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  1. thanks for the reply mark here the problem is not about the maths sorry for not explaining properly its about the opentk stuff i was after . no worries i am finding my way out happy coding .
  2. hi guys i am bit new to this opentk in mono and i am trying to port my game to this ios and android both using mono develop but i kind of stuck looking in to this opentk api stuff could you please tell me how to draw a 2dquad with width and height between two points please
  3. Hi , i am having the same projection problems too , Problem is i am doing a aircraft simulator which needs three monitor set-up using projectors so i have to render my scene with three different projections to simulate the view of the airport but couldn't quite able to do and struggling with it since past 2 day's could you guys please help me out with this . thank you . my problem and how i want my projections is explained in the picture below . [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2493]
  4. Projection

  5. Hi guys i am trying to build a virtual air marshalling simulator which needs multiple projections for a multiple monitor setup , i did all the graphics and game play but got struck with this Projection issues which is bothering me since past few days . so could you guys please help me out to sort this one ! you can find the link to this issue in a drop box link down here :- [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdl5d1pl7gdssq1/Viewport.png"]https://www.dropbox....q1/Viewport.png[/url] problem :- 3 screens but should imitate as a single camera which pans from left to right and i want to have a Projection exactly like it was in that image using xna 4.0 . thank you.
  6. stuck with a bug

    ya sidelength is always 10 i guess its problem with iterator functions , it is crashing at xtree line 256.
  7. hi guys i am stuck with a bug in my code,can some one please solve this :) vector<Quad*> GenerateQuads(Vector3i minn,Vector3i maxx,int widthpercell) { vector<Quad*> quads; vector<int> val; int width=(int)(maxx.x-minn.x); int length=(int)(maxx.x-minn.z); for (int i=(int)minn.x;i<(int)maxx.x;i+=widthpercell) { for(int j=(int)minn.z;j<(int)maxx.z;j+=widthpercell) { Vector3i min=Vector3i(i,(int)minn.y,j); Vector3i max=Vector3i(i+widthpercell,(int)minn.y,j+widthpercell); Quad* quad=new Quad; /// crashing here quad->min=min; quad->max=max; quad->normal=Vector3f(0,1,0); quads.push_back(quad); } } return quads; } // my program is cashing here all the time, i guess its a memory leak and i am calling this one like this ParticleQuadRegister::ParticleQuadRegister( Vector3i worldmin,Vector3i worldmax,int sidelength ) :worldmax(worldmax),worldmin(worldmin),sidelength(sidelength) { quads=GenerateQuads(worldmin,worldmax,sidelength);/// here i am calling it vector<int> ints; int sized=quads.size(); quadsized=sized; for (int i=0;i<sized;i++) { ParticleQuadStorage.insert(make_pair(i,ints)); } width=(int)(worldmax.x-worldmin.x); width/=sidelength; } [Edited by - Zahlman on May 11, 2010 5:55:53 PM]