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  1. After years of studying forums here, and trying out different things, I sat down with two friends and started programming our first complete game.    And we actually made it all the way to the end. It's a simple game of avoiding obstacles.   2 weeks ago we released it on android and iphone. So if you want to try it you can find the links to the appstores at bottom of out website www.mojostudios.dk   or direct links: Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mojo.rainbowrun.android   IOS Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rainbow-unicorn-runner/id957196953?mt=8   We would love some feedback on the project.   Best Regards Morten
  2. Considering you havent got any  programming experience. You might be in WAYYYY over your head.   what you are talking about sounds like a job for 50 proffessionals, rather than one person with no prior knowledge of programming.   start by picking a language. Java, C# or even C++ (but won't recommend that), pick up a beginners programming book. When you got the hang of the language, try making a simple 2D game. lets say Tetris or pong. Be sure to finish the game, create menus, highscores. save the highscores to a textfile etc.   That way you get to try alot of different techniques, and get an idea what game programming is all about. After that just practice.   Then read up on 3d programming, buy "Game Code Complete(book) and you're on the way. But its still a long way.
  3. You say you know c#   if im not wrong, unity works with c#. So i would suggest using that.   try making Tetris :-) thats maybe one of the easiest games to make. and will give you an idea of the aspects of gameprogramming.   personally im using XNA and monogame, to make games, mostly because its easy to make get some 2d graphics on screen and then i an focus on getting better at the game programming part.
  4. By the sound of your post, it seem like you have made betweeen 0 and 1 game. if thats the case. then you should start writing games instead of engines.   If im wrong on the other hand you could pick up some reading, I have read this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Advanced-Game-Development-Jonathan-Harbour/dp/1598633422/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385805770&sr=8-1&keywords=advanced+2d+engine+programming   it's directx and c++. but no mather what language you use, there are some good points in the book, and gives some idea of what a simple 2d engine requires. and even though it says advanced, its actually not.
  5. duesjov

    Extreme Beginner Help!

    I would suggest going the c# or java way. Personally i started with c++, but after switching to c#, i am regretting not taking that road from the start.   c++ is good, but java and c# is so much easier, and when you are a beginner, you don't need the power of c++.   ofcourse that's just my opinion.
  6. thank you for the answers. have looked at the optin of using a REST api, and seems to be a good way to go. Best regards Morten
  7. Hi.   earlier today, i was considering how to create a connection from an android or IOS game, to a remote MySql Database.   Obviously you cant store database username and password as strings.   How should i tackle this problem, is there a secure way to make that connection, and in the same time, make it difficult for hackers to get access to the database   Regards Morten
  8. duesjov

    C# & Unity or C# & XNA?

    Have you considered looking into Monogame,   www.monogame.net   its opensource port of XNA.   you can use it to make games for both iphone, android, windows and linux     Regards Morten
  9. duesjov

    List<> remove

    Guess the reference type, of the value type objects, should point to the same reference type  for them to be equal?     Thanks for all the answers.   Been really helpfull.   Best regards Morten
  10. duesjov

    List<> remove

    Hello All   need some c# help   I have a list<GameState>gameStates   Gamestate has a Guid Id.   if i were to remove a gamestate from the list using remove()   what do i have to do?   can i just do something like this. gameStates.Remove(gameState) or do i need to use a lamba expression and check if Id is equal to the gamestate i want to remove?     Regards Morten
  11. ahh I see.    Thank you for the quick response.    Regards
  12. Hello.   Im looking in to the article on the frontpage http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/implementing-component-entity-systems-r3382 about component entity systems..   bitwise operations have never been my strong suit,   I am looking at this line here if((world->mask[entity] & MOVEMENT_MASK) == MOVEMENT_MASK) in this part #define MOVEMENT_MASK (COMPONENT_DISPLACEMENT | COMPONENT_VELOCITY) void movementFunction(World *world) {     unsigned int entity;     Displacement *d;     Velocity *v;     for(entity = 0; entity < ENTITY_COUNT; ++entity)     {         if((world->mask[entity] & MOVEMENT_MASK) == MOVEMENT_MASK)         {             d = &(world->displacement[entity]);             v = &(world->velocity[entity]);             v->y -= 0.98f;             d->x += v->x;             d->y += v->y;         }     } } and cant figure out why this is needed.   if((world->mask[entity] & MOVEMENT_MASK) == MOVEMENT_MASK)     couldn't you just put it like this -> if(world->mask[entity] == MOVEMENT_MASK) I hope you can help clarify this for me   Best Regards Morten  
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