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  1. Thanks for the answers, I somehow avoided learning this stuff in school. You've helped me out a lot with this work.
  2. Well I have maybe 20 external libraries in this project. Is there any easy way to get already compiled libraries for other platforms? It takes ages to compile these libraries, and the ones that compile fast are always the hardest to use a cross compiler with.
  3. Thanks for the info. Back to the ARM compile for a second: Say the program uses Boost, will I need to recompile Boost under ARM (or a toolchain)? Or will I be able to compile the whole project using the version of boost already compiled and used in the project?      Thank you so much for the thorough response.
  4. So I'm trying to cross compile a large project on Ubuntu x86 for ARM unix and windows x86.    Questions:   For the ARM cross compile I have to compile all of the libraries it uses seperatly before using a toolchain to compile the whole project right? If not whats the proper procedure?   For the windows compile do I need to recompile all the libraries? Or will it be fine because its using the same cpu architecture?   What will a change in os mean for the work I have to do?   What will a change in cpu architecture mean?   What will a change in both mean?   Thank you for your help.
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