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  1. Well, there different aproaches to this kind of problem.   Usually a save is loaded into memory, extracting the values you want to use, by doing this you can modify those stored values, assemble the save file and write to disk.   if you want readabilty, you can make a readable file save using a format you desing or JSON, for example   JSON inventory: { slot1: [itemID1, itemID2, itemID3, itemID4], slot2: [{potionbagID1: [potionID1, potionID2, potionID3]}, itemID2] } by doing so you just need to parse each value, if you want to save you write the file with updated values.   CUSTOM FORMAT [Inventory] slot1: itemID1; itemID2; itemID3; itemID4; slot2; bagitemID; itemID2; bagitemID: potionID1; potionID2; potionID3; [equipment] slot1: itemID1; itemID2; Same as JSON, but you just have to code your own parsing rules for a format like this.   There's one more type of file save most comonly used because it's efficient and is file-size friendly   BINARY FORMAT 010203010201 By having this your program knows internally that at offset 0x00 up to offset 0x02 there will be the space for saving items in slot1, up to 3 items can be saved until you somehow tell your program that items can be allocated dynamically, from 0x02 up to 0x03 there will be the allocation space for slot2 up to 2 items can be saved, and so on.   I highly recommend the binary format since it's easier to parse, using custom formats will allow the player modify them with more ease, while binary formats can be encrypted or obfuscated and confuse users.
  2. Game Programming Online Courses

    There's a very good course of game programming with HTML5 in Udacity, you must have a basic understanding of Javascript to be able to progress, it's not C or C++ but this should help you getting into game dev.
  3. Having to count the variables inside a class is the same as having a variable that increments itself   instead of having this:   int w; int x; int y; int z; every time you add an int, jut increase the var; int w; int counter_int = 1; or instead of having that many ints, use an array int i_data[x];
  4. Header Files

      This is very interesting i really didn't know what was behind the compiling process, can you recommend a couple of books about this kind of topics?
  5. Recommended SDL beginners books

    You can always try the good old classic:
  6.   Belive me, if you  don't have the time and patience for those little crappy little games, you won't have it for something much more bigger.
  7. The Total Beginner’s Guide to Better 2D Game Art

    This is one of the best articles i have read about improving the concept art, excellent job keep the good work going!
  8. How do I do this?

    Well, you can read the unity or UDK documentation and then play with particles: [url=""][/url]
  9. Making maps from images..

    Well, i don't know if this technique has a name, but i if i am correct: what he is doing there is represent a set of colors as a sprite, for example the black color (0x000000) is represented as an empty tile and the white color (0xFFFFFF) is represented as a the "star" tile. you just have to understand how RGBA works
  10. Minimum looping game track length?

    Yeah i support what other guys just said, split your song into sections this has been done since NES check this song from double dragon II and you'll notice the looping [url=""][/url] I also was messing around with some Bit.Trip.Beat files and i found the samples used, the samples are extremely simples and in game they just sound awesome.
  11. Game Engine or not?

    [quote name='Telastyn' timestamp='1305298901' post='4810242'] [quote name='joeparrilla' timestamp='1305296733' post='4810227'] So is the typical idea that someone should start out with something lower level like sdl and opengl, and once they know whats happening and they just need to be productive, move onto an engine? [/quote] No. Knowing what is happening is overrated. [/quote] Imagine this. What about an artist who just wants to paint, but he doesn't know anything about painting, techniques, perspective, colors, etc. Then he starts to grab some others artists drawings and start to copy them without even complaining HOW they did it. Will he ever archive his goal?. Knowing the basics is not reinventing the wheel but if you know how and why a wheel was invented, you'll expand your horizon. You wrote that because you already know what's happening in the low level.