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  1. Professor Ticklecog

    Thank you for the feedback it's greatly appreciated
  2. Hamster Tower Defence (work in progress)

    Work in progress of my teams game.
  3. Deepfall Dungeon released!

    This looks great! I can't wait to give it a try, nice work!
  4. Remaking an old game - Ethical?

    As its been put by everyone else, you should be fine as long as your project is inspired by the other game, as long as you aren't taking any of the IP from the game i.e graphics, story, music, sound effects then you're safe because its just styled similar to the game that inspired the creation of your project.
  5. What do i do next?

    thank you all for you're input, It is greatly appreciated.
  6. What do i do next?

    Ah, like a instant messaging auto-reply, thanks for the idea.
  7. What do i do next?

    Im not completely new in game development, I am just new to programming. Thank you for the text game, I will definately look to explore that possibility. thank you for commenting.
  8. What do i do next?

    I would really like to program games i want to start out small but I don't want to use a program like gamemaker because I want to create the script myself. thank you for replying.
  9. What do i do next?

    Hey, i have been doing C++ for a month or so and I think I have the basics down, I use Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express and I have done numerous tutorials and I feel I have got most of the basics down, I want to know what I should do next, The most advanced code I have done to date is an improvised number game using the input and output stream and #include <ctime> ( I did this on Bloodshed C++ compiler but when I realised it was outdated and there was little to no support I decided to use Microsoft's). Please can you tell me what I should do next and how I should do it. Thank you, Josh
  10. Future in the business

    Hey, I am asking you to give me an idea of whether it would be worthwhile going into the games industry. I am currently 16 years old and i am about to finish school in easter. I have sent off an application form to go to my local college on a game development course. http://www.grimsby.ac.uk/index.php?level=186000207699932&category=293 I have been working on projects for an estimated 3 years now, I will give a list of projects I have worked on. Project Ninjastar (Third person shooter) - 2 years http://code.google.com/p/project-ninja-star/ Reborn Future (MMORPG) - 6 months http://www.rebornfuture.com Apocalyptus (Horror Based First Person Shooter) - 3 months www.apocalyptus.moonfruit.com [Current Project] Unity 3d game Mechsmoke (Shooter) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14167855/Mech%20Smoke/MechSmoke_016.html Please can people tell me whether you think I can make it in the game industry. Also, can you give me information on what to do. Thanks for reading, Josh
  11. Help me name some guns, yo!

    Wood Flinger SplinterDisk Log Lugger
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