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  1. Hi,   I have released my game, Pipe Tap, on iOS and Android, Please check it out!   Pipe Tap is a casual puzzle game where the aim is to connect all of the pipes on each level. There are 3 different difficulties, easy, medium and hard, all with thousands of puzzles to complete.   Download at: www.PipeTapGame.com   [attachment=34837:Phone_Easy.png][attachment=34838:Phone_Hard.png][attachment=34839:Phone_Medium.png][attachment=34840:Phone_Menu.png]     All feedback welcome!   Thanks.
  2. [SOLVED] c++ sorting problem

    ok, what was it? how did you solve it?
  3. I am having a problem, I want to Dynamically Create a ModelMesh at runtime rather then loading a file. [CODE] public static ModelMesh BuildMesh(String name) { MeshBuilder builder = MeshBuilder.StartMesh(name); // build the mesh MeshContent finishedMesh = builder.FinishMesh(); return finishedMesh as a ModelMesh? } [/CODE] But I don't know how to convert a MeshContent to a ModelMesh? Does anyone have an idea? Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I have a few things I would like some advice on before I start this project. I want to build a voxel based terrain engine that can be dynamically altered. I have experimented with marching cubes before and made some meshes and such in OpenGL and C++ but only basic stuff. My aims for what I want to do is is have the terrain optimized (my old stuff would slow down real fast), The map / terrain data needs to small and at some point hopefully be able to be streamed to clients. The terrain needs to be able to altered by the user. I will be using XNA 4.0 Okay, So the first question is about storing the terrain data / volumetric data... I think I should be using chunks and or an Oct tree. Normally when I have implemented an Oct tree I have used it for collision and such.. But for the voxels I would be using it to save memory for example for large areas of the same id type like air. Would I use just chunks? or chunks that each are a Oct tree? With XNA how is the best way of dynamically creating the meshes for each chunk? Is a content pipeline the wrong way to go because it cant be used dynamically? MeshBuilder class cant be used dynamically from what I have read? How should I store the terrain data? With XNA? if i want to stream it later will should it be in a SQL database of some sort? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced, Lloyd.
  5. I read in here that they just use "crack patching" to fill those gaps. So I guess that means they put a or some pollys in the cracks to fill them. Simple as that?
  6. Help With PHP

    w3schools is good :) (love this forum, any other forum that guy would have got trolled.)
  7. Did you lose the cd rom? or was it missing it when u got it? Because if it was missing it when u got it, u should be able to get a replacement from the store i would think.
  8. Design of input system

    well if you question is about how to get events? U could do it 3 ways that i know of. With a library like SDL using SDL_event and polling for events Or u could use the WindowsAPI win a callback function with the windows message loop. Or u could manually make the events from just checking key states in an array. If u want any examples of any of these, just let me know.. maybe this is what u wanted?
  9. Design of input system

    what about like this? input.bind("player_move_forward", KEY_W); if (input.keydown("player_move_forward"))player.move_forward(dt); dont know if this helps.. but this is just one way u could do it
  10. Developer's console

    Well if your going to use windows api console u may as well just use the console window. But i would think u would need to make a text box, and entry field. And parse the entry, and bind functions to keywords. But if any one has some source code or tutorials i would like to see as well. as im also going to implement one. Just a question is it better to implement one from the beginning? or is it something u would add in at a later point? Thanks Lloyd.
  11. Pointer to array.

    is that not a 3 dimensional array? [3][6][3] for your example
  12. You could have some sort of mail server running on the target machine, and when a email is sent to it, it parses it, and if correct, runs a program.
  13. [C++, VC2008] DLL or LIB?

    I believe LIBs are slightly faster then DLLs
  14. Ok, thank you both. Sorry it was meant to be a vector<Object*>. Ok i had another thort, i am using SDL and it has a event system. could i post a message saying added this pointer to an object into the world? would the be smarter? or should i stick the the queue[s] way with mutex locking?. And SDL has the mutex stuff as part of its library? because i need something cross platform. Thanks.
  15. What i want to do is stream objects from a server into the world. What i was thinking was doing something like this. thread one is the Game's Main Loop: thread two is the Streaming thread: And how they interact is with a queue. For the queue i was thinking of a std::vector<Object> queue; So for the streaming thread, after it makes a new Object it would push it onto the queue. ( queue.push_back(newObject); ) And then in the thread one at the beginning of each frame it would do something like: for (int i = 0; i < queue.size(); i++) { world->addObject(queue.at(i)); queue.erase(queue.begin()+i); } My question is: is this all thread safe? is this a good way of doing it? if not what is a good way? Thanks heaps, Lloyd