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  1. Dwarf King

    Why your indie game dev team will fail

    Perhaps this would help broaden peoples' mind a bit?
  2.   That is weird. I have done many blueprints spawners(even randoms to make levels more fun) in UE4 and it never crashed for me.    As a side note I would like to point out that making Spawners in code/script is way easier in Torque 3D compared to work in C++ in UE4 UE4 Blueprint is also much more speedy to use in UE4 than C++. I guess all the scripting languages from various engines and the UE4 Blueprint has made me a bit lazy... I am perhaps one of those who find Scripting/coding gameplay stuff and events in C++ a weird choice.... C++ should stick to the engine and more speedy solutions such as Blueprint and light scripting languages are more fit for the gameplay and events etc. etc. Less focus on syntax and more on the development of the game.   However still an interesting and needy read though.   Also which version of the UE4 is used when seeing crashes with Blueprint spawners?
  3. Dwarf King

    You Aren

  4. Dwarf King

    3ds Max 2015 Review

  5. Dwarf King

    A Long-Awaited Check of Unreal Engine 4

    Oh that I agree with. I just wanted to point out that the Unreal 4 Source Code is not Open Source :)
  6. Dwarf King

    A Long-Awaited Check of Unreal Engine 4

    Of Course it's open source!   No it is not.   From Epic games website:   " Can I share the Unreal Engine source code or tools with others? You can share the source code or tools, along with any modifications you’ve made, with anyone who is an Unreal Engine licensee who is authorized to access the same version of the engine as yours, e.g. the 4.x.x version number of your installed build." However I did like your article :)
  7. Dwarf King

    Why YOU should embed a web server in your game engine

    This sounds very interesting. I really like to read your blogs. This one is not only interesting but also seems very useful.
  8. Dwarf King

    How NOT to Market Your Indie Game

    Hmmm.... I think this(50 easy steps to indie success) artilce is worth reading   Anyway a great article but just remember that no matter what mistakes will happen.
  9. Dwarf King

    So close, and yet so far

    What's the TM for? :)
  10. Dwarf King


    This is not an article as such. It looks more like a commercial for a book. A review would not be so short and just show table of contents. I am sure this book could be helpful. Sadly the article is not explaining very well why.   Edit: The submitter is a Staff member. Was this article uploaded by a mistake?
  11. Dwarf King

    Advertising Your Games

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