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  1. hossainiir

    Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics

  2. hossainiir

    Word game problem

    Thanks, Yes I have this library. I must say that in this game player find a meaningful word in table and then chars of selected cells must replace with new ones.
  3. Hi everyone, I have created a word game(in persian) that in this game player has a 6x6 table with random chars on each cells(this random chars are weighted ).In Farsi(?????) language we have a lots of meaningful 2 and 3 character words so with weighted random chars in table player can find lots of 2 and 3 char word but bigger word appear rarely in table.   The problem is that what method I must use to put bigger word in the table??   Thanks, excuse for bad English.
  4. hossainiir

    Reading Stream-output stage data

    Thanks Iwn, yes you are right, I've never seen that line.
  5. Hi, I have a very simple vertex and pixel shader that they work fine, as MSDN describes here we can get vertex data from render pipeline, I want to know how can I do that does any one knows??   Thanks.  
  6. hossainiir

    Reading Stream-output stage data

    Thanks Iwm, "Getting Started with the Stream-Output Stage" uses geometry shader to get stream-output but I haven't  any Gs. I want to get stream-output just with having Vs.
  7. hossainiir

    (Cheapest) "Path" Finding

    Hi,take a look to this, it shows you different path finding methods with different heuristic methods, also the source code is here.   I'm using A* with chebyshev heuristic method, I think this is faster and cheaper than the others.
  8. Hi and happy new year,   I want to create a smooth camera for my application like Kodu's camera, any one has any information or idea how can I do that???   indeed my camera works fine but isn't smooth. Thanks.
  9. hossainiir

    [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks a lot Scoy. It worked very fine now I have a smooth camera!!! And also I have no question to ask every thing was clear. Thank you again.
  10. hossainiir

    [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks haegarr for reply,   Really !? I love this camera,it's very smooth and nice, now i'm a little busy i'll check your method and tell you the response . Also i have some more question about this camera that i'll ask them.   Thanks.
  11. hossainiir

    [Solved]Smooth Camera

      It should move from current position to next mouse position with more right angle.     Thanks phil_t I will check it.
  12. hossainiir

    [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Let me give you more detail, I have a strategic camera that look from a distance above of a terrain, by holding mouse button and moving the mouse camera can move toward x and z, because of discontinuity in reading mouse position the camera movement will be discontinuity.
  13. hossainiir

    [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks haegarr ,very nice but it is very theortical .
  14. hossainiir

    [Solved]Smooth Camera

    Thanks Rld_ I tried to use Lerp but I couldn't get acceptable smoothness.
  15. hossainiir

    Screen Capture, Modify, and Draw Question

    I want to write some date to a texture, what is the best procedure that i do not need to reading back GPU-written data? Thanks.
  16. Hi, I think u must set the depth testing to disable(in Dx9 ZWriteEnable ) and sort your controls according to their z-index. For sorting, closest controls to the view must render first.
  17. hossainiir

    Screen Capture, Modify, and Draw Question

    hi, I wrote an application that take the screen and did some extra work to the pixels and then render it to the target,but i'm using directx 11.In Dx11 this work is very simple, u must create a resource(texture) and call map then do your works over pixels and then unmap the resource. i hope this helps u.
  18. For this work i'm using Compute Shader to get pixel data from textures(Render Targets).
  19. I was searching to find a suitable method for rendering text in DX11. was best way but it has some limitations and extra works: 1-Creating Font atlas for an artist is a hard work. 2-This sample did not used some Dx11 ability such as Geometry Shader witch is very suitable to rendering font. 3-This sample implements text in screen space not in world space.   also I do not recommend that you use this method : This lib create an extra device 9 or 10 to create DirectDraw thus it is a 2D font system and you can not use some debugging tools such as PIX and VS 2012 Diagnostics.
  20. hossainiir

    Detect mouse pos on terrain!

    One simple way is using an extra Render Target that stores all tiles INDICES or IDS and when mouse clicked or moved over each tile then sample the render target witch Index or id has been picked. In this method remember that Index or ID must pass as a pixel shader constant NOT as vertex shader constant and then pass to the pixel shader.   I'm using this method in Dx11 it works very nice also i'm using compute shader to pick ID and world space position of a pixel.   Excuse for bad English.
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