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  1. I'm not very sure if this is the right forum or should I post it to mobile development forum but I believe it's an OpenGL based problem. I wrote some opengl code with C on windows, fully compatible with OpenGL ES. So without any changes (except a couple of context creation code) it worked on ios perfectly in terms of compilation, but has some problems with the result produced. I can say the code has no problem because it works as it should on windows but it looks weird on ios. It is like the polygons on the side that is close to camera are like not drawn. They appear as I rotate the object and another set vanishes. Here is a comparison image;
  2. yilatil

    Frustum Culling

    Thanks for the reply. Here is a quick second question: What is the best definition for the objects in nodes? for example should I form the tree as a tree of meshes or tree of triangles or simply in vertex level? and how far should I go with the nodes? I believe detailing the tree as 1 vertex per node could lead a huge tree with huge iteration time..
  3. I have a question about space partitioning related culling/collision det. systems; As you know a camera transformation, therefore the frustum, can change nearly every frame. so, should I rebuild my for example octree in every frame? isn't this a bit expensive?
  4. guys I can't say I'm completely noob. I know how to do a lot of stuff with opengl 4.0 feature parity but I've got some problem with fundamentals of opengl. can anyone explain what are these terms stand for and how are they working exactly in opengl: - server states / client states (especially difference of these 2 in practice) - async (as in pbo's for async texture loading or glFlush's role etc.) thanks in advance
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