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  1. Just a short update: Thanks to the last video and asking reddit for help I can present you the testintro, properly narrated by TheVowelOwl (http://www.youtube.com/user/thevowelowl). I also changed the font to a more normal one ;). [media][/media]
  2. So, I am back Frozzen is still progressing like it should, here is a new video with the new dialogue system in place and some other minor improvements. I am now using the Browserquest Tiles (https://github.com/m...la/BrowserQuest) for the environment and will now officially look for an artist. So if you are an artist seeing this because of my adverts, hello! Screenshot here: I also made a brand new Video, showing the first turns of a level... Zombies attack the party on the street : [media][/media] I am most excited about the new possibilitys to react to the equiping and unequeping of items, here used to give the entity some skill oder remove a status effect. That possibility made it necessary to punish switching equipment with Action Points, but that is only realistic. I hope to be able to create a good working two level game using the code until 01.01.2013 when I start my full time position working in Cologne. If you are from cologne, germany and would like to say hi, send me a message ;). Concept Art It was very hard for me to find any form of concept Art to use with the dialogue, especially darker themed ones. Thanks to Raymond E Gaustadnes and his work I am able to show some nice pictures in the dialogue. The Image used is "Watchmen": Raymond on Deviantart: http://shockbolt.deviantart.com/
  3. Prototype Version 0.1 :)

    I added a source for the opensource graphics, the youtube comment does not do them justice actually.
  4. Prototype Version 0.1 :)

    Hey, thanks! ;) The art is not ugly on it's own I think. But it is open source (as remarked in the youtube comments) and does not fit together. But it can certainly be improved ;).
  5. Prototype Version 0.1 :)

    An Introduction Hello out there . My name is Philip and I am a recently graduated Bachelor student. I will spend the next year doing stuff I want to (like working in the E-Sports business) and hopefully developing my first completed game. To keep things interesting I will immediately show you the current progress: [media][/media] As you can see, I got a very basic version up and running but a lot of stuff is still missing. To add to the problem, the prototype is ugly . The Plan(TM) Frozzen (working title) will be a dark, adult themed fantasy RPG using turn based combat. It is supposed to set a contrast to the overwhelming majority of cute and dumb browsergames that get advertised on facebook and in the TV. It will feature a dark, exciting story, not shy away from moderately complicated mechanics and (hopefully) amazing 2D art. I am currently working on the "game" part where you run missions with your group of adventures. Another management part is planned where you plan missions, recruit adventures, equip and train them etc. As you might imagine the main influences for this kind of game are X-Com (not the recent one) and Baldurs Gate 2 as well as Game of Thrones and Warhammer 40k for the "dark, realistic" setting. In the long run I want to finish some nice missions and use them to attract people (and maybe even money) to finish the management part. Technology The prototype is developed using HTML5/Javascript based on ImpactJS (http://impactjs.com/). Not in the video are sound effects, which also are done in HTML5. By using HTML5 the prototype should run in all modern browsers without using plugins and as a hobbyist programmer I have the fantastic ability to ignore reach for "get the damn thing done first!". The management part will use heavy HTML5 AJAX/Comet technology aswell and run on a PHP backend. Next Steps The next Step on my part will be rendering equiped items directly on a human base modell. That way my 3 knights might start to look like rogue, warrior and wizard! Plus that makes finding and equiping items much, much cooler. Unfortunately I am not able to create the images myself. I am currently in contact with a graphics guy but might have to cancel that if it does not work out. If so, I will search for a new artist using this blogpost. If you are an artist reading this, call me, baby :3. Edit: Art is Opensource, see: Tileset Environment by "REFMAP, Mack" found on "rpg-studio.de". Zombie by artisticdude found on "opengameart.org". Knight by Se-M-yazza found on "opengameart.org". Icons by Ails found on "opengameart.org".
  6. Hello fellow gamdevians, I'm currently earning my degree and would love to fill my holidays to come with a nice internship. My "target" company has a normal HR departmant, but I happen to know their CTO from working with him in another internship. He was CTO back then so there wasnt the biggest interaction and where far from connected but I guess he would remember me. So my question would be, should I send a formal application to the normal HR department or maybe try to message their CTO directly with an unformal (or maybe formal) application? Would it help my case or could he just be annoyed that I steal his time with my move? ;) Greetins
  7. Help me re-learn Java?

    There is a missing character in line 1. To be honest if you dont know anything (and your questions tell me you dont) then you should maybe start with a tutorial or book on general programming and dont ask everything in a forum. Im amazed how non trolling and friendly this community is tho.
  8. Ehm i dont know. Save default positions for each level and a reference table "game id to tile" and if you get no result you use the default table and if you get a result you use the tile ref from the above mentioned table. First guess.
  9. Creating new tables is nearly always a bad idea and speaks of bad design. You want to look into database normalisation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_normalization
  10. Sorry to "steal" the thread, but if I want to dive a bit into normal AI is Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach a good choice?
  11. Some free and sadly old links i found during tests and want to check out (read: I didnt read them, dont know how good they are) http://www.generation5.org/ (no idea) http://ai-depot.com/ (no idea) http://intrinsicalgorithm.com/IANews/ (from the guy who answered allready, has also some post play thems etc. I have high hopes for this one ;)) http://www.ai-junkie.com/ (from the author of "Game AI by example" (which is an excelent beginners book i suppose, quite old)
  12. [web] PHP

    Enter an empty location.
  13. Moving before Applying for a job

    If I was a company and had two identical candidates with one guy living near me and one guy on the other end of the world I would not care as long as a) the guy around the world pays for trips to interviews himself and b) he can make the same starting date as the other guy (say you apply today and both start at 1.7., plenty of time to move). But I'm just a student myself so I'd go with Toms advice ;)
  14. If you've been programming games for years use one feature you completed in one of this games that you are proud of. Saying "I did this and that exactly in this and that game" should be good.
  15. Thank you very much for your fast and good reply, I'll see what I can do. I'm always amazed of how much there is to learn :D