow Im a bit confused about the definition of a Point and a Vector. So a Pioint is just a location in space A Vector has a direction and length but has no location at all. I wonder why for example XNA/C# is using the Vector2 Struct for storing object coordinates when Vectors arent supposed to have a location? Is it because the Vector stores the disctance between the screen Origin and the object position? This would change my view on graphics alot
  15. How do cameras work?

    Hey Everyone, Simple question but I bet pretty complex answer... Im pretty new to deeper game development and at the moment im working on my Camera classes for my own Engine. Note: Its just a 2D Engine. But I was wondering how do these Camera actually work? Im using XNA and just give the spritebatch a Matrix but I dont have any idea what these matrix are standing for... Any good websites to find Information about it? Best Regards Julian
  16. Critics for my first 3D model ever

    In comparison with the arms his legs are pretty short
  17. Where do game developers get ideas from?

    Being drunk at the weekend and have crazy dreams when you drive home in a taxi or bus. SO AMAZING Although when your drunk even a pink elephant is funny...
  18. Hey Everyone, Im Working on a small2D game engine for myself to use and at the moment im working hardly on the TextureManager class. My Problem is that I want to check which Sprite belongs to which object and for that I store The Object and Sprite in a Dictionary. For me this seems to be a cheap and not really performance friendly way to store a whole game object as a key. [code]/// <summary> /// Creates a sprite for the refered object /// </summary> /// <param name="gameObject">Object</param> /// <param name="fileName">Texture name</param> public void CreateSprite(Object gameObject, String fileName) { if (this.IsActive) { Texture2D tmpTexture; //Checks if the Texture2D file exists and if the object is already stored if (this.managerTextureMap.TryGetValue(fileName, out tmpTexture) && !this.managerSpriteObjectMap.ContainsKey(gameObject)) { this.managerSpriteObjectMap.Add(gameObject, new Sprite(tmpTexture, Vector2.Zero)); } } }[/code] Is there any better way to store the right reference between the object and the sprite? Maybe each object should have a Unique ID made with the HashCode and a random number? Its just a performance question for me. Maybe not the Object is stored but the Memory adress of the object? I dont know how it works in background ;( Any Feedback or tips? Thanks
  19. Hey everyone, Im working on my own small 2D engine for the XNA framework and at the moment Im working on the graphics stuff for it. I created a Sprite class which contains attributes for the texture, posuition, rectangle(bounding box), rotation, scaling etc. If I rotate the sprite now what would happend to the bounding box rectangle of the sprite? Does it also rotate with the texture? I want to use the bounding box later on for box collision... Maybe someone can give me an answer Mfg Julian
  20. Hello Everyone, Im a student for application development and I came across those "Manager Classes". Im wondering what those Manager classes are... They seem to manage other objects but I cant find any example code how they are build or something... Can anyone explain it to me and give me links for tutorials or something? Best Regards Julian
  21. Microsoft Visio Its not the best but its the only thing I got
  22. Faking 3rd dimension in 2D game

    I wouldnt even think about a third dimension because its just a illusion. You still have the normal X and Y coordinate for the top down and left right position. You would just need a value which scales the image size and gives the illusion of a third dimension since there is no Z axis. X coordinate ball Y coordinate ball Float Value for the image size
  23. Faking 3rd dimension in 2D game

    I think the simple way to do this is to increase the scaling of the image. Lets say the Ball has a value of the Height and it scales with the image size. If the ball is kicked this value is getting increased and also the image size. If the ball is falling the image size returns too. The ball collision is only working when the scaling is <=1.0 Thats the way I would think about it. [CODE] if(IsFlying && Image.Scale < 2) { Image.Scale += 0.1f; } else if(IsFlying == false && Image.Scale > 1) { Image.Scale -= 0.1f; } if(IsFlying && Image.Scale > 1) { IsCollidable = false; } else { IsCollidable = true; } [/CODE]
  24. Coordinates and Tile Map

    Hi Everyone, I have run into a blackout while trying to find a solution for my problem. I have a tile map and want to find out which tile i have clicked on. The tile map is stored in a two dimensional array int[32,20] The Screen size is 1024x768 and each tile is 32 x 32px big. Example: I click on the position: 66, 66 It should be the tile in the array int[3,3]. I need my program to calculate the position of this tile if im not wrong it must be 64, 64 Anybody knows how to calculate it? Would be glad if someone can help me. EDIT: Damn was so easy ... how embarrasing to ask such a question lol... Topic Close plz
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