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  1. Rixter

    Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

      Wow. My name is on that list.   lol.   Hey I'm in there too
  2. Status update?
  3. Rixter

    Spicy Curse

    Rear-ended at a stop light :(. Not the best way to end Thanksgiving weekend.
  4. Rixter

    Missile Command

    If by "blowing them up" you mean spending twice as much time playing with all the variables in the game as I do developing, then yes, I keep blowing them up. :)
  5. Oh right, now I remember why it takes me so long to finish games.
  6. So I've been looking a bit through the GameDev journals here and got kinda depressed. You guys are making some really great stuff, way beyond anything I'm doing. Keep it up! No, that's ok, don't worry about me. Then I went looking through my own journal, and got REALLY depressed. I'll try to keep it short, but here's why (or scroll down, there may be pictures) (actually, turns out you don't have to scroll down to see pictures). I've been trying to pick up my programming stuff again, and have actually been kind of excited about it. I'm still using the SnakeEngine (Scarlet), and I'm still trying to make "lots of little" games rather than doing something big. That way I can actually accomplish something and learn a lot without wasting a lot of time with a bad design. My unstated goal was to make one game for each version of the SnakeEngine, apply lessons learned, and move on. So here's what I've done so far with each version: [Garter]: Squarediana Jones (for Ravuya's One-Button One-Week Contest) [Ringneck]: Aliens What Which Fall From the Heavens and Drop Bombs or Missiles or Something [Scarlet]: ...? The Space Invaders game was 2006. Clearly things are going exactly as I had planned! Now, I've done some stuff with Scarlet, like that dinosaur thing, but that's not really a game (even if you can walk around and shoot missiles), although it is based on and idea I had I hope to make someday. More recently I've had another distraction from making actual games: a memory manager. I haven't really spent a lot of time on it, but I do have something that works as a bare minimum, and it was kind of a fun project. Also, I'm using it in my current game project: Missile Command! I'm not losing, I just don't have anything to defend yet. The actual title will probably be "Three Bases What Which Shoot Missiles at Other Missiles to Protect Six Cities From Them". Or something like that. At any rate, the game shouldn't take much longer to finish, and will hopefully be more fun than my space invaders game, where the scores were more related to your tolerance for the tedious rather than your skill. But! What comes after that is (even) more interesting! A complete rethinking of everything up to this point! I know that sounds crazy, but if we look back to the beginning of the SnakeEngine (ALLLL the way back to 2005) I wrote: Quote:Original Post by Me ...SnakeEngine would probably be better named as "The Snake Experiments", meaning I'm not caring too much about backwards compatibility between versions... It was all supposed to be basically throw-away code between each version. I go on to say: Quote:Original Post by Me [The Samus sprite engine] uses Garter (I'll probably try to de-couple those two, so I can use it without changing it with future engines, which should be trivial) To show how far away from my original plan was, the Samus sprite engine is now part of SnakeEngine!! So anyway, I'm going to do some serious re-evaluating of my process, tools, environment, pretty much everything. And this isn't to say I'm going to scrap all the code I've written in the last 900 years, because it's not all bad. In fact, most of it will probably live on for a while in some form or another. I cast: on myself. In the end, however, I'm not actually depressed. Something has re-sparked my interest and I want to make games again. I've been thinking a lot about them, in fact, and I have over 5000 game ideas in my head right now. Finally, I realize many of my posts here are about how I'm going to do stuff, but what can I say, it helps to write out my thoughts, might as well let people read them :P. Thanks!
  7. Rixter

    A letter

    What can I say? That word is like nails on a chalkboard to me, and they use it all the time. And does not liking one word really make me a bigot? I guess I could have said please... :D
  8. Rixter

    A letter

    Dear The Register, Stop using the word "boffin" in all your tech articles. It's annoying and there are less stupid words out there. Thank you, Rixter
  9. Rixter

    End of Days

    Thanks, it does look pretty neat in motion, even though the dinosaurs just slide around (and sometimes hop) and the meteors only have two frames of animation (when they're distant enough it's hard to tell though) :).
  10. Rixter

    End of Days

    It is the end of days for the dinosaurs. Thousands of meteors rip through the atmosphere towards the chaos below, echoing off the distant mountains as they collide into the earth with absolute destruction. All the dinosaurs, in a state of panicked fright, come together in hopes of salvation, as impossible as it seems, from the merciless rampage the sky has delivered. During this time of sheer terror and destruction, one dinosaur has risen from the turmoil to lead the others on what may be their final journey. All dinosaur kind recognize their champion, and as one they bow in humility before Stegosaurus: the smartest and most powerful of the dinosaurs.
  11. Fortunately each of those terminals (including the ones on the other desktops) is running on a different computer. I love the summer, lots of spare cpu cycles around :).
  12. Rixter

    Almost done....forever

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.
  13. This is probably going to be a long post. So today I finished my last recitation I will ever do, after I finish grading the last assignment, I will no longer be a GTA. I'm not sure what all to say about it, I was pretty scared to do it at first, but in the last two years I think it has been really good for me. Both it and grad school has really changed me, for the better, and while some people may say I'd have been better off just getting a job and making some money, it's been an experience I'll never get anywhere else. And as of next Monday, I'll be done with (school) classes for the rest of my life, and I'll just have to finish up my thesis over the summer. It's kind of weird, and it hasn't really hit me yet, because after high school I went to a community college, then to university, and continued through grad school, for a total of eight years of college. Yeah...I didn't exactly rush through. So school has been the only thing I've known for pretty much all my life, and for the last two years grad school has bascially been my life, I don't know what 'free evenings and weekends' means anymore. So, long story short, woohoo! This of course means I am currently looking for a job, but maybe I'll make a post on that later. In other, more interesting news, my car project has basically been put on hold for two reasons: time (obviously), money. Now about the money, as soon as I know if I have a job I'll be good, as I have plenty saved up to last through the summer. I just don't like spending money when I don't know when my next paycheck is gonna be, ya know? It's status, however, is that the last thing I received in the mail was my intercooler (a big friggin' intercooler at that :) ). I had also ordered some turbo headers, which I think I mentioned before, but they should be at my Dad's (where I'm sending all my stuff, as my studio apartment doesn't work well for that) by now, which is totally awesome. So really, I should have all the parts now :D. Except... I've been thinking/talking to people, I may need to get new pistons, because mine have 175k miles on them. Now, as it turns out, pistons aren't cheap. There exist cheap ones, but they will probably break when boosting. So needing pistons got me thinking, if I'm gonna change them, I seriously might as well bore it out, not the OMG MAKE BIGGER MORE POWER kind, but the seriously everybody does that when rebuilding the engine, as it gets rid of warping and defects which happen over time. The standard bore is '30 over', meaning from a bore of 4.000in, to 4.030 in, and my 302 goes to a 306 (and I gain like a whopping 5 free hp out of it). Then I also got to thinking, this guy on the mustang forums sells stroker kits cheap (name brand, he actually represents a reseller company). This would bring me up to a 331 or 347, and when stroking, you get monster torque. My main concern with this is the horsepower I'd be attaining would easily bring me to block-splitting territory if I wasn't real careful with the boost. So I've decided that because I am (and will be) using the stock block, a simple bore should be fine. The stock block, by the way, can 'traditionally' handle up to 450 wheel horsepower and be ok, get above that and you're on "borrowed time". Although I've heard of people with up to 600hp making several 1/4 mile runs with no problems, that requires some seriously good tuning. Which brings me to tuining. I think I'm definately going to have it professionally dyno-tuned. I know nothing about tuning, my brother hasn't done it before, this is a little different than turning the screws on the side of a carburator, this will be a fuel injected twin turbo v8. For the safety of my investment, I'll leave it to the professionals. My OTHER problem is what to do while my car is out of commision (which will surely be a while), which is another reason I haven't really started yet. Idealy, I get a job, and then I buy some dumb daily driver and finish my car, but again, I don't know how much money I'll have lying around to do that sort of thing. Fortunately my brother has a Dodge Stratus our cousin gave him, which is a real pos, but it runs. So I guess I'd drive that for the time being. Oh yeah, I may also be buying another turbo, we have one good one, but the others need rebuilt, which my brother and I also have no experience doing, and I'd rather not have a turbo shatter on me. So yeah, the car project hasn't stopped, just have a lot going on right now.
  14. Rixter

    Mustang Project continues

    Transmission swap, that sounds tough. Good call though, 5-speed is the only way to go :). I've had mine for 8 years, 174k miles, daily driver as well. They're good cars. I'd basically never done anything other than general maintenance to it before, so I'm pretty excited about this project. What I'd recommend if you don't have much money (and this is actually how this project got started), is check local junkyards for late model Explorer/Mountaineer 5.0's, the intakes and cylinder heads are very cheap and a big upgrade (for the price) from stock. Fortunately yours is already mass-air too, so you don't have to worry about that.
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