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  1. Xcode 4 on Lion and SDL 1.2.15

    You hit the spot one more time! Thanks a lot!
  2. have you seen this? http://lazyfoo.net/SDL_tutorials/lesson23/index.php
  3. Xcode 4 on Lion and SDL 1.2.15

    Does anyone know, why I have too add MyApp.app/Contents/resources/ everytime I try too load something like: SDL_LoadBMP( "MyApp.app/Contents/Resources/Hello_world.bmp" ); I have too do it no matter what I load. sounds, images and even for .txt files when I use ifstream og ofstream. Its quite a hazzle, and kinda shot in the foot for portability
  4. Xcode 4 on Lion and SDL 1.2.15

    It worked! Thanks a lot, much love. Besides following the article, I had too change the include in the SDLMain.m from "SDL.h" to "SDL/SDL.h". Is it your article? then maybe include a final screen shot of how the project looks like when you see the files and folders from xcode, thinks that would have cleared a bit of my confusion properly just because my English isn't that well. But thanks again! best regards Jakez
  5. Hello everyone. I just got my first macbook pro, and installed Xcode from mac app store. I am trying to setup SDL 1.2.15 which was released a few weeks ago. The release explicit says it supports OSX Lion. I just have a hard time getting it to setup. I noticed that with 1.2.14, there were templates you could install with xcode. But those seems to be gone with sdl 1.2.15. I have been scouting the net since its release for information on how other did it, but only found posts were people just said they got it to work and not how. So I hope for some love from you guys, that someone of you have a template that works with the newest xcode and lion or if someone of you knows a guide how to set it up by creating an empty project. best regards Jakez
  6. [SDL] cpu usage

    Thanks for the advices guys, much appreciated
  7. [SDL] cpu usage

    Hello guys. I have been trying to figure out if I should cap the max. number of frames there bust be each second in my SDL game. All my animations is moves according to delta, and is not effected by the number of frames each second. I would cap the FPS with SDL_Delay, I tested by looking at the windows 7 task manager how much CPU my game would use under different circumstances: I first tested to see if indeed SDL_Delay also spared the CPU, by setting it to SDL_Delay(20000), and the CPU under "Processes" showed: 01. With a cap on 60 FPS, the CPU showed around: 25. With no cap the CPU showed around: 50. I wonder if it is important to cap FPS. Gamers around the world brag about how many FPS there games play with, so I guess there isn't a CAP on those games. So would you cap it? or let it run as many times as you would like? [i]a little extra curiosity question: I noticed a game I made in SDL used 250.000K memory when running under winXP32bit, but when I switched to win7 it used 150.000k. I had a lot of images. But anyone know why the different on the to OS?[/i]
  8. Thanks jyk, I will look into that I also tried it again mrchrismnh. Got it to work this time, dunno why I didn't get it to work before. But I do have som problems erasing the files from memory once the game have run, I will have too look into that Thanks for your help
  9. Alright so I tried doing that Here is the interface: [code] class Sound { private: Mix_Music *music; Mix_Chunk *chunk; bool musicfile; public: Sound(string,bool); //string is filename, bool is default false, if true, its music otherwise it will load as a chunk void Play(int,int); //first int, is loops. second int is channel default its -1 (random channel) void Quit(); }; [/code] Here is the implementation [code] Sound::Sound(string filename, bool ismusicfile = false) { chunk = NULL; music = NULL; musicfile = ismusicfile; if(!musicfile) chunk = Mix_LoadWAV( filename.c_str() ); else music = Mix_LoadMUS( filename.c_str() ); } void Sound::Play(int loop, int channel = -1) { if(musicfile) Mix_PlayMusic(music,loop); else Mix_PlayChannel(channel,chunk,loop); } void Sound::Quit() { Mix_FreeChunk(chunk); Mix_FreeMusic(music); } [/code] It seems to work as long as I declare it in a vector like this: [code] vector<Sound> sounds; sounds.push_back("misc.wav"); //chunk declared sounds[i].play(0); [/code] So I guees it ended up working dynamically It does have problems if you declare it as a single object in a class. but dunno why anyone would wanna wrap a single music file anyway, so no big deal for me Other functions as pausing and stopping seems not too need a method, since that is done not to the file, but the channel, which can be reached from anywhere. Any comment on it?
  10. Hey Guys So far I have a list of Mix_Chunk declared on one line each like: Mix_Chunk *one = NULL; Mix_Chunk *two = NULL; etc This makes using them, for example a random of them, a bit weird. Isnt there a way to declare them in a array. so that I can just use them with for example: miscsounds[i]? or a vector? I have already looked it up in the documentation and searched for it, but couldn't find anything. I tried different ways of doing which one seem logic for me, but that only gave my errors. So my next try, would be to make an "wrapper object" where I would just play a chunk thru a method like play_chunk(i). Only I dont really know how tomake an object like that work dynamic. Maybe not even static without having it to be some "poor" level of coding. I hope you understand what it is im trying to do. Maybe there is a good way im overlooking you guys know of? Or should I give that wrapper a try? Thanks in advance! - Jakez
  11. Good idea, that does seem like the best way to put them together.
  12. Hey everyone. note: have looked for the answer myself, but couldn't really find what I wanted to know. I finished lazo foo lessons some time ago, and have made a few games. My questien is: Does it matter if I don't load all the pictures at the beginning, or should I merge them into one and have sprite sheets? My logic says that it ofc uses the computers resourses if it once in a while have to load a picture, but it is that big a deal? But I guees its best to use spirte sheets, since the other can turn into a bad programmering habit? Am I on the right track here? :)
  13. Game like heroes of might and magic 4

    If its your first 2d game, then it might be better to start out with something more simple :) Try read this article by lazy foo: http://lazyfoo.net/articles/article01/index.php
  14. Just an idea could be, if it is following the player at the exact spot/time (kinda like one of the last Rayman levels) then make your game remember the path the player took, and make the enemy do the same :) But I guess that only works if the enemy has to work like that :)