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  1. creating a menu with openGL

    Hello everybody! I would like to create a fixed menu with openGL to execute some operations and i don't khnow how so can you help me please!!!
  2. Hello every body! I'm trying to create a websom: it's a matrix in witch each cell contains a node (or a point) and when you click on each node it should guide you to another window and gives information extracted from a mysql data base. After that i should colorate these nodes in function of there importance (a parametre called degree). In the main window i should create a menu with openGL. So can you help me please it's extremely important for me. Thank you.
  3. Hello every body I'm creating a program that consists in: integrating a string data from a mysql data base in an opengl matrix and these string data (each cell) will be colorated with different colors. I really need you help!!!