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  1. Lord of the Dark Castle is a casual turn-based retro style roguelike dungeon crawler with elements of strategy. Randomized levels, lots of skills without dependencies and lots of spells to cast. Challenging Monster AI - play it smart or die. The game is now final released at Steam and was done as Indie project by 1 single developer. Official Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyWLejdCLw4 Full game or free demo here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/349460 Game Homepage http://craze.se/lotdc/lotdc.php Best Regards /Christian Andersson @ Craze Creative Studios  
  2. Hello Game Developers! I hope to be able to announce a new game very soon, called "Lord of the Dark Castle". This YouTube link gives a short walk-through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TImY0HgMPaY Only a few more weeks of iterations, mainly level graphics improvements and a couple of additions of skills/enchantments is left. There is a Kickstarter page where you can pledge a little amount to receive your reward at Christmas Day, AND/OR you can just download a free full-featured 1000 turns limited version from there: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crazecreativestudios/lord-of-the-dark-castle-turn-based-rpg-retro-style/ Features:     7 levels, all with their unique environments and graphics.     Randomized level builder. Randomization gives each new game a completely new gaming experience, including random monster, treasure and item spawns.     25 Unlockable Achievements: each achievement gives you bonus gold in new games     45 Unique Skills (E.g. First Strike, Charge, Pick Lock, Giant Health, etc)     18 Unique Monsters + Elite versions     15 Unique Weapon types     3 Full Sets of Armor: Cloth / Leather / Plate     2 Jewely Pieces: Ring and Amulet     7 Effects/Spells (Poison, Disease, Fire, Cold, Life Drain, Fear, Web)     6 Enchantments/Spells: Invisibilty, Regeneration, Speed, Freeze Time, Summon, Teleport     Enchanted items: weapons and armor can be enchanted with skills and spells.      Creator's Visions & Goals with this game:     Casual, Fast & Easy to get started. Have 30 minutes on the bus/train? Give it a go and see how far you get. If you have a good round and play well, it is possible to beat the game within 1-2 hours.     This is STRATEGIC dungeon crawler - NOT a no-brain-dungeon-brawler! Casual does NOT mean easy! Normal mode is pretty difficult, and you may have to try many times before you win the game.     Big replay value! Every new game is a new experience. Level randomness, monster spawns and different skill choices makes up for lots of variety.     Flat Skill Tree where no skill is dependent on any other. Each skill provides an important strategic advantage on its own.     Every hit counts! It is not wise to make a move that ends next to a monster, because then, the monster may hit first!     All monsters have unique strengths. Not even the rats are "safe kills".     The majority of monsters can wear EXACTLY what YOU can wear. If you drop something, they might pick it up and use it against you! The main game forum page:     http://lordofthedarkcastle.freeforums.org/index.php On this forum, you can read more about the game, view some screenshots, post bug reports and see the planned TODO feature list. I hope you like the game, and I'm looking forward to some new downloaders and visitors! If you want to discuss this game more, please message me either within the Kickstart project or within the Main Game forum. Best Regards /Christian Andersson, Craze Creative Studios  
  3. A New Track is now available in my shop: "Night Walk in Sleeping Town" This is a typical in-game tune with slow pace using the wonderful "harp" instrument. A night walk in a town, forest, or small medieval village. Maybe you will find a use for it in a fantasy/adventure game that you are working with. Best Regards /Christian Andersson
  4. Hi there, Game Developers! Artist : Christian S Andersson Site : http://www.craze.se/shop.htm Site : http://www.youlicense.com/Artist/ChristianAndersson My name is Christian Andersson and I write music for Video Games and Indie Games using some of the most powerful tools on the market. I work 100% with music writing. Right now, I have made an album with a full RPG game soundtrack. The only thing missing is the game, and that's where you come in. :-) I will list the name of the songs in the sound track here, and you can find them on my site or on my artist shop: Site : http://www.craze.se/shop.htm Site : http://www.youlicense.com/Artist/ChristianAndersson Songs on my "Knight's Tale 2" album: 1. Rejoice in Triumph 2. Tales from the Forgotten Monastery 3. The Desecrated Sanctum 4. Catacombs of Unrest 5. The Sacrificial Chambers 6. In the Halls of the Dead 7. The Ghastly Crypt 8. The Great Adventures of Winterfall 9. The War March 10. Victory and Peace 11. Wonders - a Hymn to the Creator 12. Reaching the Enemy Lines 13. Lonely Halls 14. King's Market at Noon 15. Knight Roland Rides at Dawn 16. Audience with the King 17. PoorFishermansHut 18. BuccaneersSong 19. Curse of the Djinn 20. The Treasures of Ra 21. Little Girl Picking Flowers on a Meadow 22. Bard in the Valley 23. Bard in the Castle When it comes to license opportunities, I am very flexible with all kinds of ideas and requests to fulfil the developer's needs on quality, time and cost. All my songs can be re-worked, re-mastered, changed, improved, prolonged and cut to suit your wishes - free of cost! New songs will be composed upon request. It is easy for me to cut out and rework short snippets from my full songs, say if you like to have a Quest Complete from my song "Victory and Peace" or a Game Over snippet from "Day of the Great Battle". I can do these adaptions for no extra cost, and the snippet will then be much cheaper (maybe 10-15$ for a 15 second snippet). Much of my music is typcially RPG/Fantasy friendly. You will find many titles that would suite very well in a fantasy game, but there are also other categories, e.g. Jazz, Psychedelia ("Mad Professor"), rock and electronica. I hope to help the skilled and driven game developers on this forum to make great games that can stand out from the masses by providing a great soundtrack, for example, a wonderful exciting title song with majestic hollywood brass ("Rejoice in Triumph") or dark and gothic soundtracks for slow dungeon crawling ("Catacombs of Unrest", "The Desecrated Sanctum"). All songs on my site (or YouLicense shop) are described with detailed instrumentation, moods, styles and genres. Hopefully you will find something in my webshop that can enhance your game. If you think that the default prices at YouLicense seems high, it is because I have chosen the default Commercial package. You can make manual offers from YouLicense, and I will accept much lower figures for indie game developers, even down to 10$-100$ for complete songs. I am also available for hiring for part time / full time or for a project work do complete game sound tracks. No matter what, you are always welcome to my site to enjoy all my music in highest quality, completely free for private listening. My most recent projects include: - Fantasy title song and in-game tune to an indie game, released July 2010 for iPad - Music (fantasy/baroque style) for a 3D lab visualisation of the city of Maloe year 1692. - Music for a museum exhibition of a 3D visualization of of a stone age grave - Title music for online horror casino game - Theme music for online game with mafia and James Bond themes. - Music for a Video Promo of a flight simulator - Music for a World of Warcraft horde recruitment promo video Best Regards and Best of Luck with Your Games! /Christian Andersson, Email: craze@craze.se
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