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    Reflective versus Specular

    Hey Guys, Im trying to keep my work in a games environment as much as possible and Im still at school and was stuck on something... Should I use Specular maps for in game and Reflective maps for CG or the reverse or both or what??? Confused! Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop workflow if that helps!
  2. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this workflow for Maya, Mudbox and PS in a general game dev environment guys? Its my first post so I hope its interesting and in the right place! :) Essentially Im just tryin to work out a standard 3D game studio pipeline for the creation of an asset. Ive chopped and changed a million times and I THINK this is right...but would love to know your thoughts. They are just broad steps, im more focussed on the order. If anything is missing let us know... Concept Sketches Concept refinement Orthographic Design Modeling Hi Poly Objects - Character - Turntable Normal Map Sculpting - Details Low Poly Rebuild UV Unwrap Ambient Occlusion Map Spec Map Diffuse Map Cheers guys...hope we can get a full and comprehensive workflow going!
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