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  1. While I agree with 99% of what you say, I was a software engineer intern at Ludia and there were adults interns with me that were taking a one year college cursus for video game (gameplay) programming. It is a public cursus for a single college with its audience being adults who want to completely change their jobs. Sure, I was a better programmer than them. However, they did fill the role of "technicians" and gameplay programmers, which don't require as much knowledge as engine programmers, due to the fact that there are now huge engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. Just as the guy is saying, this cursus was really practical because experts from the video game industry were teachers. Nonetheless, I wouldn't recommend it. It's not viable on the long term.
  2. I integrated LibGDX's Behavior Tree AI module into our roguelite, vaporwave and procedural game, which is made use the jMonkey Engine 3.1. I then created the following behavior : - Follow enemy - Search the enemy's last recorded position - Return back to initial chase position - Stop the chase after a certain amount of time - Attacking the enemy resets the timer Here's the behavior tree logic. Beware that it's possible there are still bugs. subtree name:"notIsReturningToInitialChasePosition" invert isReturningToInitialChasePosition subtree name:"notIsMovingToFollowingEnemyLastPosition" invert isMovingToFollowingEnemyLastPosition subtree name:"notHaveSpottedEnemies" invert haveSpottedEnemies subtree name:"followEnemy" selector parallel lookOutForEnemies alwaysSucceed lookAtClosestSeenEnemy alwaysSucceed (isPlayingAnimation animation:"look_around") stopAnimation animation:"look_around" followClosestSeenEnemy parallel policy:"selector" alwaysFail wait seconds:10 attackClosestSeenEnemy root selector $followEnemy (isFollowingEnemyAlive) (knowFollowingEnemyLastPosition) ($notHaveSpottedEnemies) sequence resetLookAt moveToFollowingEnemyLastPosition parallel policy:"selector" alwaysFail playAnimation animation:"look_around" lookOutForEnemies alwaysFail resetLookAt returnToInitialChasePosition I'm new to AI programming and still have a lot of work to do for making better behavior trees. I think it's really easy to make spaghetti behaviors. Do you have any tutorials on how to create a "good" behavior tree?
  3. thecheeselover

    Windows-like pause menu and color computations

    Wow! Quite a beautiful game you got there, my friend. But did you know you could buy Skyrim VR Ultimate Edition on your smart fridge now? I wonder if your game can compete against that. - Rod Broward, independent video game journalist
  4. Marching Cubes wasn't a possibility because it cannot have a 90 degree connection geometry wise. The walls are blocks. So surface nets, here I go!
  5. A guy on reddit suggested that I use surface nets, which are supposed to be optimized (I think). Because I need 3D voxel data. I just need to draw it somehow Sorry! It's also tricky posting a question on multiple forums. Anyway, thanks guys, I'll give it a shot with the surface nets and see if it works as intended.
  6. I made this post on Reddit. I need ideas and information on how to create the ground mesh for my specifications.
  7. thecheeselover

    Our first hater

    So we had our first hater... but first please listen to one of our music we think we was bashing against. After that, let's hear the context. Context Our development blogs on gamedev mainly focus on the actual development of our game(s) and any related research that we've done. So, our target audience is other video game developers. We also have our own subreddit where our target audience is everyone. Thus, we decided to make our subreddit public and allow subscribers to post content that follows the rules, which they are mainly about posting relevant content. Recently, we've been gaining more popularity and finally gained our 25th subscriber! ūüéČ However, with popularity means more human attention. One thing I know about humans is that there are among them douchebag, troll, egoist, evil [and so forth] people. Inevitably, we were bound to attract the attention of one of those toxic people and so we had our first experience with what we call a hater. The Hater The hater firstly unannouncedly posted this on our subreddit : The person actually posted music of his game [I suppose]. It is an electronic music video. While it's true that we post vaporwave music videos on our subreddit, they follow the rule that it's about our game and our company. So I decided to remove his post and send him a warning as a message : Now, I don't clearly understand exactly what he meant by "Someone better than you, and wanted to make you feel better" but I do understand that this guy is saying he's better than us and that him posting his content on our subreddit would make us feel better (lol). I suppose the "better than us" part is related to our music, which is meant to be that way to fit into the game design of the game. Anyway, as you can see, this guy is so cool because he breaks rules. Wow. But wait, there's more! Just before I banned him, he posted this on our subreddit : Of course we banned you for posting content about your game on our subreddit to gain popularity. Our subreddit specifies precisely through rules that it is meant to be a platform of communication for our company and a way to keep our subscribers in touch with the development of our games. Just look at r/fallout for example. Their first rule says that all posts must be directly related to Fallout. Are they not cool to ban people who disrespect that rule? No, it does not make sense. Reddit is a magnificent social network that allows specific sub-forums as ours and it's actually what defines it. Anyway, I decided to ban him and then ignore him. I've always been more of an observer than someone who needs to express his opinion loudly and publicly on social networks but because this is the first time we had a hater for our game, I just needed to post about this. What we learned from this : Added a rule about not spamming that allows us to give warnings and ban people from our subreddit. Ignore banned people. Made our subreddit restricted instead of public. Now, only approved redditors are able to post on our subreddit. Toxic people take time from us video game developers that we could put into making our game(s)
  8. thecheeselover

    Our first hater

    Yeah, but I was caught by surprise because we only had 22 subscribers. Another fellow video game developer shared his story on our jMonkey Engine's forum post : https://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/t/unnamed-procedural-low-poly-roguelite/40108/36
  9. thecheeselover

    Planet Generation Plans

  10. On stackoverflow, I asked the same question I'm about to ask now. There are commentaries on the question that gives information. What are the differences between OpenMP, OpenACC, OpenCL, SIMD, and MIMD? Also, in which cases each library is more suited for? What I currently know : OpenCL and CUDA are for GPU programming. They take advantage of the fact that GPUs have a lot of cores. CUDA is proprietary to NVIDIA and only works on its GPUs, whilst OpenCL is multiplatform. OpenMP is for CPU wise parallelism. OpenACC also seems to be for CPU task parallelism. SIMD is for executing an operation on multiple cores (CPU only?). MIMD seems to be for executing multiple operations on multiple cores (CPU only?). What I aim to learn here is which libraries are best suited for optimizing an algorithm on the CPU & GPU. Hopefully, I would like to use only one library to do both.
  11. thecheeselover

    GameDev Townhall: Steam Opens Up

    How do you differentiate a game that has malicious content from one that does not have that sort of things? Take for example GTA V versus Hatred. In GTA V, you can kill civilians, policemen and soldiers. You can also pay prostitutes for sex, which is not allowed in many countries. In Hatred, you also kill civilians, policemen and soldiers. Why is GTA V ultra popular and not condemned for its violence whilst Hatred attracted attention for promoting violence? When I look at how the society decides that sort, I find that it's based on emotions and not logic. Are you feeling bad, oppressed or frustrated? Then make a loud claim that this game is bad. Try to attract as much attention as possible. The problem with that way of dealing with games you don't like is that people will always feel bad, oppressed or frustrated by something. If they can make a distribution platform remove a game that way, they will continue to try to remove games until that process becomes boresome. There is always something. The best way to deal with games that you know are morally wrong is to just ignore them. Take the recent school shooter game that was banned from Steam. It is actually a bad satire of american school shootings and got so much attention. It gave publicity to the developers. When I tried to google that game, one of the proposition was to get the unblocked game... So what I'm trying to say is : don't feel enraged, just move on an ignore troll and extreme satire games.
  12. thecheeselover

    DONE. My fighting system. What do you think ??

    I love the console (command prompt, shell...) game feeling related to the visual design of the game.
  13. thecheeselover

    Low poly terrain

    This is actually an old blog post from me that was reordered because of a problem with gamedev.net. I'm a actually making a game with a friend. Even though it is ambitious, we try to simplify it down so it can be achieved with the both of us. We're not trying to make an engine, just a rogue-lite procedural vaporwave game. Consider looking at our subreddit if you're interested. Anyway, generation wise, we're doing ok but thank you for the tips
  14. thecheeselover

    Low poly terrain

    Cool, I actually never thought that games could do this in a performant way.
  15. thecheeselover

    Low poly terrain

    I'll add this to my long term todo list. It was intended to look like a crumpled piece of paper but thanks for the tip. By your last sentence, do you mean 1 shared vertex of a plane that is made of two triangles? Do you mean that you added a physics library through JIT or that you created triangles for the terrain's physics on the fly? Nice by the way
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