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  1. blitzin4

    Input Lag on Smart Phone VR

    Thanks for the reply frob. I stumbled upon a talk Carmack did. Video blew my mind, especially considering what he said he's working on near the end of it. So if you ignore cell phone VR and everything that we've used/done. 10-20ms is the sweet spot per the video. Is there any setup or proof of concept that gives you close to 15ms?
  2. 100% VR noob here. In the generic VR reviews I never see any mention of input lag. I heard high input lag makes you sick. What would be the best case scenario with Smart Phone VR; Which smart phone and smart phone VR system would provide the lowest input lag? How does that compare to the dedicated VR headsets?
  3. blitzin4

    Space Ship Building & Simulation Games - Wow !

    Holy ish, there's more games than just KSP out there? Thanks.
  4. blitzin4

    Selling game mods?

    Hi,   I have an interesting question. Say I created this awesome mod for a game, but I'm unsure which game the mod works best with or if they would want it in their final product.   Does anyone have experience selling mods to game companies? How does the process typically work? If the game in question doesn't have a private beta and is still in production, did you have to fly to the dev studio or work remotely dealing with the developers as they integrate your code into their product? Did you test the mod with many different game engines? Did your mod have so much functionality that an entire game could be built around the concept, but in the final product they only used it for one small section in the game and did that made you sad?   Lots lots lots of questions. I'm curious how smoothly the process went for other coders and ultimately how lucrative it was.
  5. Howdy gamedev's been a long time since I was here, and like biggie said "things done changed" Who remember's when google put pacman on their homepage? That was the greatest waste of time ever created :) We had a blast. Here's a reminder if you're bored (press insert coin): http://www.google.com/pacman/ This wasn't done in flash. Anybody have a clue how they did that? And this may be unrelated, but is it possible to create webgames using xhtml, css, and javascript?
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