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  1. ZwodahS

    My Ludum dare entry for feedback

    hmm i thought the grabbing part would be clear since it was in the initial tutorial.  I know the goal is kind of unclear, but I kind of want that to the an "exploration" part of the game; to find out how to win.   I will look into how to make the tutorial more clear.
  2. Looking for feedback for my LD entry http://zwodahs.itch.io/connected_worlds   Yes yes, I know this belongs to announcement, but I feel more at home in the sub forum of game design. So to make this a game design topic, let me do some analysis on my game and I of want to know what you think can make the game better.   My original idea was a single world where you try to clear the "trash" in your own by connecting the lines on the block. You can see this part of the game in the red world in the final game. However, after realizing that that isn't fun enough, I thought about how to make each world different.   I also wanted each world to have their own food meter, and food will be generated in each world, except the yellow world. Yellow world then get foods from green world when the green world matches something. However this idea is scraped. Instead, I decided to make green world generate food for everyone.   yellow and blue world is created at the same time. I wanted a world where there is constant flooding and another world that have things to fill the water. The other idea I had was to let water be carried around once to the yellow world to create oasis. But that idea was scraped since moving water seems weird and the current objective is hard enough =).   The original order of the worlds is red->green->yellow->blue. It was changed when I designed how food was generated. The way that green world to generate food initially is to push 3 "trees" together. However, as I was making the water world, I thought that it would be cool if green uses the water that blues have to generated food. Because of that, I swapped Red with Blue to form the current order yellow->blue->green->red.   Initially red is the first world. As I was designing the tutorial, I feel that yellow world is a easier world to teach, and there is a good flow in the tutorial if I move yellow to first; teach about moving sand, then move sand into water, then plant into water, then eat your food.   -- tl;dr , just me doing post analysis. Just play the game =P Let me know what you think can be done to improve the game, even the slightest, except for graphics.  http://zwodahs.itch.io/connected_worlds    
  3. ZwodahS

    C++ files organisation

    Wow that is a lot of feedback :P. Thanks a lot.   I will think about this more before converting my projects.     I would suggest to not include files relative to the location of the source file or whatever, that is just asking for trouble in my opinion. Always include files from a base relative directory (e.g. project root, or more likely the "include" folder) and the problem disappears.     So instead of relative includes, what would be a good way if I don't want a centralized include folder ? I have this problem recently when I was reorganizing my files and I need to update quite a few of the includes.
  4. I have been coding C++ for more than a year now and I just realized that the way I package my project is very different from how all the C++ open source projects package their projects. Most of the C++ projects package in such a way that it looks like this project  |_ include  |_ src while I usually store them in deep folder structures. project |_folder A  |_ sub folder A  |_ sub folder B |_ folder B When I learn a language, I want to embrace it fully and not just use it like another language. But before I migrate some of my projects, I thought I asked, what are the advantages/disadvantages to doing either way ? I know my way probably came from back when I just started programming and Java has a really deep folder structure. Do anyone do the same as I ?  
  5. ZwodahS

    c++ Lua wrapper help

    Some shameless advertising :P   I wrote a tutorial with my limited knowledge. Maybe it will help you http://zwodahs.github.io/tutorial/lua/. If you don't want to read the tutorial, you can just check out my code from https://github.com/ZwodahS/lua-examples.  Let me know if there are anything missing =).    I looked at a few of the wrappers and didn't like them. Writing your own wrapper isn't that hard and you get full control over them. =)
  6. ZwodahS

    So I got another random idea

    So I implemented it and changed something. The web version is at http://mazehack.herokuapp.com/   I have changed the entire game, such that when you move, you get to the next "decision" point instead of just moving straight. This means that turns will not stop the programs, only junctions will stop the program.   I also removed the variable speed, so that moving through each square takes the same amount of time.   Then I played the game for a while, I realized I am drawing graphs to represent the information I have. It became a graph traversal game, which is not what I want. I want the need to deduce the structure of the maze based on the information that you gained, but it seems like I don't really have to do that.   I shall leave the game as it is now. There might be something here that I am missing. I am quite sure that I am not getting the idea across clear enough, so play the game and see what I mean.
  7. ZwodahS

    So I got another random idea

    Maybe I wasn't clear :P   When playing the game, you don't know how the maze looks. You are trying to deduce how the maze likes based on what is feedback to you. It is NOT about trying to solve the game. There is no solution. You are placed in the same position every time, and you tries to get to various locations in the maze.  The maze will confuse your feedback by say, making a short path seems long by increasing the time it takes for you to move through it, so you might think that the path is 6 tiles long when it is only in fact 2.    I am not saying this is a good idea for a game, but definitely feel that you mis understood the game from what you said.
  8. Okay this time the idea is small, and I kind of implemented a fast prototype for it already. I kind of want to get some kind of feedback.   So the game is a maze game, but not any old simple maze game.  You traverse the map using "commands"   Currently, I have implemented only "move" and "turn".  When you send your program to traverse the maze, you must return to the start point for your program to provide feedback to you. Any program that didn't return to start point will just "terminate" and no feed back will be provided.   The maze will look something like this [attachment=22557:maze.png]   The program is a "String" It must start with "b" and ends with "e" So the simplest program you can write to traverse the maze will be "be"   [attachment=22556:basic.png]   So when you first enter the maze, it will tell you where you can find empty space.  The next step will be to move and explore more.   So here I ran the command "bm4tbm4e" Which is saying "Begin", "Move 4", "Turn Back", "Move 4" , "End"   [attachment=22555:advanced.png]   If you didn't get back to the start point you will get this [attachment=22558:fail.png]   So this is really the basic idea. The idea of the game is to say, try "data" that are hidden in the maze. You need to uncover the maze to find all the data.   Additional planned challenges. (if i continue to work on the project) 1) Different movement cost. Right now all tiles cost 4, but later there will be tiles that cost 1, 2, 8, 16, which will kind of confuse your map. 2) Marker command, that allows you to place a "marker" on the floor and allow you to detect "loops"   I am planning(maybe) to write this as a "web" game, which is why I use python. That will allow me to convert to say Flask/Django easily. I probably can get it done by tomorrow with a good interface. But I kind of want to get a feedback of this stupid random idea that came into me today.   oh and anyone who want to play this game can get it at https://github.com/ZwodahS/mazehack   It is CLI at the moment, to run it you just need to find the test.py, and run "python test.py <seed> <instructions>" and add a "DEBUG" to the end of it if you want to see the map The seed is there to make sure you get the same maze   So to start, you should just type : python test.py <seed> "be"    I figured that most of the people here are developers and should be at least intrigued by this >.< but if this is a stupid idea, feel free to flame me Let me leave you with one final screenshot [attachment=22559:funtime.png]
  9. ZwodahS

    Need help - can't find the fun factor

      Thanks a lot for this recommendation. This manga is really good for what I want to do :P. I really like how they make "magic" in the world feels so ... scientific ? 
  10. ZwodahS

    Need help - can't find the fun factor

    I remember playing this game "Rebuild" where the player send people out on missions etc. They did it quite nice in the sense that the decision of the player matters and there is a overall goal for the player. However, if there is a danger that is threatening the "world" then gold and rewards for the guild don't really make sense, but wait, every single save the world game have "gold" in it =/
  11. ZwodahS

    Need help - can't find the fun factor

    I want to add politics, friendship, morality and many more stuffs but would those be interesting even if the core loop isn't fun? I will consider them later.   I am still choosing between writing a "oh shit oh shit oh shit simulation game" that you can never beat or have no ending, and a slow pace game that just let you build slowly and enjoy the "story". The 200 days to live mechanics is like that, enforcing a soft time limit that the player can extend. I will think of a more natural "oh shit" mechanics instead of the time limit :P. I will look at the manga that you show. Seems interesting. Part of the inspiration for this game came from "Fairy Tail". You should check that out if you are into manga :P.   Yeah I realized that combat logs aren't interesting too. The log is like this because originally I planned to a FF style combat along with some other stuffs that logging in this fashion seems natural. On top of that, many DF-like game does it this way. I understand that it is not fun to read and which is why this is one of the main thing that bothers me. The combat is not interesting enough. I really like how you write the combat. It seems like an interesting way to write the logs but that very close to "story generation". Need to read up on how to do it. :P   I am thinking if I can fit a "combat-puzzle" into the game so the player have some sort of decision before going into the combat. Any game that I can look to get inspiration ? 
  12. ZwodahS

    Need help - can't find the fun factor

    I did thought of one backstory for the game. - You are a retired adventurers, like many others. You are diagnosed with a illness that will cause you to die in say 200 days. You decided to take your fortune that you have gain over the years to start a guild and train new adventurers and leave your name in history." One possible goal that player can have is to prolong their life. To prolong your life, you can seek out rare herbs/medicine, legendary doctors, or even train your own doctors to slightly extend your life.   I also want player's action to affect the towns' state, like say if the town ask you to destroy some rat infestation and you didn't, then the town may get overrun by rats and have lack of food, which means they may not sell you food etc.  I really like the collecting aspect as well. The question for me is whether the player can see the significant of their collection. Like in FFTA or pokemon, you can see the impact of training your squad or finding new squad members directly through combat. However, it seems like this in game you can't really see the impact. Yeap, I like this =D The game is simulated using terminal/ncurses at the moment, mostly text and only a few main interaction are fully implemented. However, I attached the "combat log". It kind of look something like that at the moment. You will have to imagine how it will look like if graphics were used ;P Hmm i thought about it but not sure how big of the audience are in the mobile market.  Yeap I understand that, which is why I moved away from my original combat. I wanted to make it that you control the combat like most FF games but I realized that I want to assign tasks rather than actually managing the fights myself. But after making the combat automatic, it seems like I can't see the significant of the growth of the characters. Perhaps part of the reason is I haven't implement all the subsystems and I can't see the full effect of my decision yet.   I really like all the response so far. . Thanks a lot for all comments/interest. I will continue the project and post more if there are more information/screenshots =D
  13. I wrote about an idea of a Fantasy Guild Simulation game here about 2 months ago and I have been working on it on and off and kind of hit a brickwall. I can't find the fun factor in it at the moment.   So here is the idea so far.   --- The main premise for the game is that you control a guild of fantasy-based heroes, mages, knight etc. They work for you to help finish quest that towns have. The game is fully text-based at the moment, similar to that of "Long live the queen".  The game operates in on a day-basis. Each day begins by you looking at what have happen the previous day, collect the rewards from town and returning the heroes back to town. After that you decide what you want each hero to do for that day. Those that are still on mission will not be assignable. After that you "end the day/turn" and the world will simulate your decision and cycle continues.   Towns provides various type of quests. Some requires you to slain various type of monsters in various places, or gather certain amount of items from various places. You can send heroes to locations to "explore" them, allowing you to kill monsters or gather stuffs from there. Combat will occur when you encounter enemy and will be resolved automatically.   Combat resolution is done using a ActionPoint/Speed system, like most FF title, except that instead of you choosing the moves that the unit will perform, they will choose randomly, or based on their traits. For example, if a character has a "Thrifty", he will more than likely choose a skill that cost him less energy, or if a character is "Flashy", he will more likely to choose skill that is more specular.   The other thing you can do is to train the heroes. This do not gain you gold/resources but improve the character faster. However, they generally don't like to train since they also don't get gold if they don't go out on mission.   Heroes with specific skill can also create items; Weapon making or potion brewing for example. The quality of the item that is made is also depend on the skill of the unit.    ---   So far I have implemented basic exploration of places, a simple combat resolution, and some basic recruitment stuffs. I implemented them mostly using curses instead of a graphics library.    There are a few problems that I realized after playing a bit of the game. Firstly, it seems fun to watch your character grow at first, but there are no way to see how much they have grow.   Take Pokemon/FF game for example. They have a simple combat system and as your pokemon/char grow, they learn new skills and you directly see the impact of this growth. In this simulation game, since the combat is automatic, the feedback is not that obvious. If you can't see the impact of the growth of the characters, then the growth fun factor isn't that fun anymore.   On top of that, it seems like this game has only 1 core feedback loop and it is not as fun as I thought it would be. All you seems to do is sending units on missions, train/upgrade units, then send them on more missions.    So the question for fellow game developers are  1) Do you think the game I describe have any audiences ? 2) How would you improve to solve the problem I mentioned ?   I really like this idea but I can't see myself enjoying it, at least not with the problems I mentioned. I might be too close to it to see the "fun", so I hope you guys can give me some feedback on what I have now.    (I did thought about using a non-automatic combat resolution, like FF-tactics or as simple as traditional turn based combat. However, I realized the core part of the game is character building and not combat/tactics. Having the player directly control the combat will shift the time that the player spend on management stuffs from 100% to about 15 ~ 20%, meaning the combat will take up most of the player's time. Each day will be longer, since after you decide what you want to do and where you want to explore, you will have to spend even more time resolving them.)
  14. ZwodahS

    Fantasy Guild Management Sim

    Hmm I was searching for similar game for reference for like a month =/ but I couldn't find anything until yesterday =).  Initially I thought it will be exactly what I wanted to make but after playing for awhile I realized there are many things that I would done differently. It is not that I don't expect that there are similar games, but I hate making games that are similar to other games if I have nothing to add to the game/genre.   =D 
  15. ZwodahS

    Fantasy Guild Management Sim

    I didn't want to post anything since I don't have much to add. However, I did found something similar to what I want to do here   http://www.indiedb.com/games/adventurers-management-guild/downloads   At the moment I am not sure what else I can add to the game to make it different from this =/.    What will you guys do if you found someone make a game that is similar to what you want to do ?
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