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  1. Run a beta if you want free testing. Just post your game on forums (if you are allowed to, some forums don't like it), state you are specifically looking for feeback.)   But if you want proper, experienced testing you'll need to pay for it.
  2. Greg Quinn

    Why it is so hard?

    Most 'profit-sharing' projects never come to life, they are built on a very rocky foundation, and most people in the industry are well aware of that.  And as Apox said if people are going to work on something in their own time it will usually be on their own pet projects, why should they work on yours for free?   Bottom line, if you want to make games and get good solid artwork, you need to pay for it.
  3. Greg Quinn

    Questions about hiring an artist

    From someone who has wasted a lot of money on getting art re-done many times.. here are my tips..   1.) Advertise you're looking for an artist, stating a little about your game and the art style you're looking for. 2.) Filter down to 3 artists who have the best portfolios and who you feel communicated the best in their response, and whose prices suit your budget. 3.) Get each of these artists to do a small sample of work for your game. Make sure the requirements are clearly defined and both parties know EXACTLY what they are getting.  4.) Request some small changes to the artwork to determine the artists adaptability and willingness to make changes 5.) Settle on the artist who gave the best sample, responded well to changes and who you felt was the best to work/communicate with.   Now that you have an artist...   1.) Make sure the requirements for each milestone are clearly defined and both parties know EXACTLY what they are getting.  2.) Define terms of payment and the policy regarding revisions/changes 3.) Work in SMALL MILESTONES   I cannot stress #3 enough. When working with any new party, SMALL MILESTONES protect both parties. If the artist dissapears with your money, a small milestone will limit the impact. I've heard many horror stories of someone hiring a new artist without doing any research or reference checks, then paying them $1000 upfront and never hearing from them again.
  4. Greg Quinn

    Game outsourcing questions - horror stories

    Well hopefully Joe's article will not only tell about the horror stories, but also get experience from those who have had problems understand what they did wrong and what they would do differently, to prevent the horror stories from happening again.
  5. Greg Quinn

    How hard is AI

    Only God or our Creator truly knows, if you pray nicely he might share the source code    But your question is too broad. It can be fairly easy from a simple follow and evade AI to thousands of agents at war all inteliggently using terrain, weapons and morale to their collective groups tactical advantage.
  6. Greg Quinn

    How do I estimate a budget for a MMO?

      I spend a lot of time on the Unity forums and it is very unlikely any project (unless extremely small) will be completed through royalties or collaboration. One look at the Collaboration forum highlights this.    All these new game developers come along wanting to build the next big MMO or FPS, enthusiasm is high, and after purchasing a few models and a starter kit, a few screenshots are posted of the game. You then get a few people replying or joining the team, all is looking good....   Then a few more weeks into the development, it starts to hit home that game development, and more so trying to build an MMO or high quality FPS is indeed a daunting challenge and the team members drop off one by one. 95% of projects in the collaboration forum that are more than 2-3 months old have no more updates posted. Projects that are 6 months old will have the last update posted 2-3 months ago. These projects all die.   Long story short, offering royalties or trying to develop a commercially successful viable project is practically impossible. 
  7. Greg Quinn

    Project Management Tools

    Trello - A nice visual interface with draggable cards.
  8.   ^^ This. The first person you should hire or contract is somebody who can advise you on your team needs and what your project staffing requirements should be.
  9. Greg Quinn

    Tech stack recommendations for small studio

    This is my workflow after trying many things over the years.....   Unity - Game engine Visual Studio - IDE Source control - Git and Github.com, and using SmartGit for my IDE  Issue tracking - Trello - An awesome web-based card tool, that lets you drag cards around and put them under lists, and a whole other load of features, extremely powerful and visual!
  10. Greg Quinn

    Game outsourcing questions - horror stories

    PM EskimoeJoe on the Unity forums, he has done a lot of outsourcing and has lots of bad experiences.
  11. Well the question you want to ask yourself is...   a.) Do you want to create an ORPG engine, that will be resellable?   or    b.) Do you want to create an ORPG?   Which of those options is what you really want to do?
  12. Greg Quinn

    Please delete this topic.

    Have sent you a PM :)
  13. Greg Quinn

    Please delete this topic.

    My company is South African based but I'm moving to New Zealand around March and looking for investors to setup my company there.   My company has worked on 5 published smallish game titles for various client, and we're about to release our first in-house full-blown PC title, perhaps you can chat nicely to your investors and we can get something going together in Auckland :) My company has a very well thought out game-development roadmap with some exciting upcoming titles.  How did you find the investors by the way?  
  14. Greg Quinn

    Please delete this topic.

    Where is your business going to be based?
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