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  1. 3d position to 2d position

    need to divide by the w coordinate also, as in: [code] vec4f v4Position(v3ObjectPos.x, v3ObjectPos.y, v3ObjectPos.z, 1.f); v4ScreenPosition = v4Position * WorldViewProjectionMatrix; v4ScreenPosition.x /= v4ScreenPosition.w; v4ScreenPosition.y /= v4ScreenPosition.w; v4ScreenPosition.x = fScreenWidth * (v4ScreenPosition.x+1.0f)/2.f; v4ScreenPosition.y = fSreenHeight * (1.0f-((v4ScreenPosition.y+1.f)/2.f)); [/code]
  2. Fast d3d video capture

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1304948238' post='4808530'] Are you generating the video at the same time as capturing? Every time I've had to do this, I've written the (uncompressed) frames to disk while the app is running and then generated the video afterwards. [/quote] I create an AVI file that is uncompressed 1-1.5GB (for ten second clip). There's plenty of ways to compress it afterwards for storage. So yes I'm generating the video at the same time as capturing.
  3. Hi there, I'm writing an application that needs to generate a 1080p video file, (the video needs only to be 10 to 30 seconds long). My program renders at anything between 5fps and 60 fps depending on how much data it's decoding in the background hence the need to generate a video for smooth playback. I'm using video for windows (VfW) to generate the video (using the default windows media uncompressed codec) however I'm finding that it takes upto 400 seconds to generate the video file. (When playing back without recording it typically takes 15-20 seconds). I'd expect a moderate amount of slowdown but this is much more than expected. Having toyed with other app such as fraps I know that it's possible to generate 1080p video on the fly without significant impact on performance. Does anyone have any pointers as how to generate 1080p video with negligible impact on rendering? FYI my app is d3d9 and I use D3DXSaveSurfaceToFileInMemory to grab a copy of the current frame, (I use this utility since I have multisampling enabled which prevents me from locking the back buffer and accessing it directly). Thanks in advance Will