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  1. I appreciate the frank feedback, @frob. Can you elaborate on the negative implications of the freelance art listing? Everything in that section was work I did on top of a full time job, which I had hoped was clear. As a general update, I have been getting more responses lately. It could be that the industry is a more in need of producers right now than during my previous attempts.
  2. Pasty Is Tasty

    Sales search

    From my limited experience, the most success I've seen with talking shop like this are at conventions, during closed hours (meaning you are running your own booth and talking with others who have a booth). Better than meetups/seminars. Not exactly the answer you're looking for, I imagine. There's probably good groups I'm not aware of.
  3. Pasty Is Tasty

    Producer / Leadership conferences

    I went to the IGDA leadership summit last year, it was pretty good!
  4. I've been employed in the Serious Games industry for 6 years and I've been looking to move over to my life's passion, games for entertainment. That does come with a bit of a criteria that I need to have some admiration for the product being made before I apply to a studio. I expect to be taking both a cut in pay and an increase in hours from my current job, so the trade-off in my mind is that I'll be making something more interesting than what I currently make. To that end, I've been applying to jobs here and there for two years with little success, getting only a handful of interviews and no offers. I'm usually applying to mid-level producer roles. I'm searching everywhere in the US, with some willingness to go abroad. My Portfolio and Resume are here. My cover letters are often custom but tend to stress variety of experience, collaborative mindset, and cultural fit (when known). I hope you guys can help point out some deficits or red flags I may have. My personal best guess at how to improve is that I simply need to be applying to more jobs (or looking longer) than I currently am. Networking would be number two, but I'm struggling as to how best to go about that when I'm not looking for an entry-level role and I'm on the east coast. Previous efforts have not felt productive, with meet-ups generally resulting in juniors hitting me up for work rather than the other way around. I'm very grateful to anyone who can provide some useful info for me.
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