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  1. I am having the same problem with my OpenGL engine. I specifically create a full screen app using a specific monitor and display device and when I exit the app, windows are shifted/resized and some windows skip to my other monitor. It is definitely not a driver problem because Warhammer 40k uses OpenGL with the same display device on the same monitor and exits smoothly. I honestly do not know what it is but I assume it has to do with the way the window is destroyed.
  2. Deebo

    rotation with quaternions

    Sorry for whining about this camera stuff. Turns out I had it right from the get go. It was my test function that was all messed up. I had just about given up on this so I just loaded a map and was ready to test other stuff, then everything was working perfect. Thanks for the help anyway.
  3. Deebo

    rotation with quaternions

    Thanks alot. Im gonna give that a try and see what happens.
  4. Deebo

    rotation with quaternions

    Has anyone created a working 1st person camera with quaternion in OpenGL without using the glu* functions? I understand completely how transformations work in OpenGL. What I can't do is figure out how to get the "proper" 1st person camera effect. Take a cube for example. If inside of the cube, I will have the effect I need because I am rotating the cube while inside of it and that gives the proper illusion. But if the camera is outside of the cube, all I see is a rotating cube instead of the cube "moving" across the screen. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. This has been annoying me for days now.
  5. Deebo

    rotation with quaternions

    I tried using various combinations of the pitch, heading, view, and inverse view quaternions. The only thing I have been able to change which way the scene rotates when I move the mouse. Is there an equation that I must use on the quaternion before converting it to a matrix?
  6. Deebo

    rotation with quaternions

    So if I apply the inverse of the quaternion, I will the the 1st person camera instead of the rotating world? I tried that but got the same results. Mabey I missed something, I will try again and see if it works.
  7. I get a matrix from the rotation camera and apply it to OpenGL and everything works fine. The thing is that the world rotates instead of the camera. Is there something that I must do to the quaternion before getting its matrix so the the rotation will simulate the rotation of the camera (ex. first person camera) instead of rotating the scene?
  8. Deebo

    Quaternion - OpenGL rotation

    I thought of that but, OpenGL doesn't have a camera matrix, only perspective, texture, and model. I'm thinking that I must perform some type of equation to the quaternion or the matrix itself before applying it to OpenGL. The thing is, I can't find out what it is!
  9. I have spent the last three days trying to solve this but no luck on my end. I convert from quaternion to matrix and apply the matrix to OpenGL. The rotation works fine. The thing is that the world it self rotates on the screen. Not the camera. Any advice will be appreciated.
  10. Check your resolution. I was having the same problem and realized that I was using 8-bit color. I switched to 32 and everything worked fine again.
  11. Deebo

    OpenGL driver issue

    thanks, i'll check it out
  12. Deebo

    OpenGL driver issue

    I switched the primary monitor, and tried to start Warhammer 40k and it worked fine. I tried my OpenGL app with both monitors set to primary, but I still get the same problem. Why is one monitor working and the other one is not! They are both connected to the same card! I have been googling for an answer to this. I have uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled them fresh but still got the same problem. Warhammer works because I can explicitly tell it what device to use. It has a list that says: Default, Device 0: NVIDIA Dualview, and Device 1: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500. I chose Device 1 and it worked. I guess that Default is set to Device 0. Anyone have any clue as to why the two devices are using seperate drivers even though they are on the same card?
  13. I have been working on an engine. In my engine's log, I always print the OpenGL driver, version, and supported extentions. I just checked the log after a test today, and found that my computer was suddenly using the Microsoft Generic GDI driver instead of the normal GeForce driver. I have a GeForce FX 5500, BTW. There are only 3 extenntions listed for it as well! I have restarted, recompiled, reinstalled drivers, etc. Even my bought games are reporting the same thing. A few of them will not even start now! I have googled and found that many people are experiencing the same thing. I have not found a cause, or solution for this problem though. I have been trying to solve this own, but I am honestly clueless on this one. This "error" just popped out of nowhere!!! Other than updating DirectX drivers, I have not installed ANYTHING! The "normal" OpenGL drivers were working fine one moment, then the next they wree not!!!!!!!! Any help or advice will be appreciated.
  14. Are you getting the error at this line: m_bullets->Init(&m_map);
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