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  1.   It's not clear from that whether you're already planning to, but there's something to be said for having a released game. If you can get your space shooter clone out on the Android/iOS app store, then it shows you've got that all-important finishing skill.   this is something I will consider , but I really haven't commit to it as quality of some art assets I use are not really production quality , but its not out of question for me to replace them with some production quality assets. 
  2. I am currently in process of reorganizing my portfolio site  as I am looking to get into a junior generalist or gameplay programmer position and I am curious to what are some of the key programming techniques , or examples recruiters would be interesting in seeing.  To give a little background info I am a mid twenty's new grad B.S Software Engineering student looking for my first full time job in the industry.  I have 5+ years work experience outside  of the industry working in technical positions , (so I am experience working in a professional environment, but as far as industry cred I know this may mean little if anything at all. ). Currently I plan to have a few tech DirectX level demo's showing off various  rendering techniques for a side project game engine I am working on for experience. I also plan to have a  full space shooter clone game with all  the bells and whistle ( menu's, highscores, etc). All these will be done in C++ except for maybe a C# demo I may throw in to display my actionscript 3.0 skillset  with Unity Scaleform integration. I have more older projects I can use but I want to show off what my current skillset is, not what I have done in the past so I am going for a quality over quantity approach so I want to limit my portfolio  to a best of.  Any suggestions would be appreciated and if you have any leads that will be out at GDC this year I would definitely love to talk more.
  3. Looking for the game engine.

    [quote name='Dwarf King' timestamp='1343784793' post='4965059'] Welcome to out great community, you will have fun here and be able to meet some [u]very friendly[/u] and smart people [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] Oh gave you a vote up in order to be fair. After all you became a member yesterday and could hardly had any chance of getting into all the rules about asking questions that fast. [/quote] You mean I can't be the mean old hage? What is this world coming to!!!
  4. C# composition issue

    [quote name='orizvi' timestamp='1337100473' post='4940459'] It would help if you provided some more information on what you're using these classes for. From the code above - you have an class that contains another class and neither of them really do anything at the moment nor are they forming a (nontrivial) data structure to solve some problem... Not really much to critique on. A couple things to note though: 1) You don't need to call Dispose() if you're dealing with managed objects. In fact... I don't think it even does anything as the GC will still clean them up whenever its in the mood. Dispose() really only works for unmanaged objects and still only marks the object as available for the GC to clean up when its in the mood. Of course - I have no clue if you're dealing with managed or unmanaged objects with the information provided, but a list of unmanaged objects is rare in C# so I thought it worth noting. 2) Just from your naming of things... What is the purpose of your class "Object"?.. Other than to contain another class called "Component". The naming is -way- too general in my opinion. [/quote] The object name is meant to just be generic as a placeholder. also IDisposeable explicitly gives that class control of when marking objects ready of GC. I think I solve the issue that I was getting stuck on with the design pattern I am trying to create though , thanks.
  5. Hello, I am looking for suggestion on a comosition pattern for a recent C# project I started working on . I am an experience c++, java programer, so I am not exactly new to programming, just newer to c#. I believe I gotten to a good start but I just looking for recommendation to see if I can improve this . object owns the componets. the componet class will act as a base class for various componet interfaces. I have not created the interfaces yet. Object class code[code] using System; using System.Collections.Generic; public class Object: IDisposable { #region Fields //private private IList<Componet> componets = new List<Componet>(); #endregion Fields public void AddComponet(string componetName) { componets.Add( new Componet( this, componetName)); } // public public void Dispose() { foreach ( var componet in Componets) { componet.Dispose(); } } } } [/code] Componet class [code] using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Engine { public class Componet: IDisposable { private string componetName; private Object obj; //public IList< internal Componet () { this.obj =obj; this.componetName= componetName; } public void Dispose() { } } } [/code]
  6. depends on perference , but you basically need to read up on objective-c unless you go the route of using unity or udk . both you will still need a apple developer account in order to deploy builts to test on the actual device, and you will need a mac to upload your apps
  7. which is fastest way to inverse a number in c++?

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1295313924' post='4760482'] [quote name='V-man' timestamp='1295295752' post='4760319'] [quote name='Antheus' timestamp='1295294888' post='4760307'] This [url="http://thedailywtf.com/Articles/Classic-WTF-The-Challenges-of-Negation.aspx"]article[/url] outlines several other methods. [/quote]Yes but that article, that function sets up some other variables and thus it is slower. The fastest way to batch process is to use MMX for integers and SSE for floats using the CPU. The GPU way would be way faster. Use CUDA or OpenCL.[/quote]No it should be done in the cloud with HTML and variables. [/quote] made me chuckle. All this hype about the cloud can get pretty silly.
  8. you sir are the man , please keep pour your years of veteran experience and knowledge into us wannabes heads'.
  9. How much life is left in C++ ?

    Personally I learned C++ prior to C#. I learned C++ as my first language via the Livecode method, and I learn pretty fast . Obviously I become more efficent in advance features of C++ such as of STL, etc via experienced. Perharps it was easy for me to pick up since I had a soild IT background and logic is like second nature to me. /rant Now as far as C++ going away any time soon, I don't see it happening. C# is pretty good for quick, non reused work , but to say it going replace C++ any time soon is a joke.
  10. Wish Language/Engine should i start with?

    varies from person to person. personally I started with c, C++ via the live code method. I had previous of years of IT , techincal experience though , so the concept of logic, synatx came pretty easy for me. Also before you en get to the point of working with engines you need to have a decent solid foundation of the language you are using.
  11. Worryd about my Dream being Crushd

    Quote:Original post by Christopher Loyd Quote:Original post by SnakeM120 Hello everyone My name is Pedro im from Switzerland and am 18 Years old. I have this big Dream about making a Game Company though about my horrible past i had with Grades and school… Im not sure if i can make it into to such a Industry and im worryd. At the momment i can do Concept Art, Sprite ( Pixel Art) and write Storys. Im starting to learn C++ so i can atleast make a game. Though still im not sure i can make it like this :/. Can someone tell me if i have a chance? Some of the most successful, and richest men in the business were college dropouts or without higher education at all... Take Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wosniak for example :) true but you can't use them in this case. I am going to be honest here and not give you false hope and have you waste your time and money. 1. you need to define expectly what you want part of game development you want to become apart of. 2. I noticed you said you were going to look into learning c++. You said you had bad grades in school. Programming takes a lot of logic and math skills. if you arent willing to improve those skills or areadly effiecent, your wasting your time learning how to code. Again this is a reality Check. IF you have the commitment and desire to work hard you can do it. Also I do recommend a degree.
  12. What books to you recommend for a beginner?

    Quote:Original post by ninjagod123 I ordered this book in January called "Developing Games in Java" by David Brackeen. This book is somewhat advanced in my opinion and I was wondering if you guys had any good recommendation for books that teach game development. I know some java, but would you guys recommend picking up a book for C++ or C#? I am not a beginner when it comes to programming but I'm probably less than intermediate. I THINK that I would like a good book that teaches C#/C++ and a good book that is more about creating games. What books do you guys recommend? I would recommend you continue your study of java. Once you get a full understanding of java & it syntax. you will be able to learn other languages with ease , since you will have a solid foundation of syntax.
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