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  1. Got a nice German testimonial from a recent client for my website: "Durch Ihren Einsatz und Ideenreichtum haben... http://t.co/vEklD7na
  2. Started first model on new environment set called "RocksHD". Good project to clean my ZBrush here from dust and deliver some AAA assets.
  3. RT @VizWorld NVIDIA Kepler Line-up Leaked http://t.co/acUeWMRC - Interesting!
  4. A new asset pack at the #pure3d model #store. 27 new #vegetation #game models. Vegetation Starter Collection: http://t.co/uzc6sRhv
  5. Check my new Showcase product visualization on facebook: http://t.co/udlFSVG
  6. On the other hand None of the dwg got imported in 2012 which used to work in 2010 without flaws. will test further...
  7. Lets celebrate the Nexoaxis Engine 1.0 release with 20 vouchers for 30% discount until 12th August: PURE3D-NEOAXIS-CELEBRATION
  8. What a mess. My office chair just broke. And I'm not that fat. Now I'm working on my kitchen chair....very comfortable.
  9. The old shop template has been updated to the new version of the shop. If you see any errors please report. http://shop.pure3d.de
  10. Yes there were not many updates recently but I worked on three projects at once. I will update the website with... http://fb.me/yw5KsfHG
  11. Learned a lot about scene organisation during the last project using Proxies and XRefs. It is invaluable for large terrains. #3dsmax
  12. Get a 50% "Welcome back" discount for all orders in our Asset-Store. Discount Code: WELCOME-BACK-TO-PURE3D
  13. The #Pure3d #AssetStore has been opened again.Still with temporary template but it's clean and easy to navigate. Check http://shop.pure3d.de
  14. The shop update was successfull. I locked the shop to adopt some stuff to German laws and the template doesn't work until the guy fixes it.
  15. The asset store is closed due an update today
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