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  1. This is what I did, Bind those RTV to Cache. (But this slot will be overwritten before command list be submitted).According to your advice. I should do it like below? I need to SetGraphicsRootDescriptorTable with CurrentTablePrt. During a bunch of DCs, It usually needs to bind different RTV, What's the best practice?
  2. Here is my code snip: ID3D12DescriptorHeap* DescHeaps[] = { SRVHeapCache.GetDescriptorHeap() };// I want to bind Different RTV to this heap cache between Draw Calls CommandList->SetDescriptorHeaps(1, DescHeaps); CommandList->SetGraphicsRootSignature(RootSignature.Get()); CommandList->SetGraphicsRootConstantBufferView(2, PerPassConstants.GetResource()->GetGPUVirtualAddress()); CommandList->SetGraphicsRootConstantBufferView(1, PerObjectConstants.GetResource()->GetGPUVirtualAddress()); CommandList->IASetPrimitiveTopology(D3D_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY_TRIANGLELIST); for (auto Actor : TheScene.Actors) { CommandList->SetGraphicsRootDescriptorTable(0, SRVHeapCache.GetGPUHandleStart()); Actor->Draw(D3dDevice.Get(), CommandList.Get(), SRVHeapCache.GetDescriptorHeap()); } And in Actor's Draw, I use CopyDescriptorsSimple: Device->CopyDescriptorsSimple(1, hDescriptor, Mgr->Textures[DiffTextureID].Texture.GetCPUHandle(), D3D12_DESCRIPTOR_HEAP_TYPE_CBV_SRV_UAV); But this doesn't work. The content of HeapCache seems to never change in the runtime.
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