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  1. I must also point out I'm 60 years .. young, I learned "C" in the 80s, programmed in it in the 90s .. but that was along time ago, my mind and nerves wouldn't tolerate any more grid / stress ..(fond memories of Rogue Pointer Bugs ..not). This is one reason for the easy to use tool. i have some money but not alot to employ professionals. 2nd reason for the tool. \ I will checkout Godot. Yes, KISS principle all the way ! :D
  2. You all make valid, experienced points, but let me tell me my experience. I originally started my project in 2002, using "Blitz Basic", I was a "C" programmer by trade, which i loved but found it far too low level for game development. The Blitz package seemed to be a easier tool. .. But to get 3D models into my game i either needed to buy them or make them myself. Many off the shelf models didn't fit my need or had inadequate animations. So .. i spent 2 years, on off learning Milkshape, the easiest, cheapest 3D tool available at that time. it was good but took time to learn .. and master, kinda. Then came adding animations. By the end of this my enthusiasm and nerves were wearing thin. I sat down and thought about this experience, surely it would have been alot simpler to have a 3D tool, to load in a base human warrior frame with animations, add bits, delete bits, stretch and tuck here and there, save as my new warrior, onto the next one. That should have taken me about 4 hours ? .. instead of 2 years of grid. .. do you see the difference. I'm not asking for an everything tool, just a take-away-years-Shit-Grid-tool. Something a non-programmer / designer could use simply and enjoyably.
  3. Here we go .. Like I'm going to tell you ? The whole point about a Do-All-Tool is to allow all the non-professionals out there, to develop their own game / song / story themselves easily . To put all their love and passion into their own indie project. As to the title Game Designer, I couldn't find title Indie developer or gamer designer
  4. That's like asking author J.K. Rowling "What other stories have you written ?" Not that I'm a Rowling, just pointing out the question is meaningless..
  5. Thanks for the responses but no one mentioned Lumber Yard ? The latest and greatest tool ? ..obviously LY isn't an upper-level tool ? (I'm a Historian, a hopeless programmer with little $$$$) I'll wait another 10 years
  6. Ok, I'm a game designer that is looking for a tool that will allow me to quickly develop a PC 3D war game like TotalWar. I tried over 10 years ago with "Blitz Basic" tool but found the amount of programming, art design, 3D mesh construction and animation TOTALLY overwhelming. 7 years part time wasted. I vowed i would never try again until Tools developed to a stage where Drag-n-drop modules did most of the work. Game designers shouldn't need to do all the low level grid work. Has that happened yet ? Maybe i might need to wait another 10 years ? Thanks, Grant.
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