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  1. Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics

  2. Word game problem

    Thanks, Yes I have this library. I must say that in this game player find a meaningful word in table and then chars of selected cells must replace with new ones.
  3. Hi everyone, I have created a word game(in persian) that in this game player has a 6x6 table with random chars on each cells(this random chars are weighted ).In Farsi(?????) language we have a lots of meaningful 2 and 3 character words so with weighted random chars in table player can find lots of 2 and 3 char word but bigger word appear rarely in table.   The problem is that what method I must use to put bigger word in the table??   Thanks, excuse for bad English.
  4. Reading Stream-output stage data

    Thanks Iwn, yes you are right, I've never seen that line.
  5. Reading Stream-output stage data

    Thanks Iwm, "Getting Started with the Stream-Output Stage" uses geometry shader to get stream-output but I haven't  any Gs. I want to get stream-output just with having Vs.
  6. Hi, I have a very simple vertex and pixel shader that they work fine, as MSDN describes here we can get vertex data from render pipeline, I want to know how can I do that does any one knows??   Thanks.  
  7. (Cheapest) "Path" Finding

    Hi,take a look to this, it shows you different path finding methods with different heuristic methods, also the source code is here.   I'm using A* with chebyshev heuristic method, I think this is faster and cheaper than the others.
  8. [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks a lot Scoy. It worked very fine now I have a smooth camera!!! And also I have no question to ask every thing was clear. Thank you again.
  9. [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks haegarr for reply,   Really !? I love this camera,it's very smooth and nice, now i'm a little busy i'll check your method and tell you the response . Also i have some more question about this camera that i'll ask them.   Thanks.
  10. [Solved]Smooth Camera

      It should move from current position to next mouse position with more right angle.     Thanks phil_t I will check it.
  11. [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Let me give you more detail, I have a strategic camera that look from a distance above of a terrain, by holding mouse button and moving the mouse camera can move toward x and z, because of discontinuity in reading mouse position the camera movement will be discontinuity.
  12. [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks haegarr ,very nice but it is very theortical .
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