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  1. And here why all talks Unity and UE4 they could go for a fine rendering engine like Ogre3D or a full game engine for free Torque 3D   Both tools are given to you under the very liberal MIT license. No royalties, no pay per seats. Of course one would need to put in a bit more efforts and work to make it all click together but that would also make the user/developer develop some very useful skills along the way/trip :D
  2.   You forgot the founder of Epic Games :D   Here is a list with some more: http://www.bloomberg.com/ss/09/05/0522_no_college_ceos/1.htm   Ahh what the hell here is an even bigger list: http://www.collegedropoutshalloffame.com/   Have fun with the reading and remember that failure is the mother to success :P
  3. Perhaps this: http://torque3d.org/   It runs on Win and Linux and some extend Mac.
  4. Yawn, yawn... yet another academic research paper which will in no way resemble the truth, but merely just the view of the questions asked... Sigh :rolleyes:
  5.   Your wife sounds very charming and supporting...
  6. Happy new year!
  7.   It requires knowledge to understand outstanding know how work   Forgive her as she does not have the knowledge to judge your work
  8.   But you are missing a Torque 3D MIT review!!!   Oh no!!! Here is the linky linky to a download.
  9.  I read this long time ago: http://blog.digitaltutors.com/unreal-engine-4-vs-unity-game-engine-best/
  10.   Well look no further my friend. Torque 3D MIT is the answer
  11.   That... that cannot be a CS graduated person who interviewed you.
  12.   Nope it is not. For such an engine you would need to get Torque 3D MIT an engine running on Linux and Windows PC. Read more here.   That is an open source game engine.   UE4 offers you the source code and the game engine as a tool as long as you agree upon the UE4 license. An open source game engine under the MIT license demands nothing and you are free to use the tech as you wish.
  13.   That is weird. I have done many blueprints spawners(even randoms to make levels more fun) in UE4 and it never crashed for me.    As a side note I would like to point out that making Spawners in code/script is way easier in Torque 3D compared to work in C++ in UE4 UE4 Blueprint is also much more speedy to use in UE4 than C++. I guess all the scripting languages from various engines and the UE4 Blueprint has made me a bit lazy... I am perhaps one of those who find Scripting/coding gameplay stuff and events in C++ a weird choice.... C++ should stick to the engine and more speedy solutions such as Blueprint and light scripting languages are more fit for the gameplay and events etc. etc. Less focus on syntax and more on the development of the game.   However still an interesting and needy read though.   Also which version of the UE4 is used when seeing crashes with Blueprint spawners?