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  1. Weapon copyright?

    Ah great to know :) So i just need to figure out now which guns i may or may not beable to use in a game. Trying to search over a list to see if the companies are outdated or not and to see if i can also put some modern guns into my game.   Thank you all who replied to this Topic you helped me alot!
  2. Weapon copyright?

    Hello everyone   I'm curios about the copyright for video game weapons. I'm not sure how this actually works... But when i see a car with the brand mazda or a screen of samsung in game. They mostly payed the companies to use their brand in game right?   Well what about weapons? I mean ive been watching Miculek on youtube and he mostly pointed out that the weapons are copyrighted in italy were their made or in canada were he imports them from.   Yet that doesn't explain how games like mgs and cod can use so many weapons under their name. Does no one care if you use branded guns or is there something behind it?   I would really like to know more before planning on making a game including any type of firearm.   Best Regards   Enigma.
  3. Hire a teacher, use tutorials or buy a book?

    I would suggest buy a book. The reason for this is very simple. If you go to school for about 1-2 years you will always have the same content written in a book. The teacher will follow that content even if its out dated. Example: When i was in school learning to design websites. I was told to use <table></table> for structuring things also to always use HTML 4.1 as a DOCTYPE. Later when i got a job ( This was 3 months after) my future boss asked me to deisgn a simple website. I did so with tables of course. He then denied and said we use <div></div> and not tables . Also we are a uptodate Company we use the HTML 5 Doctype.   The conclusion is if you go to a school pay 20'000 USD or whatever your currency is and never move forward from the old state of programing. Then you be left behind which most IT Specialists are scared of.    Then again if your still young (around 16-18) and can choose a path to go and you wish to program games. Pick IT Specialist. This may sound bad since you mostly wont work with games but mostly make websites or other programs while you work. But this is your learning phase and when you bypassed that phase and still have your mindset on video games. You will do the same as me and learn to program other things in the free time like me :P. Just keep this in mind "If you want something, don't just think about it. Work! Do something! Actions speak louder then Words do!"
  4.   Ah Thx for the Replys :) Im very Thankfull for your feedback and im Sorry that i haven't replied back in such a long time. Been to busy with Work and my Personal Life.   Anyways to the code, i been trying out the things you been telling me and it seems to quite frankly work properly. I will continue evolving the game and will contact you if there are other types of questiones i have. 
  5. Hello everyone   Im doing this RPG game for a schooling we are doing at work. I was given this started project and added some collission. But i wish to add some more space to it, like the camera should follow the player and the map should be abit bigger. Then you may see in the following code that i also tried to add some tilemap. But i failed miserable at that, so i tried making playing around how to make the world bigger. And even with that im having a hard time. Might anyone help me with this?   Javascript // Create the canvas var canvas = document.createElement("canvas"); var ctx = canvas.getContext("2d"); canvas.width = 512; canvas.height = 480; document.body.appendChild(canvas); //ctx.fillStyle = "#FF0000"; /*ctx.rect(0,0,512,480); ctx.lineWidth = 7; ctx.strokeStyle = 'black'; ctx.stroke();*/ var mapArray= [ [0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0] ]; var grass = new Image(); var sand = new Image(); grass.src='images/grass.jpg'; sand.src='images/sand.jpg'; // Background image var bgReady = false; var bgImage = new Image(); bgImage.onload = function () { bgReady = true; }; bgImage.src = "images/background.png"; // Hero image var heroReady = false; var heroImage = new Image(); heroImage.onload = function () { heroReady = true; }; heroImage.src = "images/hero.png"; // Monster image var monsterReady = false; var monsterImage = new Image(); monsterImage.onload = function () { monsterReady = true; }; monsterImage.src = "images/monster.png"; // Game objects var hero = { speed: 256 ,// movement in pixels per second color: "#00A", x: 220, y: 270, width: 32, height: 32, draw: function(){ ctx.fillStyle = this.color; ctx.fillRect(this.x, thix.y, this.width, this.height); } }; //var heroCollider = new rect(0, 0 ,32 ,32); var monster = {}; var monstersCaught = 0; var trap = {}; // Handle keyboard controls var keysDown = {}; addEventListener("keydown", function (e) { keysDown[e.keyCode] = true; }, false); addEventListener("keyup", function (e) { delete keysDown[e.keyCode]; }, false); // Reset the game when the player catches a monster var reset = function () { hero.x = canvas.width / 2; hero.y = canvas.height / 2; // Throw the monster somewhere on the screen randomly monster.x = 64 + (Math.random() * (canvas.width - 64)); monster.y = 64 + (Math.random() * (canvas.height - 64)); trap.x = 32 + (Math.random() * (canvas.width - 64)); trap.y = 32 + (Math.random() * (canvas.height - 64)); }; // Update game objects var update = function (modifier) { if (38 in keysDown) { // Player holding up hero.y -= hero.speed * modifier; } if (40 in keysDown) { // Player holding down hero.y += hero.speed * modifier; } if (37 in keysDown) { // Player holding left hero.x -= hero.speed * modifier; } if (39 in keysDown) { // Player holding right hero.x += hero.speed * modifier; } // Wall Colliders if(hero.x < 32) hero.x = 32; if(hero.y < 32) hero.y = 32; if(hero.x > 448) hero.x = 448; if(hero.y > 416) hero.y = 416; /*if(hero.x + hero.width > canvas.width) hero.x = canvas.width - hero.width; if(hero.y + hero.height > canvas.height) hero.y = canvas.height - hero.height;*/ // Are they touching? if ( hero.x <= (monster.x + 32) && monster.x <= (hero.x + 32) && hero.y <= (monster.y + 32) && monster.y <= (hero.y + 32) ) { ++monstersCaught; reset(); } }; // Draw everything var render = function () { var posX=0; var posY=0; for(var i=0; i < mapArray.lenght; i++){ for(var j=0; j < mapArray[i].lenght; j++){ if(mapArray[i][j]==0){ ctx.drawImage(grass, posX, posY, 32,32); } if(mapArray[i][j]==1){ ctx.drawImage(sand, posX, posY, 32,32); } posX+=32; } posX=0; posY+=32; } if (bgReady) { ctx.drawImage(bgImage, 0, 0); } if (heroReady) { ctx.drawImage(heroImage, hero.x, hero.y); } if (monsterReady) { ctx.drawImage(monsterImage, monster.x, monster.y); } /*ctx.rect(0,0,512,480); ctx.lineWidth = 60; ctx.strokeStyle = 'yellow'; ctx.stroke();*/ // Score ctx.fillStyle = "rgb(250, 250, 250)"; ctx.font = "24px Helvetica"; ctx.textAlign = "left"; ctx.textBaseline = "top"; ctx.fillText("Goblins caught: " + monstersCaught, 0, 0); }; // The main game loop var main = function () { var now =; var delta = now - then; update(delta / 1000); render(); then = now; }; // Let's play this game! reset(); var then =; setInterval(main, 1); // Execute as fast as possible All other files i placed with so you guys can download it.     Thank you for now :) and im happy for every feedback    
  6. Best way to handle input in SDL?

    Hiya Vinny   My preferd way of handling input would be event driven. I just think its a much better and cleaner way of handling inputs and events all togheter. Then again thats my opinion and maybe someone else has better points on handle keyboard input.  If you need some examples check Lesson 3 for event and Lesson 4 for keyboard handling
  7. how to think like a programmer

    Hm well there are surely many ways how to plan out a game before starting, but my favorite one is surely the UML. You can use the UML to have a graphical view, of the class and actions in them. Point out of which classes you will need for your game. We use for example the Tower Defence, a  very loved game by many. Now what does a Tower Defence need? We surely need a Tower class since there are towers, surely enemies aka the waves that appear, and maybe a upgrade class for some upgrades the towers need. These are just the logical ones for the game you need, now for the needed ones. You need Initialize that handles all the loading of data, a event which handles all input events, loop which handles all the data updates, render which handles all the rendering of anything that  shows up on the screen and cleanup that simply cleans up any resources loaded. These needed ones, i got from the sdltutorials on how to make a tictactoe, if you wish to check out here you go: . Now next after you got all does things we use a Sequenzdiagramm. In there you will produce a graphical display on how the programm handles, like how does the application start? Which class will come first and so on. These are pretty much roughly said the main ones who are needed to think like a programmer while aiming for a game.   I do hope i could help you with my ideas and wish you a great day   Yours Truly   Your friendly programmer :)
  8. Starting a FPS game ideas on where to begin?

    Well if you wish to create a FPS game you first of all have to get into the Basics. This can be completed if you work with already existing engines to create games. One of many as you pointed out is Unity 3D but, there is also UDK and the Blender Engine. Just don't forget if you don't have Programming or Modelling skills, it will become very hard to create a decent game with does two engines. My advice before even starting to create a game is to have a decent knowledge of a programming language. For example : Java, Python, C#, C++, Html5. You can pick anything from does really just before choosing please look into them and get some basic knowledge in to which way you wish to programm. If you wanna get more into the basic games like minecraft or similiars choose java or c++ if your into web browser games, choose Html5 or even C#. If this all seems hard to you, just watch some programming tutorials, or how to make games on youtube. There are surely many tutorials to help newcommers into the gamedesigning world. Just a little warning, you may get stressed at your first programms. Don't beworried, this is normal since it means your making progress in learning and do not forget making a game isn't so easy if you wanna start programming games. Even i, who is at a Programming School in Switzerland, have not yet finished my game. And trust me i am trying to finish this but it is hard to finish if you want something decent.   I hope i could help you and wish you a nice Day   Your Truly   Your friendly Programmer :)
  9. How to start of Gamedesign?

    Hello everyone my name is Pedro im from Switzerland and im doing at the momment a IT School. Im wanting to continue in to applikationsdesign and my previous knowledge is. Good C++ Basic Knowledge Very Good Html, CSS Knowledge Good MySQL Knowledge Very Low Digital Drawing Knowledge = [url=""]http://fc05.devianta...hog-d4hnz22.jpg[/url] , [url=""]http://fc01.devianta...TheHedgehog.jpg[/url] Very Low Musical experience = play E-Guitar and haven't record any track yet sadly. Very Good Story writer.(Gramactical errors included) since the 3 Languages i know ( German , Portuguese and English ) [url=""]http://www.gamefront...6%E3%83%AB.docx[/url] Now my Main questione would be since i wanna do in the future gamedesign and i already have Unity3D on my Computer installed but i don't have of any knowledge of Java. How should i start of Gamedesigning then? I mean i wanna do something step by step that requires maybe 3D models ( already have been playing around with Direct X SDK and setting up own Opensim Grid). But if i would do such a thing what would come next that has been my main problem i been trying to work with Unity. Yes i have made one or 2 games but they haven't realy impressed me enough since most of the advanced things i need to programm with Java and that i don't have any knowledge about. So i do hope you can help me out and tell me how i start of as a Beginner in Gamedesigning. Thank you for helping already and im sorry for my bad english since im still in school i try to learn English as better as i can.
  10. How can i start a Indie Team?

    Hello i askt alot of my Friends if they would like to join me make a Game they mostly sayd yes. But they didn't have any talent like no Programming,no Concept drawning, no Moddeling nothing realy. Im not sure if im doing something wrong getting People to help me make a Team. Can you people please tell me how to make a Indie Team or maybe a way to get people to join it? :/ Thx for the anwsers now.
  11. Help a new guy.

    You want to use C++ so that means you already know C++ if im Correct. If so try using the Game Engine Irrlicht or Sauerbraten. Their free and are Used with C++ and they are both compatible with OpenGL and Direct compatible i think. And im not sure again but Sauerbraten has online in the Engine already
  12. Searching for a FPS Game Engine

    1. So the people only look at the Grafics from the game. Hmm interessting never seen it from that point of view. 2. I had FPS Creator when i was 15 or 14 i guess not sure. Anyway i made some games with it then i moved on with does other Engines like UDK. And they were still too easy so i want maybe a engine that can make me think harder or some what. ( i should start moddeling also right?)
  13. Searching for a FPS Game Engine

    Quote:Original post by jbadams Do Irrlicht or Cube 2 meet your needs? Well Irrlicht has a better Grafic but the programming is realy hard Then again Cube 2 is easy to Programm but leaks on the Grafic. I would maybe choose Cube 2sinc ei don't have anything else at the momment.
  14. Searching for a FPS Game Engine

    Is maybe Darkbasic free for Indie games? Because it looks like i could use it.
  15. How to Learn C++ over You Tube

    Hello well i wanted to show you this tutorial Its about C++ basic stuff to learn its easy and you can learn it realy fast. And the best part is its Free! No people this isn't Spamming i just want to share the wisdom ( not sure if you type it like that but yeah) So if i could help you im glad to :) Ps: if your searching for other Tutorials like Open Gl or anything else look at hes account on Playlist. Link is Below