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  1. Rixter

    Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

      Wow. My name is on that list.   lol.   Hey I'm in there too
  2. You can just overclock your hard drive so it spins real fast and all the bits fly off.
  3. Rixter

    Shadow Complex - Platformer

    It is a very good game, I highly recommend it. My favorite genre: Metroid. It's not "perfect", but I don't really have any complaints about it either, a very solid game. The only thing that could have been better IMO is that the world itself isn't as nicely put together (design wise), flow as well as, or really is as interesting as Super Metroid. But then, what is? I really hope to see more games like this.
  4. Rixter

    2D game survey

    It may be worth while defining a 2D game. Do you mean 2D graphically, like say Super Metroid? Or a game with primarily 2D gameplay, such as Shadow Complex, which still has 3D graphics?
  5. Rixter

    Needing help on deciding grad school

    I think your parents gave you good advice. I do recommend going to a different school for master's than where you went for undergrad, and getting a degree in a different state than where you want to work when you graduate is also something to consider. Often times local schools tend to saturate the local market, and some companies prefer a more diverse set of backgrounds. Making games is still making software, so I think you'll find you can take generic CS classes that all employers would appreciate (modern software design, etc) in addition to the classes you think would be fun/good for games (graphics, etc). Especially since I'm sure you got a lot of the generic classes as an undergrad. For the record, I got my undergrad where I got my masters, which was in the same state I now work (non-game related), and I took all the graphics and AI classes my university offered because it was what I was interested in. I didn't have trouble finding a job (pre-recession). My advice here is just the things that in retrospect I feel I should have done to possibly make myself more valuable, and to have had a more fulfilling experience overall. Good luck.
  6. Rixter

    How long is first Doom?

    Yup, they're all basically standalone. While the first episode is my favorite, you haven't even gotten to "the good stuff" . The last levels of the other two episodes are classic. Glad to see someone checking out DOOM, even though it's really old now. I recently started going through Quake, which is the one I missed back in the day, and it just doesn't seem to hold up as well as DOOM does. But I've basically had some form of DOOM installed and ready to play continuously since 1993, so I might be biased. It is shorter than modern games though, it just used to be games didn't have to be 24 hours long.
  7. Rixter

    I got mouse

    I agree with the lava, I've never seen a mouse swim in it for long.
  8. Rixter

    The Box

    I agree with way2lazy2care, I'm not sure you're talking about the same movie. That seems to me like saying American Psycho is just a slasher (which would be a much easier mistake to make). [SPOILERS] Not only that, he was convinced he was the chosen one, and was to be the last human to exist. Alone with God. Which is to say he wasn't just a monster like Jason or Freddy. [/SPOILERS]
  9. Rixter

    The Box

    Watch Sunshine, then add it to your list. Beautiful movie in so many ways (watch on Blu-ray, if you can) Realize it's a science fiction that's heavy on the fiction, but not wasting effort trying to make the situation believable is part of what makes it so great. I haven't seen The Box, so this is all I can contribute to this thread. And after reading this thread I know how it ends so I guess I don't need to watch it either, which is just as well since I knew about the Twilight Zone as well.
  10. Rixter

    New RAGE Trailer!

    While id might still be making DOOM clones, somebody's got to, right? While it may end up not being particularly groundbreaking in any one area, It'll probably still be a pretty solid shooter accessible to the more casual player. Or it may have more surprises than what we see in that trailer, who knows. That said, I'm not particularly excited about it either. Also, it looks like the tower was shot with a missile or something, which is why it blows up what looks like too soon.
  11. Rixter

    Lets make a c++ program!

    hInstance = hPrevInstance;
  12. Rixter

    Lets make a c++ program!

    int a;
  13. Rixter

    How to know if your name sucks or not

    As a kid, I didn't realize just how ridiculous their name was, and as an adult I kinda wish they'd kept it that way. Especially with the serious over-use of "epic" these days. Guess I"ll have to make my own company: Biblical UltraGames.
  14. Rixter

    What do you see?

    Super-sonic bacon train
  15. Rixter

    You Are Old ...

    They're used for archiving old data. Data that doesn't need to be accessed more than maybe once a year/once every 5 years. Why would you want to buy a networked device and pay for it's upkeep when it will only be used once before it is outdated? [/quote] Yeah, while I don't know of any individuals who still do this, I think it might still be popular with big companies. I know at my work everything eventually gets backed up to tape for long term storage.
  16. Rixter

    Nintendo 3DS is $249

    You might be able to argue that they are the most un-original and also the most original company ever. While their games, original or not, tend to be top notch, I do get a little annoyed with all the hand-helds they make. This one might be cool, but I'd have a hard time spending that much on a portable. I do really like my DS though. Maybe I"ll wait for the price to come down and the release of the Nintendo 3DSi Lite Color Pocket Micro SP.
  17. I was actually thinking about this thing the other day. Is it possible to sort by strict count, rather than the weighted results? It would be interesting to see if there's a game out there that doesn't make anyone's top 10, for example, but maybe everyone thinks it deserves to be in the top 25! So for example, if Tetris were on everyone's list (it isn't), but at the bottom, it still wouldn't be in the top 40, even though everyone likes it. A quick glance through the top 100 says this isn't the case (it does say how many lists each game is on), but it could be interesting anyway. If you've made a list, don't be scared to be picked on and post it. [/quote] My Top 25, although I'm sure it would change somewhat every time I tried to recreate it. Surely the order, anyway. I find these things interesting to see as I get older, and new generations have their favorites how things change. I have to prepare myself for the day Super Metroid no longer makes the list, because the majority of gamers simply haven't played it .
  18. Status update?
  19. Rixter

    You Are Old ...

    I'm 23 and I feel similarly. Of course if I never messed up my registry so it no longer recognized thumb drives I never would have known the A/B other than an educated guess on what other types of drives have existed in computers. In the late 90s there was a bunch of competing, higher storage, floppy disk format replacements and none of them ever caught on. I remember one was called the Jaz drive. [/quote] I still have an old zip disk drive somewhere in one of the boxes of forgotten technology I share with my paw. Probably sitting next to Merlin. /nostalgic for my wasted youth [/quote] I thought the Jazz drives were 2 GB tape drives or something like that and the regular zip disks were 100 MB or so? I do remember there being an LS-120 drive that could take regular floppies or special floppies that could store 120 MB. Man, I'm so glad we are beyond those days. I remember trying to store bitmaps and wave files on disks. You'd be hard pressed to fit anything at all on them. [/quote] I think there were both 1GB and 2GB Jaz drives, but I don't think they were tape. Tape drives were something else, I don't know how much the held, but that's what my Dad use to use in the early 90's to backup our computer. I do remember hearing something about super floppy disks, but I don't think that went anywhere.
  20. Rixter

    You Are Old ...

    Heh, I still make sure to have a working computer around with a 3.5" and a 5.25" drive. I still have a bunch of old disks laying around that might have something important on them, you don't know! I remember back in the 80's my Dad was doing some sort of shareware business, so he had my Mom and us kids formatting 5.25" disks like all the time. Format one side. Flip it over and format the other...
  21. Rixter

    Internships at Lockheed Martin

    Everyone handles things differently of course, but I worked at the school, which worked out really well for me with balancing work and school. Didn't pay much, but that's not really important, you're supposed to be broke in college. I wouldn't think 26 is too old for an internship. Lockheed has summer internships, so if you're not going year round check into that. Or just finish your degree then get a job, although you probably won't start with as high of pay, maybe. I went all through grad school and never had any 'real' work experience, and I didn't have any trouble finding a job when I was done. That said I always kinda wished I did get an internship during school. Good luck.
  22. Quote:Original post by Slateboard I don't know how long it'll last Apparently not long.
  23. I suggest street fighter!
  24. Rixter

    The Retro Renaissance Game Development Challenge!

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Quote:Original post by The_Neverending_Loop If its 3D most likely not, but iam not to sure what mode X is either. Mode X is SNES' way to fake 3D. You're thinking of Mode 7. Another descriptive name. Cool idea for a contest, I'm all about retro looking games. I haven't been doing a lot of programming lately, but I've been looking at XNA lately, so maybe I'll give this a shot. No promises though, I'm really lazy.
  25. Rixter

    Target Store Flash Mob Protest

    I had no problem boycotting Target after hearing about this a couple weeks ago, I didn't like them anyway. Target wants you to believe they're better than Wal-Mart, but I've broken so many icecream scoops and cheese cutters I've bought from there, I was starting to think I was secretly a superhero.
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